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Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
34,397 backers pledged $2,134,374 to help bring this project to life.

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      Arrakisdef about 18 hours ago

      Oh, and still no update. ;)

    2. Missing avatar

      Arrakisdef about 18 hours ago

      Looks like people are even giving up posting on here. I hope that CIG crashes and burns and it sets a precedent for projects like this in the future.

    3. Missing avatar

      Arrakisdef on May 11

      Another month, still no information.

    4. Brendan on April 25

      It amazes me how little CIG has managed to get done with arguably one of the biggest budgets a game has had in years.

      This rivals many studios, heck it probably dwarfs some budgets at this point. And here we are with an alpha that is buggy as anything, any number of ships are only hangar ready and apart from a bit of COD in space, there's not a lot to show for the huge investment.

      I mean they chose unreal engine which is an amazing decision given the funding at this point would or certainly should mean they could build their own.

      Will something ship? Probably. But I do not trust CIG or a single word said. It's a pure money grab at this point. It's like a competition to see just how much money people are stupid enough (really at this point thousands per ship for quite a few ships) to throw at them.

      Every other week. It's another hundred's of dollars ship released. More money being soaked from very naive people. And people think this will crush other games.

      lol. It might. In 2018. If it doesn't implode under its own stupendous weight and ego. Who knows. But I am out. Not going to buy a thing. No-one should. Ever. Again. Until CIG actually start to deliver.

      But a new ship will come out next week and the faithful will fall over themselves to buy yet another ship. Good luck with that.

    5. Missing avatar

      SavageHenry on April 22

      i wonder if star citizen will be the catalyst to congress stepping in and passing some regulations on non-investment crowdfunding

    6. Missing avatar

      SavageHenry on April 22

      i accept your surrender

    7. Missing avatar

      Ruben Iversen on April 22

      Stop trying to twist my words.
      I said its stupid to listen to a carpenter that makes claims about other carpenters when the same carpenter cant build houses himself.
      Its not about a deflection, its just common sense.
      you dont take advise from a bad carpanter its just that simple.
      Annyway, im done spending energy on you
      If you want to keep preaching be my guest, i wont respond annymore.

    8. Missing avatar

      SavageHenry on April 21

      again, derek smart being bad doesnt make star citizen or chris roberts good

      but nice try at deflection

    9. Missing avatar

      Ruben Iversen on April 21

      Forgot to mention it was
      Battlecruiser 3000AD
      But of course there are other games he havent finnished building as well.

    10. Missing avatar

      Ruben Iversen on April 21

      Sure, sure , he only swindled people for promised features and overhyped his own game up.
      I quote : In 2003 Gamespy named it the 19th most overrated game of all time due to the hype Derek produced with his extremely ambitious game play promises that he would ultimately be unable to fulfill.
      Im not listening to a carpenter that makes claims about other carpenters when the same carpenter cant build houses himself.
      Its just stupid.

    11. Missing avatar

      SavageHenry on April 20

      derek smart didn't swindle $112 million on the back of lies to make his lousy games

      i appreciate that you've dropped your ridiculous defense of cig though

      this project will go down in history as the worst crowdfunding disaster of all time

    12. Missing avatar

      Ruben Iversen on April 20

      Also i dont need to refute anything.
      you are not my boss.
      I make my own mind up, if i want to write something, and honestly i wont care because it woud probably fall for deaf ears annyway so why shoud i spend energy on it?
      It doesnt make sense to spend energy on somone that dont want to see your argument in a better ligth than some certian inviduals have here.

    13. Missing avatar

      Ruben Iversen on April 20

      Derek Smart shoud fix his own games first.
      Why shoud i listen to his claims when he cant even listen to the people that bougth his game?
      He even blames the publisher and refuses to do anything about it himself.

    14. Missing avatar

      SavageHenry on April 19

      derek smart is many things, few of them good, but he's not wrong about star citizen

      try refuting the actual content instead of fixating on one individual you want to discredit

      but since much of that is croberts' own conflicting words, i imagine you'll find that hard

    15. Missing avatar

      Ruben Iversen on April 19

      Sorry, but you lost all credibility when you involved Derek Smart in your link.

