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At long last, a deluxe paperback for the webcomic epic! A political drama about gender, religion, and revenge.
At long last, a deluxe paperback for the webcomic epic! A political drama about gender, religion, and revenge.
At long last, a deluxe paperback for the webcomic epic! A political drama about gender, religion, and revenge.
892 backers pledged $35,845 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      EerieEmilia on

      I didn't receive a tracking number with the original shipping run, and was wondering if my copy was still around. I left a message on this account, and two emails so I was just hoping for an e.t.a or any info on my order.

    2. M.L.G. on

      A lovely book! Very pleased with the final product. c:

    3. Missing avatar

      Maria on

      Hi, I'm sorry to bother you again, but I sent two emails to the address you sent me and received no reply. I just need a receipt - is there anything you could do?

    4. Missing avatar

      Noah Walker on

      Please disregard my last comment! I live in a communal living situation and sometimes mail gets lost in the shuffle -- I have the package! Everything looks great, love it. :) I've marked this project as received. Thank you.

    5. Missing avatar

      Noah Walker on

      its been so long since the surveys went out for this project that i actually forgot i was supposed to have something coming in the mail. have the packages for USA orders gone out yet?

    6. Lianne Sentar/Rebecca Scoble 11-time creator on

      @Jill: Thanks for leaving this comment, since we missed your last message! O.O Just messaged you privately.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jill on

      Hi, I still have not received my pledge for this kickstarter. I sent a message a while ago and have not received a reply yet. Just wondering if my book is on its way or not yet?

    8. Lianne Sentar/Rebecca Scoble 11-time creator on

      @everyone below: Just sent you individual messages. Thanks!

    9. Missing avatar

      Maria on

      Hi, I was wondering who I could talk to about some shipping issues with the book?

    10. Dirk Bergstrom on

      I am a bad and foolish person and I neglected to download the ebook before the dropbox link expired. Is there a way for me to get my copy?

    11. Josh JP Wilkins on

      anyone in Canada get their book yet?

    12. Stéphanie Radavidson on

      Hello! I was wondering if I should be worried for not receiving my package by this time or no? Since I live in France, I know there might be some delays, so when should I start to worry and signal it to you? Thanks a lot for this awesome work again in drawing and dealing with the kickstarter! Have a great day :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Mid on

      Hello! I too haven't received the book and didn't get any tracking mail... I'm a little worried about it, if it got lost or something? But also really excited about getting it sometime soon!

    14. Corvo on

      I still haven't gotten my copy of the book. :(

    15. Regalia Shady

      Keychain Wil's leg got amputated on it's travel to my house.
      It was a clean break, with some super glue all shall be well.

    16. Lianne Sentar/Rebecca Scoble 11-time creator on

      @Gabriel Thanks for the comment! Checking surveys and addresses is done through your individual Kickstarter account, and is the same for any project on Kickstarter. In the words of Kickstarter's FAQ, you can do this when you're signed into your account, view this project, and click the "View Pledge" button next to the project image:

      If you're still having trouble, please send us a message and we can help you with your package directly (off Kickstarter). Thanks!

    17. Gabriel Glashtyn on

      I didn't find any other option to ask a question or get support on mobile - so trying this. Saw some comments under the recent update asking basically the same thing, but with no public reply.
      I received the last update telling me to check my address until Monday but there's no link to where and no instruction how to do this.
      It has been months since the survey was sent; and you can't expect people to still have that email or to know where or how to double-check for their address. I don't even remember if it was a BackerKit survey - if I had that info I as experienced backer would at least know what to look for.
      It's crucial that backers receive their physical goods; in my case, it's the only reason I'm backing at all. Now I'm nervous and frustrated b/c I can't find a way to update my address and might not get my copy of the comic!
      I'm currently abroad with a bad Internet connection & on mobile only, which makes it even harder to find anything on Kickstarter as a page or in my emails. But I won't return before the deadline on Monday, so have to deal with this somehow.
      Please improve communication with your backers in this regard and make sure to always deliver crucial updates with more than a week's heads up to deadlines, full context and all necessary resources, links, & a contact option in case of a problem. A lot of work, I know, but people put their faith and money into your idea, so I feel they deserve this kind of support. And improving communication usually decreases the number of contact requests, so investing in self-help options always pays off in my experience.

