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Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
34,397 backers pledged $2,134,374 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Damon Czanik about 8 hours ago

      @Arrakisdef Look, it says "Be respectful and considerate" right next to the post button. At least try to be more civil. I'm in *agreement* with you. I think there should be more updates here. It's why I'm providing updates. It's why I posted the poll! And, the results are: backers don't agree with us. That's right, us.

      Fact is, they are providing plenty of updates. You're just not wanting to look outside Kickstarter. If you point to the rule that says CIG has to provide updates on, then that's something I can work with.

    2. Creator Arrakisdef about 9 hours ago

      There isn't even a connection of updates from this site to that one. There is a link to check updates, that guess what, links to the update page on Kickstarter. Which hasn't been updated in Two and a Half Years.

    3. Creator Arrakisdef about 9 hours ago

      @Damnon Czanik Yes, why would people who have signed up for a forum account need to be informed elsewhere about updates? That poll is the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. You can shill all you want, but that doesn't change the fact that Cloud Imperium Games is doing a horrible job.

    4. Creator Arrakisdef about 9 hours ago

      Just another reminder that Cloud Imperium Games refuses to update their kickstarter page and is over two an a half years late.

    5. Creator Damon Czanik 1 day ago

      Correction: CITCONFLIGHT2K15

    6. Creator Damon Czanik 1 day ago

      Also, non-backers can fly the game free for a week by going here:

      The code is: CITIZENCON2K15

    7. Creator Damon Czanik 1 day ago

      Updates from the last week:

      * Full Video of the whole presentation:…
      -- Live Blog:
      -- The slides shown:
      -- More videos will be posted here:

      * SC Alpha 2.0: This is coming "soon".
      -- Video:…
      -- Slides:

      * Squadron 42: The single player game was finally revealed:
      -- Intro (Bishop Senate Speech):…
      -- Cast includes: Gary Oldman, Mark Hamill, Gillian Anderson, Liam Cunningham, Ben Mendleson, Mark Strong, Andy Serkis, John Rhys Davies, Rhona Mitra
      -- Pictures of the cast:
      -- Facial Animation Tech:…
      -- About the game:
      -- The Morrow Tour: Unfinished, work in progress, lots of placeholder graphics, very rough:
      ----Video (live version):…

      * Cross Chassis Upgrade System: Now you can now upgrade your ship without losing rewards or insurance.

      * StarMap is LIVE! This online map lets you set routes, explore and learn about the different systems, landing locations, etc. It's pretty impressive
      -- link:
      -- Video:…

      * Monthly Studio Report:

      * Amazing effects as the Constellation blows up:…

      * Star Citizen Referral Program: Get bonuses if you get friends to join.

      * Sabre Sale: If the Hornet is a brawler, the Sabre is a ninja

      * Star Marine Weekly Update:

      * Star Citizen: The story so far:…

      * Around the 'Verse 2.02: The Weekly update show

      * 10 for the Writers: The writer asks 10 questions from the community

      There's a bunch of stuff I'm probably forgetting, but there was a load of new content this week.

    8. Creator SavageHenry 3 days ago

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    9. Creator Damon Czanik 3 days ago

      @Paskari Yes! I believe if you pledged $30 or more, you get the full game. That also includes Squadron 42. Backers who backed before 6 million also get the DLC "Behind Enemy Lines" for free too.

      To verify: Go to
      Click "My RSI" and log in.
      Click My Hangar
      Go into Game packages
      Click the Down arrow. You should see something like:
      Squadron 42 digital download.

      You should also see "Original and Backers Reward" if you pledged before 6 million.
      That should say "Squadron 42 Mission Disk". (The "Behind Enemy Lines" stuff)
      There will also be a "Record Breaker Skin", and "AMX-1 Repair Bot".

      Of course, if you get a refund, then you lose all this stuff, and have to buy again. You will also never get stuff like the "Record Breaker Skin".

      Customer service is going to be swamped for the next week or so. Lots of things introduced this week. So, if you can't find it, I'd ask for technical help in the forums. Or just be patient while customer service tries to get to your questions.

    10. Creator Paskarl (k0SH) 3 days ago

      Does anyone know if SQUADRON42 will be available for (all) kickstarter backers for free?

