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Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
34,397 backers pledged $2,134,374 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Cloud Imperium Games Corporation Creator on

      CR here.

      Almost at $500K!!! Amazing.

      On the Penny Arcade article - there is always going to be people that focus on the negative / try and pull you down. Its a fact of life. Its also an old article that doesn't reflect the excitement and enthusiasm shown by the majority of the press towards Star Citizen.

      What's disappointing about the article is that there was no attempt to get in touch, nor did the person who wrote it see anything other than the Gamespot live feed. There was a reason why all the other articles were so effusive. I visited a large amount of the gaming press and sat down with them one on one and gave them a demo. Which is the thing that frustrates me. I'm the only "track record" developer that has actually shown a working prototype - everything else has been either trust me I'll make a good game, or here is some concept art. That's not a knock on anyone as I know Tim, Jordan, Brian personally and I know they will deliver. I just hoped that by working for a year and putting together something that impressed not just on a crowd funding level but also compared to other AAA games that the naysayers could see that my vision was more than just rhetoric.

      I've built versions of the game Star Citizen promises to be multiple times and I'm uniquely positioned to know the risks and challenges in achieving Star Citizen. Its not going to be easy. I'm sure some things will not work out the way I intend, and there will be some things that I never envisioned that become awesome features. That is always the way of development. I've spent a year doing the research and prototyping. I have a plan on how to achieve what I've laid out. I wouldn't have gotten on stage at GDC Online if I didn't think I could build Star Citizen. It may take a little longer than 24 months to deliver all the features (as precision on development timelines is always tricky this far out), but whatever happens, you as the backers will get to see the dev team's progress, play early builds and have an insight into high end development like never before!

    2. bleachorange on

      still, I'm leaving for a food run. Hopefully, I'll miss the excitement here and get more exciitement @RSI with new info.

    3. Brian on

      Only 8pm here ^^

    4. bleachorange on

      It's only 9pm here...heh.

    5. MTM on

      2.57 gmt+1 to me ... my bos will kill me..

    6. Missing avatar

      Scotty on

      Hey who let you in?? LOL

    7. Neo on

      3AM one's gonna kill me

    8. Missing avatar

      Cruis.In on

      Thanks for the link

    9. Silver J on

      my wife gonna kill me because of being up 4am, watching stars n KS :)

      anyways, 3 minutes til 4am here, s1 gimme piece :) !?

    10. Shepard on

      Hey Scotty! Welcome to the party haha!

    11. Missing avatar

      Cruis.In on

      That person is gonna put it back in when we are within one thousand trust me.if i was pledging one thousand I'd do it too.I'd so love an original box of wc

    12. Clay on

      @Scotty: Hey, hey, hey now. We'll have none of that language here!

    13. Markus Kumitsch on

      @ Shepard
      With a pic of a 2 leged Kat

    14. Missing avatar

      Scotty on

      Ohh Kickstarter ticker how you vex me!

    15. MTM on

      i think 1 person bundled his money to pledge an higher tier.

    16. bleachorange on


      I think someone 'rolled back' their pledge so they can pledge it again for the priiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiize.

    17. Shepard on

      LOL Markus... SIGNED cat food can...

    18. Silver J on

      Now or Never men of war!
      Victory or Death we roar!


      wasn't me!

    19. Shepard on

      traitor whoever left lol, give us back that thousand...!

    20. Neo on

      someone's trolling us :))
      maybe CR himself ? :P

    21. Markus Kumitsch on

      Heard a rumor, that who ever pledges the last bit to 500000 gets a can of Cat food from Chris ;) lol

    22. Shepard on

      wow it went back 1K.. how the..

    23. Neo on

      nope, someone quit.

    24. Shepard on

      Sorry I just called Chris a 'she'. My Bad! lol

    25. Clay on

      :Shakes the screen:
      Oh no! It stuck!

    26. Silver J on

      omen :
      one who pledges 1k will have nicest two years, finds love of their life and has good lifelong relations with his/her family!

    27. Missing avatar

      Cruis.In on

      Its the final countdown lol link the song someone

    28. MTM on


    29. bleachorange on

      Vegeta: IT'S UNDER 1,000!!!!!!!!

    30. Shepard on


    31. Shepard on

      Working hard on the game, he already has 1.3 million to use from RSI :), I gues she gets money here after pledge is reached and everyone's accounts are charged.

    32. Markus Kumitsch on

      That Ninja Chris is stalking secretly around us and is watching for his X-mas list who is a bad kid.

    33. bleachorange on

      Someone dunk a 1k and surprise us all please...

    34. Missing avatar

      Cruis.In on

      Reading his book

    35. Clay on

      @ Bansheedragon. Nah, CR is out of Wing Commander. So he can only promise signed copies of the parody game "Wind Commander". ;)

      Okay, you got me. I don't always type so well...

    36. MTM on

      where is chris ?

    37. Missing avatar

      Bansheedragon on

      Micco, I assume you mean Wing commander and not Wind Commander?

    38. Clay on

      I think it will jump quite a bit when they release the upgrade options on the RSI site. I'm hoping for close to $2Mn there. But that's hoping...

    39. Shepard on

      I think it will be 1.3mil by the end of kick + about 1.8 on RSI site = 3.1mil, good enough at least we will get rich story and more ships ;).

    40. David Kamara on

      Anyone else want to have digital-only versions of the tiers like the one for $30? In game rewards that I can use instead of a card that will be relegated to the depths of some drawer for all time. I have way too many collectors edition 'rewards' littered around the house

    41. BoMbY on

      My guess: There won't be any new stretch goals just for Kickstarter, because there are already stretch goals in place for the whole project. But maybe I'm wrong, and they'll come up with some minor goals to fill the gaps.

    42. MTM on

      and then a 1k shoot it.

    43. Silver J on

      darn it, 3.40am here atm................ :)

      I wonder if we could change to digital @ RSI site soon also ?
      I pledged 60$, but I think I can handle without physical citizen card and add another 5 for something else :) (if new tiers are coming in a week or so)

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