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Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
34,397 backers pledged $2,134,374 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      SavageHenry on March 28

      ah yes, the old "if you start downloading a video game, you lose the right to refund it" loophole


    2. Torsten Straeten on March 28

      "The 14-day "cooling off" period does not apply to all purchases. Some of the exemptions are:
      - online digital content, if you have already started downloading or streaming it"

    3. Missing avatar

      ragnarokz on March 26

      Remeber, EU Citizens have the full and unrestricted right to a full refund, the product hasn't actually been released yet.

      And even when released, you still have TWO weeks to get a refund. The TOS/EULA/IRONCLAD wont prevent you from getting a refund.

    4. Tang Kwok Chuen on March 20

      Holy shit, just remembered I backed this game. Has it been this long? Let's see... My daughter was born a couple months before this KS and BAM! she's starting primary school this September. I'll check back again when she graduates from that.

    5. Missing avatar

      Arrakisdef on March 19

      @Elfwyn As a Kickstarter backer, according to Kickstarter regulations, Cloud Imperium Games Corporation is required to give updates and information to its community ON Kickstarter.

    6. Missing avatar

      Anton Schneider on March 14

      This "game" looks and smells like a scam . I am still waiting for a refund. So much time gone by and nothing to show for.

    7. Elfwyn on March 10

      @Derick As a Kickstarter backer you should be able to get all your rewards tranferes to your Star Citizen account. If you create that account best use the email address associated with Kickstarter at the time. If it does not work automatically anymore the support team will then be able to help you faster.

    8. Missing avatar

      Arrakisdef on March 5

      Oh look, no Star Citizen and no Squadron 42

    9. ThomasN on February 25

      That's what you get for backing a game

    10. Derick Rodriguez
      on February 12

      How do I get my key. I never got my rewards....

    11. Marek Wiernikowski on January 29

      You have both as a kickstarter backer. Squadron 42 is an episodic release type thing; we have all of it as original backers. Episode 1 was supposed to be out last year but has gotten a bit more complex in terms of tech...

    12. Missing avatar

      Juha M. on January 29

      Is there still a possibility to change which game people want? Isn't is so that there's the multiplayer version and then the Squadron 42 version with Mark Hamill etc?

      I don't care about the mp version so I'd actually just want the single player game.

    13. Marek Wiernikowski on January 28

      You should just be able to login and download the latest launcher. You may need to contact support if you’ve never done this yet to make sure your rsi account is set up properly.

    14. Sithlord - Hero Necronaut of Brimstone on January 28

      Scratch that last comment. Account is active and I see my pledge ship in there. I click Fly Now and it still wants to me to purchase a starter pack. I already have a ship so what's up?

    15. Sithlord - Hero Necronaut of Brimstone on January 28

      Original backer. Game group was over last night and talking about the game. Where do I start to get a code for my account?

    16. Missing avatar

      Anton Schneider on January 26

      Hello, I am currently trying to get a refund. The support is slow as hell, I thought I could find the bill at Amazon Payment, nope. god damnit 170$ down the drain.

    17. Jason on January 11

      I've asked for a refund multiple times and they always tell me to get fucked

      and yet, I still don't have the physical rewards I was promised by November 2014. This whole thing is a scam to allow Chris Roberts & friends to lean on their shovels for 10 years. Once their kids all go off to college they'll release whatever broken game they have and then call it a day

    18. Marek Wiernikowski on January 1

      Disaster? I’m finding it quite good.

    19. Missing avatar

      SavageHenry on December 23

      lol at the unmitigated disaster that is 3.0

      people who didn't demand refunds deserve what they get at this point

      don't say you weren't warned

    20. Jeritza Goris on December 22

      If you're coming here for an update for Star Citizen, stop.

      Go to the official project website:
      the unofficial Star Citizen subreddit (message board):

      For all updates on Star Citizen and to see where the community stands.