    11. Creator Damon Czanik 4 days ago

      Just to add to @Arrakisdef: Another reminder there's a backer poll on that (with discussions): ;)

      There's pros and cons (as I describe in the link). Currently, 65% of backers say it's not a "Serious Issue". Vote if you disagree. Chime in on the comments (where people actually read this stuff) If it gets to 70% CIG will publicly respond.

      Yes. It is late though. Chris addressed the point here:
      Under the "Open development". Whether you like it or not, it's been publicly addressed.

      If you want an update, there's a cool clip from "Around the Verse", their weekly update show:…

    12. Creator Arrakisdef 5 days ago

      Just another reminder that Cloud Imperium Games refuses to update their kickstarter page and is over two an a half years late.

    13. Creator Damon Czanik on October 4

      Updates this week:

      * Star Citizen hit $90 million in funding.
      * CitizenCon is 6 Days away. This will be the first public showing of Squadron 42 the single player game, the facial tech, and more.

      * Backers Poll: Due to some comments on here (scroll down), I put up a poll for Backers:
      - If it gets a 70% YES, CIG will publicly comment on the issue, so if it's a serious concern for you, you'll want to make your voice heard.
      - Currently 75% of backers said they don't think the updates on Kickstarter is a serious issue.

      * 1.2.1 is now renamed to 1.3. Probably going to PTU this week. Nothing major this update. This is the merged game Dev stream. So internally, a lot will change.

      * Star Citizen Drama! Escapist Released an article:
      - Chris Robert's Responded, (their lawyer did too):
      - GameSkinny Commentary:
      - Reddit Drama Megathread:

      * Around the Verse Season 2: Weekly update show on the status of the game.
      - Video:
      - Transcript:

      * Reverse the Verse: Weekly show where the developers answer your questions live.
      - Video:…
      - Transcript:

      * 10 for the Chairmen: Chris Roberts answers community questions
      - Video:
      - Transcript:

      * Weekly Star Marine Update:

      * Endeavor Reasearch Vessel is released:
      - Design Doc:
      - Q&A Post:

      * WIP Star Marine Armor: An inside look into the development of the Marine armor.

    14. Creator Damon Czanik on October 1

      @Arrakisdef Sorry, I thought you could figure out I was addressing the both of you. I guess not.

      I've submitted the concern to CIG, with a backer poll:

      If it gets a 70% YES, CIG will address the question publicly. So far, the backers are not agreeing with you. Not even for major updates. Right now, 80% have voted No.

      Posting the link here since it concerns Kickstarter backers.

    15. Creator Arrakisdef on September 29

      @Damon Czanik Amusing that you say that, as the person right below you wrote, and I quote "Update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    16. Creator Damon Czanik on September 29

      @Arrakisdef Okay. So, after 4 times of refuse to answer if you're getting the weekly emails from CIG.

      Once again, CIG already e-mails all backers weekly update emails. By asking for updates you're asking for all backers to get spammed twice for the same update .They are taking responsibility. Backers do NOT want to get spammed twice for a single update.

    17. Creator Kevin Jacobson on September 28


    18. Creator Arrakisdef on September 28

      @Arrakisdef I don't need, or want help from you. Cloud Imperium Games needs to take responsibility.

    19. Creator Damon Czanik on September 28

      Updates from Last Week:

      Avenger is free to fly this week!

      Around the Verse ()Episode 62): The Weekly News Update Show.
      - Sneak-peek on AtV was one of the medical pods.

      10 For the Chairman: Chris Roberts answers questions from the community.

      Star Marine Status Update:
      - If they can, they want to release version with Star Citizen Alpha 1.3
      - 1.3 Should contain the Baby PU
      - 1.3 will probably be available shortly after CitizenCon.