    16. Missing avatar

      SavageHenry on April 19

      aaaaaand croberts himself today talked about releasing a "minimum viable product" sans many stretch goals, promising to "keep working on the game as long as you guys are supporting us"

      though i'm sure stalwart citizens will be along shortly to tell me why this is nothing to worry about

    17. Missing avatar

      Ian on April 16

      I just want what they promised at the beginning. Single player is what I like as I have little time to spend on multi player. I wonder if we would have the game already if there had not been a constant stream of cash flowing over the years.
      Don't get me wrong it sounds nice, looks nice but I would have been happier without a lot of it.
      I have backed some projects that simple stuck to the original plan and I could not be happier. I did not think I was really backing a AAA title that would be years in the making and more. I just want the basic game.
      I might go buy Elite.

    18. Missing avatar

      SavageHenry on April 15

      lol, a star marine truther

      if you're happy with the progress/state of the game, then wooly bully for you, but i'm not and i'm not going to shut up. screenshot my posts and we'll see who turns out right.

    19. Missing avatar

      Arrakisdef on April 15

      @Ruben Iversen Last update.

      "April 6, 2013

      Back SotA, Get a Crossbow in Star Citizen!"

    20. Missing avatar

      Ruben Iversen on April 14

      Actually its 3 years.
      They spent a year staffing up.
      3 years making the arena commander , crusader map, ships, and some other stuff id say is pretty impressive especially when simpler games take about 1-2 years.
      And no, you have no idea what an alpha is.
      You are talking about a beta.
      Quite a diffrent thing.
      Who has said they are dropping the vr, private servers? not sure about c-op havent checked the goals that closly.
      Link please..
      Of course all the ships wont be ready for release, not even all the goals will be ready for release and guess what?, not even the whole package woud be ready for release. since that woud take at least 20 years..
      But chris has been pretty upfront about it. They have mentioned this many times
      if you have paid any attention.
      About the star marine? lol, do you know what you are even talking about?
      There is already a FPS portion in the crusader map.

    21. Missing avatar

      SavageHenry on April 14

      Please. this doesn't even qualify as an alpha, and disco lando admitted as much on stream a while back. they only hacked together this broken tech demo so they could claim that "a significant portion of the promised game" had been delivered as a justification to deny refunds in countries that have lousy consumer protections.

      and calling it an alpha in no way refutes or justifies the dropping of VR, private servers, co-op for squadron 42, or the star marine module that was hyped up for a year and half only to never materialize. hell, they just admitted that a great many ships they sold for hundreds of dollars won't be ready upon "release," which they consider to be years away. and even if the game and those ships ever arrive, will they be anything like what was promised, or will they go the way of the cutlass, xian scout, etc?

      they don't appear to be at four years worth of progress, alpha or otherwise, and i seriously doubt they have the money to solve all of the potentially project-killing issues they have with cryengine in order to deliver anything resembling the pitch.

    22. Missing avatar

      Ruben Iversen on April 14

      You do know what the term alpha means yes?
      Do you seriously expect them to have a finnished game in 4 years with the scale, funding and ambition this game has become?
      That is very strange.
      Because triple AAA games takes a long time to make.
      Fallout 4 took 7 years to make and it wasnt even bug free when it came out.
      And i didnt say they spent a million.
      I said the mocap studio was one of the stretch goals.
      Actually it was one of the stretch goals twice. at $5,500,000 and at
      $10,000,000 : Cloud Imperium Games will build their own mocap studio to improve the quality of Star Citizen and Squadron 42’s cutscenes.

      It sounds more to me like you want the game tailored to your speccifications or that backers that pledged more because they wanted more can just go and screw themself.

    23. Missing avatar

      SavageHenry on April 13

      i said "most backers," and a poll on the RSI website right now suggests that 75% of backers want the PU over S42.

      they spent a lot more than a million on mo-cap, especially since they built two of their own mo-cap studios and then paid for 66 days at the imaginarium (andy serkis' full performance capture studio) in addition to gary oldman, mark hamill, gillian anderson, etc. backers didn't ask for that kind of expenditure. it was entirely at roberts' discretion.

      and things like the extravagant furniture, coffee machine, and mo-cap expenses wouldn't be a big deal if we had, y'know, something resembling a playable game after 4+ years and $111+ million raised. a lot of basic, original kickstarter promises have been dropped, like VR support (they keep saying they'll add it later, but the way all of the "immersion" animations work in SC is anathema to VR), private servers (disco lando himself admitted that they haven't done any work on it and it's the last thing they'll look into after "full release," which is literally years away if it ever happens), etc.

      Remember the caterpillar? the ship a lot of people spent $225 on here on kickstarter? they don't have so much as an in-engine render of it on their website over four years later, because they've been too busy designing and selling $300- and $500- and thousand-dollar ships instead.