    18. Anita Waysen Tang on

      I can't wait to have a copy in my hands! Congrats on hitting the stretch goals : )

    19. Morgan Leighton on

      Congratulations! I was worried you would be just shy of your final stretch goal, but you did it.

    20. Missing avatar

      monday on

      Fun news to get before work - looking forward to the bonus stories! Congrats!

    21. Missing avatar

      azaleecalypso on

      What wonderful news to wake up to :D

    22. Tasha Turner

      Congrats. Pretty good for the final 48 hours. Great job. Looking forward to reading this.

    23. Gearsoul Dragon

      Haha~ Yeah! Congrats, everyone! nOn

    24. Jake ~*:・゚✧ on

      Experiment verified: We can indeed pull off a $1000 in 90 minutes. Good to know and yay for us!

    25. Gearsoul Dragon

      =3 It'll feel more complete now~! The extra cash will hopefully be a little buffer for unexpected costs, though I'm not sure how far it'd go if, say, shipping costs more than you're expecting(which happens sometimes).

      And if everything goes according to plan then I guess you made a little extra money from this! :P

    26. Lianne Sentar/Rebecca Scoble 11-time creator on

      @fm graces: After the Kickstarter is over and all pledgers have their rewards (probably in the fall), yeah, the prints should be available for purchase in our online store.

      Thank you SO MUCH for helping us hit $35K, guys!

    27. Gearsoul Dragon

      It seems it is~ \n0n/

    28. Jake ~*:・゚✧ on

      So essentially we need a $1000 to be raised in roughly 90 minutes? I wonder if that's doable?

    29. Missing avatar

      monday on

      Will the prints be available to purchase eventually post kickstarter or are they exclusive?

    30. Megan D. on

      So exciting! 4 hours and who knows?! Can't wait to see this in production!

    31. Lianne Sentar/Rebecca Scoble 11-time creator on

      @Jennifer: Yup, you can pick your keychain! You'll be asked which one you want in your post-Kickstarter survey. See the FAQ at the bottom of the project page for more details.

    32. Jennifer Greening on

      So glad it's made target :) may I ask how do we say what Keyring we want? I was expecting a box when I made my pledge, to leave information but there wasn't one. Thanks.

    33. Jake ~*:・゚✧ on

      Now I'm kind of curious to see if we make it to the next goal o.O

    34. Junelle Ward on

      Ahh! Coming up to the last couple of days! Can we make it to $35K for the second short? I hope so :D

    35. Jake ~*:・゚✧ on

      Just need that last $400 dollars so we can get the short story! =D

    36. Tasha Turner

      Sounds great. Glad I found you and you've funded. So close to that next stretch goal. Hope we hit a few more before the weeks out.

    37. Lianne Sentar/Rebecca Scoble 11-time creator on

      @Dots Bun: I'm not sure we'll be able to do an add-on/Paypal system after this particular Kickstarter. (We might, but it's really uncertain right now.) Sorry! :(

    38. Dots Bun on

      I have a question. Will you open up paypal after the project ended so people who are late can get the items?

    39. Lianne Sentar/Rebecca Scoble 11-time creator on

      Thank you so much for your kind words, everyone! <3

    40. Jakob on

      This has quickly become one of my new favorite webcomics. I've read so many of them, old and new, but I don't think I've ever seen this much potential for a series before. The art, the writing, the incredible attention to character and world-building. C'mon. Forgetaboutit.

    41. Jake ~*:・゚✧ on

      Yes! Onto the next Stretch Goal!

    42. Junelle Ward on

      Stretch goal #1 reached! Onto #2 for the Anton/Beppe comic! :D

    43. Jake ~*:・゚✧ on

      Goal reached :0 =D

    44. Jake ~*:・゚✧ on

      Oh thank goodness! I was so worried that you wouldn't get this printed! Now I'm pledged and everything should be fine <3

    45. Missing avatar

      Rebecca W

      How can I not support another epic Sparkler-hosted story?!
      That was a trick question btw :)

    46. Charlie on

      I'm so happy!