      Reverse the 'Verse (Episode 84): Weekly web show where they answer your questions live on Twitch
      - I don't see a video link.
      - Transcript:
      - the new CCU (Cross Chassis Upgrade) system is in active testing. First iteration will be side-grades and upgrades, and then there will be downgrades eventually. This will allow you to change ships you have bought.
      - A lot of the cap ships will come along once the Idris is ready. Now that tech issues are resolved, we’ll see more cap ship stuff coming.
      - [Difference between AC 2.0 and large world release?] They are different things. Large world is the baby PU/exoverse. AC, Star Marine, they’re built into the world. They’re games within the game. The Baby PU is a giant stage for CIG to play with stuff. All of SC’s parts are supposed to go in there, break, be fixed, etc… AC 2.0 will come out once multicrew’s perfected in the baby PU
      - [Un-melt requests again?] Yes, but please don’t inundate them. They can do a couple. It’s just hard when they come at the time of an event. Really impacts the response time.

      Reverse the 'Verse - Special Chairman Edition

      25th anniversary of Wing Commander live stream with Ben Lesnick:
      - No Star Citizen news there. Just was about Wing Commander.

      James Pugh and Alyssa have left the company:
      - CIG doesn't comment on personnel changes.
      - If you want rampant speculation, reddit is the place to go! If I hear actual news (and not rumors), I'll post it.
      - Truth is, nobody knows. Those that do, aren't commenting.
      - Alyssa (via twitter): "Guys - don't believe everything you read on the internet. The sky isn't falling. Geez."
      - Lisa Ohanian got a job offer from Sony and put in her 2 week notice. Unrelated, but people still grouped it together. It's a big career boost for her.

      Developer Forum/Social Posts this week:
      - Cool concept art of Micro-Tech. One of the planets in the Stanton System (ArcoCorp is Stanton 3)

      Endeavor Concept Sale should be happening Tuesday:
      - 200 meters (656 feet.) long, (that's over 2 football fields in length)
      - $350. Lifetime Insurance
      - You can customize it with additional pods.

      Developers Chat messages:
      - Componetn System should be going into live testing soon.
      - New Flight modes have been announced. Should allow a lot more granular control over our ships
      - There should be a design document posted later this week.

      12 Days until CitizenCon 2015.
      - Facial Tech will be shown.
      - Squadron 42 (Single Player game) will be revealed.

    20. Creator Damon Czanik on September 25

      @Arrakisdef You keep asking for updates. This is now the third time I've asked. Are you getting the weekly e-mail updates from CIG? They should be going out to every backer every week.

      If not, I'll contact CIG. I just need a yes or a no.

      I know you want updates here but those also get sent out as emails too. Not every backer wants 2 emails being sent out for the same update news. Help me, to help you!

    21. Creator Arrakisdef on September 25

      To clarify, they have no intention of updating their Kickstarter page. I don't know about you, but this is downright unacceptable.

    22. Creator Arrakisdef on September 25

      Just so everyone knows. I've been messaging someone at Cloud Imperium Games. They are refusing to update their Kickstarter page.

    23. Creator Damon Czanik on September 21

      @Arrakisdef Okay. I just want to confirm, are you getting e-mail updates from CIG? They are sending out weekly e-mail updates to all their Kickstarter backers. I just want to make sure you are getting them.

    24. Creator Arrakisdef on September 21

      @Damon Czanik The fact that you feel like you need to post updates on Kickstarter shows that they are doing something wrong. They should be posting updates here.

      I didn't mean to say that you weren't trying to be helpful, but you shouldn't be doing it, the company should. Like I've said, they haven't updated their kickstarter page in over two and a half years. They received funding from kickstarter, so this is where they should post updates.

      There is no current FTC investigation. I was just mentioning that courts are finally starting to rule against kickstarter programs that do not fulfill their requests.

    25. Creator Damon Czanik on September 19


      * Test Drive the Avenger for free: The Avenger is free-to-fly this week:

      * Issue Council Released to All: Submit your bugs to the issue council and the community will try to reproduce them:

      * Community Hub Released: A place for citizens to share/view Star Citizen fan content

      * JumpPoint Digital Magazine Released (September Issue):

      * Star Marine Update:
      - Game will be tested company wide this week as they prepare for release.
      - Synopsis:

      Around the Verse, Episode 61: The weekly Star Citizen Update show:
      - Transcript:
      - Next Saturday – the 26th – they will be hosting a 25th anniversary livestream for the Wing Commander game. They’ll be doing a ‘lets play’. Ben will be at the controls. Watch that next Saturday, starting at noon CIG time.
      – Next week, on Wednesday, at 11am, there’s a special edition RtV – subscriber only questions, Chris Roberts will join for the broadcast.
      - Working on 1.2.1 patch. Maybe PTU end of next week, no guarantee.
      - [Next flyable ship?] Looking at multicrew stuff coming in next. Connie, Tali, possibly a Cutlass update. The Herald’ll be the next single-seater. Connie and Tali probably next though. But can’t say when or why or how or to what degree.
      - [Info on patch 1.3?] 1.3 is the multicrew explosion. Large-world map, multicrew testbed, etc… or it might be FPS… they have a lot coming.
      - LA is working on Herald, Reliant, and Connie. They are going to redirect resources for a week or two to help with a milestone for the Connie. Lots being done to globalize, make sure pipelines are all the same.

      * Galactic Guide - Ferron System:

      * 10 For the Chairman: Episode 66: Chris Roberts takes 10 questions from the community:
      - Transcript:

      * Reverse the Verse, Episode 63: The developers answer your questions, live on-air:

      * DevChat: Dev's responses to chat questions:

      * DevTalk: Dev's Forum messages:

      * Fan-Site INN: August Monthly Report Analysis:

      * CitizenCon is 20 days away! Squadron 42 (the single player game) should be revealed then.

    26. Creator Damon Czanik on September 19

      @Arrakisdef They are. If you have signed up, CIG should have your e-mail address and be sending you e-mail updates ever week. If you are not getting them, please check your spam folder or contact customer support. If you need a refund I'd also contact customer support. As for posting all the updates to the Kickstarter site, those updates get e-mailed too. I'm not sure how many backers would like getting two emails just for the same update.

      As far as a 'random' person on Kickstarter. You're right. I am. I do link to official sources for everything. I don't mean to upset or offend, I'm just trying to help and keep other backers informed.

      As far as the courts, there appears currently to be no FTC investigation (despite what some say). But I'm not a lawyer:

      I do know that CIG is regularly delivering updates (via e-mail) and on their website. They've already released 3 out of the 6 modules. You can log in and play them now. So I feel that's not the same as delivering nothing and giving no updates (like Asylum Playing Card's Campaign). I agree, those that don't should be held accountable.

    27. Creator Arrakisdef on September 18

      @Damon Czanik, I don't want some random person "informing" me about a company and its obligations.

    28. Creator Arrakisdef on September 18

      Thankfully, courts are starting to make judgments on Kickstarter projects that don't fulfill their promises.

    29. Creator Arrakisdef on September 18

      @Damon Czanik Star Citizen has an obligation to everyone that pledged to them on Kickstarter to keep them informed, on Kickstarter.

    30. Creator Damon Czanik on September 17

      Sorry for the delay, but here's the updates from last week:

      * 1.2.1 Update Released to the PTU (Community TestingSite)
      - Patch Notes:

      * Game Launcher/Updater Updated to 2.3.12:
      - Bug fixes
      - Initial peer to peer implementation

      * CIG launched the "Issue Council" to testers:
      - This is so the community can help CIG better track bugs.
      - Users can submit bugs, or vote problems up if they're able to re-create bugs.
      - Only a few invites, but will be opened up for everybody in the next few days.

      * CIG launched the "Community Hub"
      - Allows content created by the community to get more recognition.
      - INN Editorial:
      - Access it by clicking on the Community link on the front page.

      * CitizenCon is October 10th! 23 days away.
      - Squadron 42 (The Single Player Game) will be revealed.
      - New facial tech will be revealed.
      - It will be live-streamed from the UK in Manchester. (6pm Manchester time)

      * The 10th marked the official announcement of Star Citizen in 2012.

      * Around the 'Verse Weekly Update Show Episode 60:
      - Transcript and Video:
      - SC 1.3.0 coming up.
      - Concept art for the Starship Endeavor Released:
      - Star Citizen went to DragonCon and answered questions.
      - Currently Preparing work for CitizenCon
      - More mo-cap work finished Friday. 25 more e-motes for the next release.
      - New part of Area 18 will be opening up soon.
      - Facial Tech is coming along really well. Adding hair, blood-flow maps, and wrinkle maps.
      - Electronic Warfare (E-War, aka hacking) questions answered.