      The flight model is broken, the physics are a joke, arena commander is horribly unbalanced, the netcode is a project-killing disaster, the patch sizes get more and more bloated by tens of gigabytes every week because they haven't bothered to create a delta patcher, the "baby PU" barely qualifies as a tech demo and is beyond broken (I haven't been able to manage a single session in which i didn't clip through the geometry of a station or ship, not to mention the constant crashes and terrible performance when more than 4 or 5 people are playing at once)

      if there was a single, solitary sign that this project wasn't irretrievably in development hell, then i wouldn't care so much about them wasting money on luxuries or peripheral crap. but since they don't have the decency (or the cash) to refund people, then they deserve all the criticism, because it's looking more and more like they wasted all of our collective funds on a project that can't ever be beaten into a shape resembling the pitch.

    24. Missing avatar

      Ruben Iversen on April 12

      Sure, they spend money on alot of stuff.
      Including morale boosting stuff like forexample a coofe machine and furiture wich every office needs.
      Big deal.
      Who says backers didnt want mocap and hollywood aaa talent?
      Do you have facts to back it up or is this your personal opinion?
      Alot of people was Positive so it is strange that you are saying all the backers.
      The mocap studio was actually one of the strecth goals just saying.
      Professional motion capture for the Squadron 42 cutscenes.

    25. Missing avatar

      SavageHenry on April 12

      nah, if you really weanna know where the money went you have to, for example, see the instagram of a coffee company who sold CIG their $17K espresso machine that requires special training to use and needs to be taken apart and cleaned every day

      or you need to look at sandi's instagram and tally then tens of thousands of dollars they've spent on clunky restoration hardware furiniture

      of course, you don't have to be clever to find all of it, as chris himself admits that he spent a ton of cash trying to relive his dead hollywood dream by paying for AAA talent for crappy mo-cap for squadron 42, the single-player thing that most backers don't even care about, which seems to be getting the lion's share of development resources these days

    26. Missing avatar

      Ruben Iversen on April 11

      Of course you have to sign on agreements if you sign up.
      Just as you had to sign when you joined kickstarter.
      Also, they have already provided where the money is going but of course if you dont watch and read updates on their website you wont know.
      Also, you dont need to sign up to read informative posts or watch the videos on their site.

    27. Missing avatar

      SavageHenry on April 9

      also, if you haven't signed up at the rsi website, don't

      it requires agreeing to an amended terms-of-service that keeps extending the date by which they need to provide a financial accounting of where the money went

      kickstarter-only backers might have an easier time getting a refund (if there's any money left)

    28. Missing avatar

      SavageHenry on April 9

      the best projects i have backed on kickstarter have actually delivered

    29. James Gibson on April 9

      Why are people commenting that there are no updates, erm have you looked on their website? This is without a doubt the best project I have backed on Kickstarter.

    30. Joseph De Santis on April 8

      So its 4/8 and this game is still no where near complete but its now at a 110m funded. its a bit insane that they wont refund all kickstarter backers their money. At this point its so little of what they made.

      Hopefully Chris leaves and lets someone competent finish the game like he had to do with freelancer.

    31. Missing avatar

      Ruben Iversen on April 7

      Not true.
      They have update here :

    32. Missing avatar

      Arrakisdef on April 5

      Attention glorious Kickstarter backers. Tomorrow will be a great day, monumental, in fact. Tomorrow will be the third year anniversary to the last update done by RSI. That's right, tomorrow it will be three years without an update.

    33. Boraxx on April 1

      To those who are wondering about project updates:
      The project was funded and Cloud Imperium Games, the company behind Star Citizen and Squadron 42, started bringing all updates on progress on their own website.

      For example:…

    34. Jason on March 29

      you'd think with 200 million dollars they could give me back my $60 pledge

    35. Missing avatar

      Arrakisdef on March 21

      Oh look. Still no updates. And kickstarter doesn't care. I've messaged them about it, a ticket was opened. They just closed the ticket with no response.

    36. Missing avatar

      SavageHenry on March 3

      kickstarter already got their cut, so they could not possibly care less at this point

    37. Sascha Tausend on March 2

      Kickstarter should step in and proceed with legal action. The game is more than just late. Promised features have been cut from the project and the project got split into 4 or 5 games now. This is against Kickstarter rules. Why they don't do anything is a mystery to me.

    38. Missing avatar

      Arrakisdef on February 22

      Last update is closely approaching three years ago. Clearly they are doing a great job!

