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Sparkler Year 6: Tokyo Demons Returns with sequel Tokyo Ghosts!

Posted by Lianne Sentar/Rebecca Scoble (Creator)

Hey all! One more announcement about new content in Year 6: Tokyo Demons is coming back! 

The sequel story Tokyo Ghosts follows Jo, Ayase, and the rest of the cast five years later during their college years. It answers questions posed in the original trilogy, like: 

  • Why is Ayase bees, anyway? 
  • Isn't Jo supposed to have some kind of power or something? 
  • Will Kiyoshi ever have the normal, unexciting life he wants--and will Mitsuko find enough excitement to keep her satisfied? 
  • Sachi's gonna make out with everyone, right? 
  • Will our heroes outgrow their teenage awkwardness and replace it with even worse adulthood awkwardness? 
  • And who's going to try to punch Jo in the face this time around? (Lianne just leaned over my shoulder and whispered, "spoiler--everyone.")

As long as the Kickstarter succeeds, Tokyo Demons will be returning in our February 2019 issue!

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