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Visit our Kickstarter for the Adv3nture Backpack!
Visit our Kickstarter for the Adv3nture Backpack!
4,974 backers pledged $574,630 to help bring this project to life.

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We're in the final hours!

Posted by Zane Lamprey (Creator)

We are down to the final hours on our ADV3NTURE Backpack Kickstarter. There is still time to save $70 and get free shipping in the US (and discounted international shipping) if you order before the campaign ends!

Our new backpack has 32 amazing features, like TWO BUILT-IN COOLERS and our innovative DROP & GO feature! Carry 14 cans to a party, tailgating, or bring food and drinks on a hike. What will you use your coolers for?

  • Two Coolers (14-can capacity)
  • Drop & Go Features (with a built-in Day-Pack)
  • Hard-Shelled Sunglass Case
  • Computer Pocket
  • Tablet (iPad) Pocket
  • Security (secret stash) Pocket
  • 360° Reflectivity


Zane Lamprey & the ADV3NTURE Team

Back, by Popular Demand!

Posted by Zane Lamprey (Creator)
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You are the community that brought the Drinking Jacket to life... which launched the Adventure Hoodie... which created the Adv3nture brand!!! So, I want to offer you an additional 25% when you Pre-Order your Voyageurs Hoodie (the greatly improved version of the Adventure Hoodie -- of course with a beverage koozie)!

Pre-Order your Adv3nture Hoodie for a limited time and save over $50!

Pre-Order your ADV3NTURE Hoodie!

Use Coupon Code VIP25 and save an ADDITIONAL 25% off the already discounted pre-order price when you pre-order the ADV3NTURE Triple Black Voyageurs Hoodie.

Visit now to save more than $50 (with FREE shipping) on your Voyageurs Hoodie!

After our last Kickstarter, we ordered additional Voyageurs Hoodies to put in our online store. But, we sold out in 48 hours! We are now doing a pre-order, of Triple Black only, so you can be guaranteed to get your Voyageurs Hoodie.

With 23+ features, like converting into full-size travel pillows, it's no surprise that they sold out so quickly!

Be guaranteed your Voyageurs Hoodie and pre-order today with coupon code VIP25 and save over $50 from the retail price of $139! Plus get FREE SHIPPING in the US and discounted shipping worldwide!

Pre-Orders will ship no later than October (but we'll do our best to ship before that!)


Zane Lamprey & The Adv3nture Team

6,054 Trees This Week! 🌲🌲🌲

Posted by Zane Lamprey (Creator)

We opened a few more VIP Backer levels for the Adv3nture Backpack.

You may have seen our three trees logo 🌲🌲🌲 or wondered why we have a “3” in our name. That’s because we plant three trees with every purchase, through the Adv3nturestore and with this Kickstarter. So far, through this Kickstarter campaign alone, we will be planting 6,054 trees!

You can call us tree huggers! We love trees!!! Trees produce oxygen, filter out pollutants, and provide ecosystems for wildlife and other valuable plant-life.We’re proud to be doing our part to raise awareness for the benefit of trees and to physically be making a difference with your help. 

We plant trees with Green Forests Work, who have planted over 2,492,359 trees in the US with the help of 16,892 volunteers since they started in 2009. We’d love for you to join us for one of our tree-planting parties!

Click to watch the Tree Movie on Kickstarter Page!
Click to watch the Tree Movie on Kickstarter Page!

Even if you chose not to back this campaign, we would still love for you to join us on one of our plantings around the US. By choosing the $3 option, we will add you to our newsletter and plant three trees in your honor. 

Pre-order our Local Watering Hole t-shirt for only $20 (which will plant three trees), including FREE SHIPPING in the US, and it will be shipped by the end of the month!


Zane Lamprey & The Adv3nture Team

Beer + Backpack = ADV3NTURE!

Posted by Zane Lamprey (Creator)

Our ADV3NTURE Backpack Kickstarter has launched and it's got TWO COOLERS! 😳

Because you backed the Drinking Jacket (Thank you!) we've opened a few VIP backer levels, so you can save $70 + Free Shipping!

Check out the video to see all of the innovations, like our “Drop & Go” feature and the TWO coolers that can carry up to 14-cans! I mean, you can carry food and keep it cold... But we prefer to carry beer. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Called “The world's best backpack” by The Adam Carolla Show, this incredible backpack reached our funding goal in the first day! 

The ADV3NTURE backpack system holds 14 Cans between its two triple-insulated coolers. It's PERFECT for taking FOOD & COLD DRINKS traveling, day hikes, exploring, running errands, or heading to the office. We have opened up VIP pricing so you can SAVE $70 on your backpack and get FREE SHIPPING in the US.


The Adv3nture Team

Final Hours for Adv3nture!

Posted by Zane Lamprey (Creator)

The Adv3nture Kickstarter has only hours left!

The campaign will end TODAY at 5pm EST / 2pm PST, after which point the ability to pre-order for these discounts on Kickstarter will end.


We did this. YOU did this. You were an original backer of the Drinking Jacket, that became the Adv3nture Hoodie, that became Adv3nture.

Click here to watch the video to see what the company has become since you helped to get it off the ground! Since then, we have hired the best people with experience in premium garments and innovative product design, found manufacturers who can produce garments by our high standards, and we have announced our tree program, where we plant three trees with every purchase.


But above everything, we are determined to make you proud. We are paying meticulous attention to the design, construction, durability and functionality of each garment. We have released four new products, including an updated hoodie.


We improved the Neoprene Beer Koozie (to keep your beverages cold) and there's a hidden bottle opener in every jacket. There are also built-in gloves, a phone pocket, sunglass pocket, and other things to keep you warm while you're tailgating, at a beer festival, or on a pub crawl!

Oh, AND, we'll have tree-planting PARTIES around the country (because planting trees should be fun!) where you'll plant (and party) with me (Zane Lamprey) and the Adv3nture crew!