    39. Jason on February 17

      the only reason i backed this is that i trust Chris Roberts to deliver a good game, on time. Very disappointed in how this project has "progressed", if you can even call it that. Would have been a much better idea to deliver what was promised and then all the pie in the sky stuff could have gone into DLC or sequels.

      As it is I will never trust Chris Roberts again, no matter how good this is when (if) its released. I asked for a refund *years* ago and was denied, so lesson learned.

    40. Whitecat on February 12

      How do I get access to my ships? I am in the $35 pledge. But I cannot access the promised "RSI Aurora spaceship"

    41. Omer Akarca on February 1

      It seems that this will turn out to be another "Daikatana". It was quite ambitious at the time (1997) and took an enormous time to finish (3 years) which was quite a long development period for the games of that era. The most saddening part, in my opinion, was Daikatana virtually the end of John Romero the guy who brought Doom, Quake and Hexen virtually the FPS genre as we know today. He hadn't had any games of any worth since that time and still talks about the "big project" he is working on etc.

      I can't help but observe the same kind of trajectory from both the game development and Chris Roberts sadly.

    42. Missing avatar

      SavageHenry on January 31

      Oh yeah, and the idea that backers complaining is somehow harming development is absolutely laughable. You're a funny man.

    43. Missing avatar

      SavageHenry on January 31

      We are entitled to something. We're entitled to the game we were pitched. We're also entitled, as per their original TOS, to a full financial accounting of where the money has been going if they missed their November 2014 date by more than 12 months (which they obviously have, braggadocio about the "baby PU" notwithstanding). Of course, that'll probably be difficult to track with their literally dozens of companies and contractors.

      And two years of development? Ha! Roberts himself has said many times that he spent a year on the CryEngine protype and underlying systems with a small team before he even came to kickstarter (he was pitching it to EA as a Wing Commander reboot, but they rebuffed him because he wanted full control of the IP back), and it's been over three years since the kickstarter. Three years with tens of millions of dollars at their disposal. Hell, they had 300+ employees and around 200 contractors at one point last year, though the team has shrunk a lot since then. What we have isn't even close to what three years of development should have produced, no matter how many excuses you or CIG want to make. And now, by your own admission (and theirs), all development resources are shifting to the first sliver of Squadron 42. Something that we've been told about, but shown nothing of. Something that multiple legitimate gaming news outlets--many of whom actually toured various CIG studios around the world--were told about, but not shown. Something they claim is coming this calendar year. Given their utter lack of accountability to date and their inability to hold to their own self-imposed timetables, I'll take that with a grain of salt.

      As I said before, screenshot my posts. Please. You can say I told you so if you ever get anything you were hoping to get out of this money pit.

      I hope you're happy with the current baby PU, because the "full" release of this game will barely be more than what you have now. Mark my words.

    44. Missing avatar

      Bjorn on January 30

      I wont deny that they havent met many of their goals and sure the articles had quotes in it that strictly were not wrong. As for expectations I personally see this game churning out an appropriate amount of content (whether we see it in updates or not), and no crying was done on my end, simply corrections from your biased sources of information. As for the company being profoundly off the rails, I would go as far as saying its more on rails than most other large companies these days.
      I'm no game developer but can you honestly tell me that you expected a game of this scale to have been fully finished and polished in two years? Hell, looking at even the new elder scrolls having an estimated release of 2019, thats 8 years after the release of skyrim with an established and massively funded company. Do you see anyone complaining about this? I think the only mistake CIG has made is actually sharing their development with its backers, which for the first year or so was used to improve the game and get our opinions, but now all the company gets is "we deserve this, we paid for this, youre not giving us what we want".

      Like I said previously, compared to other unfinished games that get pushed out the door due to publisher deadlines, I would much rather the delays and get a complete game in the end.

      To address your concerns (simply because of others who might read this), sure they changed a few things like the singleplayer campaign being only co-op on some missions, due to the campaign being extremely story driven, (I for one would rather a rich story than the ability to play through with a friend at all times), and if you really wanted to play multi then thats what we get from the MMO no? No one complains about game changes when its something they like, as in the new procedurally generated planets instead of cinematic planetary cuts, why dont you complain and ask for a refund for that design change huh? This isnt what they promised us right? I deserve my cinematic. The game is dynamically changing because of what the majority seem to want and you cant have everything, certain sacrifices need to be made.

      One thing people need to understand that even if its crowd funded, you arent entitled to anything. You donated money as support, and will receive a consumer end product when the time comes. If its not exactly to your standards or what you wanted, why dont you start up a company and make your own game? Thats what Chris did and I'm supporting his visions. Personally I think the company should stop taking input from self entitled kids like you and just spend all their focus on creating the game they have right now.