      * '10 For the Chairmen': Episode 65. Chris Roberts' personally answers questions from the community:
      - Transcript and video:

      * Reverse the 'Verse (community questions answered live):
      - Video:…
      - INN LiveBlog Transcript:

      * DevTalk (Forum messages from the developers this week):

      * Star Marine Update:

      If you guys have any questions, you can post them in here and I'll try to answer them. There's now also a weekly 'stupid questions' forum on where you can ask any question there. No matter how stupid it is, or how many times its been asked the community. Also many of the devs read there and might respond too. I'll be posting this weeks information on Friday or Saturday.

    31. Creator Damon Czanik on September 17

      @Arrakisdef, there's several updates every week. They're just not on Kickstarter. Check out

      If you're talking game updates, it's updated about every 2 weeks. Not counting the minor bug-fix updates, there's been 14 major updates in the past 24 months. If you have any questions, I'll do what I can to answer them for you.

    32. Creator Arrakisdef on September 16

      Two and a half years later and no update.

    33. Creator Damon Czanik on September 11

      Many of the questions on the forums, is from people who stopped actively following the project. Understandable since the full game won't be out for a while. Below are the major updates that have happened in the past couple of years:


      * 2013-08-30 - Hangar Module Patch 1: early versions of Discount (Selfland), Business (Aeroview), and Deluxe (R+Y) hangars
      * 2014-06-07 - AC 0.8.0: Arena Commander, F7A, 300i, Aurora
      * 2014-08-08 - Multiplayer expanded to all backers (with a pass), Capture the Core
      * 2014-09-12 - AC 0.9.0: Co-op Vanduul Swarm, racing, leaderboards, friend codes, private matches, hangar overhaul, VFG (asteroid) hangar added, fixed weapons added, M50, 350r
      * 2014-10-30 - AC 0.9.2: ESP, lag PIP, map size increase
      * 2014-11-14 - AC 315p
      * 2014-12-19 - AC 1.0.0: all Mustangs, Auroras, and Hornets. Cutlass Black, Avenger, lobbies, friends list, ER/IR/CS signatures (Missile Commander, first version)
      * 2015-03-15 - SC alpha 1.1.0: Multiplayer Free Flight, landing, REC, hardpoint changes, Gladius
      * 2015-04-11 - SC alpha 1.1.1: Gladiator, start of Missile Commander (CS version)
      * 2015-05-07 - SC alpha 1.1.2: Flight Tutorial
      * 2015-07-24 - SC alpha 1.1.5: Group queuing finally works, boost reduced, major TTK increase (hp, weapons, shields), Scythe, Merlin
      * 2015-08-06 - SC alpha 1.1.6: Glaive
      * 2015-08-28 - SC alpha 1.2.0: Social Module, early version of Stanton/ArcCorp/Area18, chat, 6 Personal Armor sets

      What it will have in the next 90 days (and beyond!) is detailed here:

    34. Creator Damon Czanik on September 5

      Updates this week:

      Monthly Report for August:

      Star Marine Update:

      Around the Verse Weekly Update Show:

      Chris Roberts answering 10 questions from the community:

      Design Post: Electronic Warfare:

      Dev Chats: August 26th to September 1st:

      Article by INN (fan-site) on the Current Release Plans for Star Citizen. It uses official sources and speculation:

      Star Citizen is going to DragonCon and appearing on several panels to answer your questions:

      Social Module was released. Official source on future updates:

      Next area of the social module was revealed, Nyx. Here's a landing Zone Preview:…

    35. Creator Damon Czanik on August 31

      It seems like a lot of people here don't realize there's weekly updates, videos, monthly reports, daily forum messages from the developers at If you're looking for updates, that is the place to go. If you have a problem, consider contacting customer service. I don't think CIG is actively reading the comments here.

      * 3 out of the 6 modules promised have already been delivered
      * The 4th out of the 6 modules is scheduled to come out in the next 30 days. (FPS module)
      * They've already released the social module last week. More updates are coming.
      * In approximately 60 days, you'll be able to play with friends in multi-crew ships as seen here;…

      If you haven't seen that video, this features a lot of what Star Citizen has promised. It was shown live too.