      AS OF THIS POST, Star Citizen has reached Public Test Universe (PTU) Star Citizen patch version 3.0.0aq. For information and link to the full patch notes (users with PTU access-only), visit

      Visit the Star Citizen Twitch page for Live events:

      Visit the Star Citizen Youtube channel for previous Live events and informative videos concerning the game:

      Stop wasting your time with Kickstater. The majority of this project's funding is mostly from direct payments to Cloud Imperium Industries (developer). AS OF THIS POST, funding has reached $174,086,489 USD with player population sitting at 1,943,501.

    21. Missing avatar

      SavageHenry on December 14

      lol, i'm sure the lawsuit is no big deal

      keep on doing what you're doing, cig

    22. Missing avatar

      User on December 13

      You can go to the website and download the game don't be a salty noob

    23. Missing avatar

      Arrakisdef on December 4

      Oh look. Still no game. Sorry I missed a month reminding everyone.

    24. ThomasN on November 23

      This is what you get when you preorder a game.

    25. Marek Wiernikowski on November 23

      Well. Can't wait to have a play on this:…
      Probably new year before that's a stable build though. Lots of new tech in there though.

    26. Overmann on October 30

      Scam: A fraudulent or deceptive act or operation.
      Fraudulent: obtained, done by, or involving deception, especially criminal deception.
      Deceptive: Giving an appearance or impression different from the true one; misleading.

      I think we have a winner on Deceptive.

    27. Douglas Ally on October 20, 2017

      Star Citizen is absolutely not a scam.

      Chris Roberts has a proven record of superior space game design. Wing Commander I through IV, Privateer, & Freelancer were amazing achievements which brought me and countless others hours of pure enjoyment.

      Chris has no history of scams, but to the contrary, has an impressive list of accomplishments. To call Star Citizen a scam is unfounded harrassment, a direct attack, and defamation of this great man’s character.

    28. Derek Smart on October 19, 2017

      It's an absolute scam. Get a refund (see link below).

      Also, follow all the news at my series of Star Citizen related blogs & articles at

    29. Missing avatar

      SavageHenry on October 19, 2017

      if the "spirit behind crowdfunding" is "thing you pledged for never materializes in any form" then i wish every publisher was EA

    30. Missing avatar

      Arrakisdef on October 18, 2017

      This is my monthly reminder that this project is a huge scam.

    31. Douglas Ally on October 16, 2017

      I was pumped for Star Citizen for years. So much so that I soon became a concierge level member. I had a couple small issues arrise, but they were overcome by the caring hand of Chelsia, who really made me feel like RSI appreciated me. I kept my support in RSI at full throttle, becoming a six tier conceriege member. (six times the $1000 needed to be concierge) Chelsia left and Alexis happened. Years passed, and I finally made a stupid $20 mistake and melted a package that I had applied a Yellowjacket upgrade to. Dang it. So I contacted concierge for help. Alexis wouldn't even try to help. Said it was her husband Ben's special craft and she would not go against him. Huh? I bought the silly upgrade during the sale and just wanted help restoring it. Forget that, she refused to help me, point blank. I was so dissapointed, and realized that RSI, or certain staff members, didn't really give a crap about me, or my concierge status. All I wanted was a chance to buy back my mistake with cash money. I tols Alexis that her attitude was going to ruin my future sales, but she didn't seem to care. Dang,, I missed Chelsia. Anyway, I guess RSI has gotten too big to care about even the largest backers. From total loyalty to thinkging about getting a refund has been my inner nag since then. I still believe in the Star Citizen Dream, but it's difficult to forget that CIG has so radically changed it's customer appreciation policies. Crap this sucks, but I am not going for a refund. Gonna hold onto the dream, and endure the disregard I was given from a single employee who didn't seem to care about helping me. While my excitement in future funding was crushed, my desire to see the game completed hasn't been.

    32. Typhi on October 14, 2017

      Lol, this comment section is so toxic and don't know what the spirit behind crowdfunding entails. Please guys, go back to triple A. Just please, do it for the love of crowdfunding.

    33. Mark Schaffner on September 15, 2017 is the best thing I've found on this site. Got my full refund around a month ago and doubt I'll be looking back. I honestly don't think Squadron 42 is ever going to actually happen, and at this point we're looking at a Duke Nukem Forever / No Man's Sky level of disappointment scenario. Figured I needed to get out while I still could.