      As for the private servers, do you really think theyre going to spend time and money on something like this when theyre already under enough flak for not having the core game up to the supposed "standard" its supposed to be at? Also all modding tools are provided free as stated on the stretch goals. (see 4 million)

      Dont quote me on this but I did some follow up reading and it seems the whole deal with Star marine is the fact that Illfonic (an external developer) seems to not have been able to complete the contract on their end, and CIG just had to take it up themselves but didnt have the resources to spare to work on it at the same pace Illfonic was, and thus the current hiatus. Would you not also be annoyed when people keep complaining about every single thing youre doing and just wont listen even when responses to the situation are being given?

      As for the ships, once again your self entitlement knows no bounds, they are focusing on developing the content that they need for the SQ42 campaign so they can get it done and dusted as soon as possible. While were at it why dont they spend huge time and resources on getting the fourth alien race fully fleshed out huh? Its not like they have enough on their plate right? My entitlement says I need every aspect of the game done at my beck and call right? I put in my $30 right? Why dont you go work for an hour or two and get your $30 back and be done with it? And those “nonsense” features? Are you trying to make a joke? People did a MAJORITY VOTE and this came out to be on top. Seriously if you want a game that’s tailored to yourself why don’t you go do your own kickstarter?

      For the rest of your ramble about basic game features and such, once again who said they need to have everything completed in the order you want it to be? What if development had been reversed and they spent time completing game mechanics but no ships had been designed or no squadron 42? People would be complaining all the same. The game is in a state where they arent focusing on us getting our trade and cargo, they're focusing on finishing the singleplayer campaign which was their ORIGINAL plan. Aswell as the usual that people don’t get, its an alpha to test certain mechanics as they need tested, its NOT a full game for you to be enjoying right now.

      Since you like to mention stretch goals and what we all so kindly deserve, these actors (and the mocap that you "didnt pledge for") that Chris was "gallivanting" about to get done, was a stretch goal we voted for no? (check 5 million) Why do you complain about certain things being changed from what they were and others being done as promised? Can you be any more self indulged and inconsistent?

      Again Squadron 42 was intended for a REALLY long time to be cut into a three part series, nothing new, stop bringing up random things to add to your self gratified rant. Maybe if we had less people like SavageHenry complaining about everything they can get their hands on, the developers could actually get the things done that they have planned.
      Im no cheerleader, merely just correcting personal opinions to facts. I wont be screenshotting anything since I couldn’t care less what you think (in fact I hope you forget about star citizen since the community could do without people like you), however I will be enjoying a fully finished game when the time comes, hopefully without people like you.

    45. Missing avatar

      SavageHenry on January 30

      Chris Roberts' own words are "stretched truths?" I like how you can't even acknowledge that they have failed to live up to any of their own promises, so you have to cry and rail about Derek Smart as if his opinions have any bearing on the reality that this project is profoundly off the rails and highly unlikely to fulfill anyone's expectations.

      Hell, just in the past couple of weeks they dropped co-op for SQ42 (a kickstarter promise), private servers (another kickstarter promise; and before you complain about this yes, Disco Lando just said last week "we're not even looking at prive servers or modding tools until way after full release, years down the line," despite the fact that they're still selling the modding guide on their website for actual real money), and now a fully-featured module they hyped up for almost two years, while Roberts professes to be "annoyed" when people dare to follow up on his own overpromising.

      What's next on the chopping block? Maybe the Caterpillar, which people pledged $225 for here on kickstarter, and which hasn't had so much as an in-engine render appear on their website in the past 3+ years? Or maybe the $250 Banu Merchantman, which has only ever been seen in concept art and is now being "redesigned?" Will we ever see the Reclaimer, or that insane starliner (for which they promised more nonsense like drinks-mixing and in-flight entertainment selection minigames: )? How will we ever get the huge $$$ ships like the Bengal, Idris, or Javelin?

      We're how many years in and how many tens of millions spent without ANYTHING nailed down about core features like trade and cargo management, exploration, mining, etc. etc. etc. Hell, they just admitted that they can't ever get G-forces working on crew, they can't bump the player count above 16 without everything breaking, and simple flight is janky, buggy, and inertialess. Arena Commander is an unbalanced mess. The basics aren't even there, so why should anybody feel confident about the wilder promises ever materializing?

