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To body paint is a method to literally draw out inner beauty and create an outer body experience. And I repeat–literally.
To body paint is a method to literally draw out inner beauty and create an outer body experience. And I repeat–literally.
16 backers pledged $1,700 to help bring this project to life.



THANK YOU EVERYONE! For helping this project come to life.  This was the first time the general public has been able immerse themselves in the process of body painting as master painters lead the force of creative energy on their stages.

Now that we have cleaned up and packed our bags, we are ready to pull together all our photographs and rewards to share with our pledgers.  Please stay tuned!




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The Key to Life is Building Relationships to Feed Your Soul... Enter Save the Ta-tas Stage Left

Words Cannot Express How Honored Chroma Coalition is to Represent Save the Ta-tas!

Body painters around the world of every caliber fight to defend their image as a fine artist. Woman around the world fight to survive and defend their bodies against cancer. We bring to you more than just art. Together we share the spirit of life. Your support is appreciated with more light than the sun could ever offer.



To bring joy and healing to the world. Save the ta-tas!
Company Overview
We exist to generate fun, and funds to fight cancer. ta-tas® Brand has contributed over $822,000 to the fight! This is about 1/2 our profits over the past 7 years. While most companies who offer a charitable component agree to donate a small percentage of net "profits," ta-tas Brand is unique in that it guarantees a donation of 5% of Gross Sales, and promises no less than 25% of net profits. This way you can be sure we are making a donation regardless of whether the company is profitable or not. This is born out of the genuine philanthropist bent of owner/proprietor Julia Fikse and her strong desire to eradicate this disease.
Find us on Twitter @savethetatas, Pintrest at savethetatasco and Instagram at savethetataco


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KCRW's DJ Valida on Board to Set the Mood August 25th!

Music runs through my veins, clears my thoughts, and inspires my soul.  Chroma Coalition is my brainchild and I would not put just any DJ in charge of my dream.  I am honored to have KCRW's DJ Valida set the tone for our big night.  We hope you are just as excited to come see her live AND body painted!

"There is only one thing worse than someone who doesn't like to get down...Someone who only likes to get down to one type of music!" - Valida

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