    34. Missing avatar

      Arrakisdef on September 11, 2017

      I apologize for not being able to post anything for a while. This project is a scam. Please anyone seeing this, do not fund it anymore.

    35. Missing avatar

      SavageHenry on August 24, 2017

      i can't even laugh at this trainwreck anymore

      their display at gamescom is beyond embarrassing

    36. Anthony Marsicano on August 8, 2017

      150 million dollar scam

    37. Anthony Marsicano on August 8, 2017

      "game is not going to be pay to win" what a joke cant believe I backed this

    38. Torsten Straeten on July 24, 2017

      @Joel in your Kickstarter Package is included Squadron 42 and the MMO. In February 2016 they devided SC in two packages. But thats only for new pledges. Not for the old ones.

    39. Joel Segerbäck on July 22, 2017

      So, wait. I haven't booted up the client in three years, but looking now it seems like you have to pledge for Squadron 42 separately?
      All I wanted out of this project was another Wing Commander, and that was what I pledged for, now it looks like all I'm getting is some kind of overambitious MMO which I have little interest in, but not the Wing Commander part?

    40. Missing avatar

      SavageHenry on July 19, 2017

      lol, now 3.0 is gonna be a year later than they promised, with none of the features it was supposed to have, and they admit that the game will "ship" with 95% less content than promised, and the stalwarts applaud it

      star citizen is funny as hell

      also, jason:

      get help here. my refund was pretty painless

    41. Jason on July 13, 2017

      i've asked them for a refund multiple times over a period of prob 2 years and they always have told me to go pound sand. they're thieves, as far as i'm concerned and i really expected more from Chris Roberts.

    42. Kevin Dombrowski on July 5, 2017

      Hyperbole and speculation does not a coherent argument make.

      But nothing about you is coherent.

    43. Missing avatar

      SavageHenry on July 3, 2017

      "a little extra money?" what happened to the $153+ million backers already gave them?

      and you think a broken test bed with no features and ships/characters that constantly jitter through walls, which craps out when more than five players are together in an instance resembles a game? lol

    44. Kevin Dombrowski on June 29, 2017

      What risk? If they can't deliver they lose the IP, yeah. But if they can't deliver there isn't a game so the IP is worthless to them anyway.

      They wanted to dump a little extra money into "Squadron 42" and took the equivalent of a payday advance - NOT a payday loan.

      If the game goes POOF! before the date when they'd get the tax rebate from the UK government normally, they lose the IP. If that doesn't happen, well, nothing changes. They keep getting the tax rebate like usual and the IP is no longer collateral.

      As for "nothing resembling a game" you're completely full of it and you know it.

      You hate "Star Citizen," I get it. But you're peddling a nothingburger story.

      CIG took an advance on a tax rebate THEY WERE ALREADY GOING TO RECEIVE.

      Hell, you don't even know what the definition of 'loan' is because a 'loan' implies the thing being loan would be returned. Or else it's not a loan.

      Like this is not a loan. But an advance.

    45. Missing avatar

      SavageHenry on June 28, 2017


      yeah, it's totally normal to risk your entire company for the equivalent of a payday loan

      they couldn't possibly be in dire financial straits after six years and a burn rate of 3-4 million a month, with nothing resembling a game on the horizon

    46. Kevin Dombrowski on June 27, 2017

      Nevermind, SavageHenry, I found it. And it's much ado about nothing.

      The relevant portion:

      "In a statement posted on the game's official forum, CIG co-founder Ortwin Freyermuth stepped up to explain the financial issue. Freyermuth's explanation? It was simply an advance on the UK government tax rebate CIG receives every month for the development of sister project Squadron 42."

      I pulled my money because of slow development and my own personal financial issues. But there's no sense in blowing things out of proportion.

    47. Kevin Dombrowski on June 25, 2017

      "i'd advise anyone on the fence to get a refund asap. they just had to secure a loan by putting the entire company and the star citizen ip up as collateral."


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