      We don't even have a basic game. We don't even have the bones of a basic game. We have, at best, a couple of hours of slapped-together content that barely works. Basically a glorified CryEngine mod. On top of that, we have a lot of pretty art assets to stare at. But I, and many, many others pledged for an actual space game, a successor to Freelancer and/or the Wing Commander games. Instead of building that, Chris Roberts went gallivanting off to play Hollywood with $$$ actors and a lot of expensive, barely-usable mo-cap (and since I actually have been following development as you suggest I have not, I can tell you that they have made FIVE different attempts and motion capture and full performance capture over three years, and had to redo their animation rig at least nine times by the devs own admission, and they recently acknowledged that they had to fudge Roberts' Imaginarium shoots by making every character the same height just to get the data imported properly). Hell, just today they acknowledged that SQ42 is going to be split into lots of little slivers of content, and that Roberts' self-congratulatory massive script and 10 hours of cutscenes only accounts for the first little piece of that. Who is going to pay for the next round of Gary Oldman, Mark Hamill, Gillian Anderson, et. al.? I didn't pledge for that. I pledged for a game, and I don't have one. I can't even see one on the horizon, and yes, I'm paying attention.

      I haven't seen a single positive sign out of this production since very early days. We have a ton of missed (self-imposed) deadlines, we have a lot of promises broken, we have a lot of arrogance on the part of a guy who is frivolously spending other people's money on his own interests, and we have a community that has tried to squeeze out anybody who doesn't cheer on this impending failure. Maybe if people like Bjorn and some of the other cheerleaders had started holding Roberts & Company's feet to the fire a long time ago, we might not be where we are right now.

      Anyway, please screenshot my posts. You can tell me how wrong I am if we ever get anything resembling the game that was pitched.

      I won't be holding my breath.

    46. Missing avatar

      Bjorn on January 29

      look mate its pretty clear youve convoluted yourself with as much derek smart content as you could find on the internet because you must just find pure enjoyment in rumours, speculations, and blatantly made up things. after reading both articles its clear youre pretty hurt about the star marine module and dont actually care about the original space design of the game, i suggest you go play some more call of doots. as for the articles themselves, as someone who likes to verify things, both articles contain both stretched truths and support for rumours which are verified lies.

      as for me parroting chris, what the hell are you talking about youre the one who brought the video up in the first place, i was using YOUR SOURCe against you and im the one parroting? right.

      ive been following almost every update for the last 3 years and im very pleased with the level of development and content. as for derek smart, since he has been in the business for quote "20 years", why dont you go buy into some of his content since hes clearly more skilled at making games and a wayyy more successful company right?

      just a side note also to others who might be reading and not sure whos argument to trust, derek smart has been proved to have paid off false researchers and harassers and when called out he had nothing to say. im not saying you need join either party but whenever buying into anything dont just believe fanatics of either party, do your own research and decide for yourself.

    47. Missing avatar

      Arrakisdef on January 29

      Two years and ten months, still no update. Still no communication over Kickstarter in any way at all. Pathetic.

    48. Missing avatar

      SavageHenry on January 27

      it's a direct quote from the email i got when i tried to get a refund after they missed their release date by over a year, a refund that their original TOS promised (they since "amended" their TOS to give them 18 months from the original Nov 2014 date, but it only applies if you pledged for stuff on their website post-kickstarter)

      you can find plenty of other people online complaining about that same justification to refuse refunds via email

      and you can parrot roberts all you want about star marine, but they called it its own module for a year and a half, showed video of gameplay and all of the weapons and armor variants and promised weekly updates, then roberts has the audacity to say he "gets annoyed when people ask about it" and insists "you have FPS, you have boarding now" in this week's ten for the chairman. it's blatant nonsense and anyone who isn't in the tank for a company that has failed to meet any of their obligations to date can see that

    49. Missing avatar

      Bjorn on January 27

      I dont know where you get off on twisting peoples words beyond recognition, there was never any mention of any of the baby pu being a significant portion of the game, and if you insist that it is so I would like you to put up a link to the official source saying that.

      Secondly, star marine is somewhat already in the game, it was simply an fps map we could play with and we have that in the baby PU. Sure it doesnt have every single feature right now but as stated in the video you specifically mention but only chose specific parts to pick on, they will be rolling out fps features incrementally with every update as they deem them stable enough for releasing.

      Please just stop spreading misinformation, I wont try to convince you to buy into this or like the game but seriously there are hundreds of thousands of people who are enjoying the development of this game, why you would be actively telling lies to stop others from enjoying this too only god knows why, but just stop youre not fooling anyone.

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