      * I believe every Kickstarter ship will be available to fly or soon after.
      You can always see the status of the game here:

      Also, Chris addresses many concerns like the delays here:

      Hope this helps! If there's important updates, I'll try to share them here.

    36. Creator Ruben Iversen on August 24

      I dont think my say will have anything to impact on certain people here
      but annyway.
      A scam is when you deliver nothing.
      This is not a scam yet since part of the product is delivered and other parts is still in construction.
      The only part that have really changed is how long the construction takes.

    37. Creator Ed Gutman on August 20

      Most egregious instance of Vaporware *and* feature creep ever. No Man's Sky will be out before this game even come close to complete. Asking for a refund, but realize that is highly unlikely. Would not back another Chris Roberts project at this point.

    38. Creator Tobias R. on August 19

      I just wish you’d have made the game you presented on Kickstarter. That was what I gave a lot of money for, especially Squadron 42.
      This is the third project I really regret to have backed.

    39. Creator 8Bit Wolf on August 11

      "Accordingly, you agree that any unearned portion of your Pledge shall not be refundable until and unless RSI has failed to deliver the relevant pledge items and/or the Game to you within eighteen (18) months after the estimated delivery date"

      Direct quote from the RSI Terms of Serves you have till May 2016 till legal action becomes easy. I would recommend either waiting to see if they deliver or contact customer serves with valid reasons and they tend to consider it.

    40. Creator Joseph De Santis on August 9

      This company is a giant scam. They also wont provide refunds.

    41. Creator Matthew Baumgartner on August 9

      I understand and have no problem with the game taking a long time to develop, as the original premise really intrigued me and I wanted to play it. However the linger wait also brings more and more features that were not in the initial proposal. In my opinion all this is doing is delaying the game that was promised and making it far more clunkier and way beyond the scope I was wanting.
      With all this wait and added features to the unfinished game,my enthusiasm for the game has dropped and now I no longer care and most likely will not play. I have no desire for a refund or anything, as I now write this off as a bad choice and learning experience on my part.

    42. Creator Shawn Hill on August 7

      So the Nov 2014 expected delivery is way wrong I take it?

    43. Creator Arrakisdef on July 28

      Shoot, not making them pay, but filling a complaint against them for the incident and possibly paying for it.

    44. Creator Arrakisdef on July 28

      @Ruben Iversen: That isn't completely correct. The FTC recently took action against Kickstarter. Making them pay 122 thousand dollars in refund to backers of a certain project.

    45. Creator Arrakisdef on July 28

      Over two years and still no update.

    46. Creator John Getty on July 24

      Is this game in beta yet? I haven't gotten a key to access the game for my $50 pledge.

    47. Creator Dennis Guh on July 22

      I would like a refund of my $30 too. Please let me know what I need to do to get it. Thank you.

    48. Creator Jason on July 15

      I see where you guys gave Derek Smart a refund. I backed for $60 and I would like a refund too. Please let me know what i need to do to get it. Thanks.

    49. Creator Ruben Iversen on July 10

      Actually they are delivering on the website :
      Pretty often.
      But its not finnished if thats what you mean.
      Also. 2.5 year in game dev time is nothing.
      You shoud also read Kickstarter tems.

      Kickstarter does not guarantee projects or investigate a creator's ability to complete their project. On Kickstarter, backers (you!) ultimately decide the validity and worthiness of a project by whether they decide to fund it.

      When a project is successfully funded, the creator is responsible for completing the project and fulfilling each reward. Their fundamental obligation to backers is to finish all the work that was promised. Once a creator has done so, they’ve fulfilled their obligation to their backers. At the same time, backers must understand that Kickstarter is not a store. When you back a project, you’re helping to create something new — not ordering something that already exists. There’s a chance something could happen that prevents the creator from being able to finish the project as promised. If a creator is absolutely unable to complete the project and fulfill rewards, they must make every reasonable effort to find another way of bringing the project to a satisfying conclusion for their backers. For more information, see Section 4 of our Terms of Use.

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