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Sausage Sports Club is a sausage-themed physics game about adorable, long-necked animals competing on a reality sports TV show!
Sausage Sports Club is a sausage-themed physics game about adorable, long-necked animals competing on a reality sports TV show!
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August Update: Kickstarter Anniversary & Console Announcement

Posted by Chris Wade | Luckshot Games (Creator)

Hi Sausage Sports Fans!

Today marks the one year anniversary of the Kickstarter reaching it's funding goal. To celebrate, I want to share the big exciting news I mentioned in the last update:

Sausage Sports Club is coming to Nintendo Switch™!

During GDC earlier this year, I met the Nintendo indie developer relations team at a game showcase event called The MIX. They played the game, laughed a lot and noted that it looks like a perfect fit for their newly announced console. I made sure to get their business cards. Through early Summer I followed up with Kirk and Damen telling them ideas I had for Switch specific features and optimizing the game.

In April after seeing progress on the game and meeting up with me again at PAX East, they graciously agreed to send me some development hardware! It only took a few days to get the game up and running, though adding Switch features like HD rumble and motion controlled head swinging and optimizing have been an ongoing process since then.

Marketing and visibility have always been a huge concern for me, especially with Steam opening up to everyone and PS4/Xbox indie support mostly having dried up. Thanks to my Switch specific features, my willingness to launch Sausage Sports Club as a Nintendo Switch™ exclusive and internal support for the game, the stars aligned and Nintendo is giving some amazing marketing support.

Nintendo Marketing Support!

Just before PAX West started, Nintendo ran this promo showcasing dozens of indie games coming to the platform. If you skip to 17:31, you'll see some familiar sausage animal faces:


They also posted the brand new Sausage Sports Club gameplay trailer that shows off the game's mechanics, characters, arenas and more. How effective was it? In it's first 3 days, this new Nintendo-hosted trailer got 20 times more views than our Kickstarter trailer did through the whole campaign. Whoa!


In addition to telling the world about Sausage Sports Club and posting our new trailer, Nintendo also brought me and the game to PAX West! First, at Nindies@Night Nintendo set up a few dozen indie games in Seattle's Museum of Pop Art and invited some 1200 fans to come try the games. Sausage Sports Club had a great spot right at the entrance and at one point had a line of over 100 people.

Then, for the entirety of PAX I was at the Nindies Arcade in the Washington State Convention center showing thousands of Nintendo fans the game. It was exhausting, but also great to see so many people excited about the game after seeing the Nindies Showcase.


Can I Get The Nintendo Switch™ Version Instead?

Unfortunately, no. Nintendo only allows devs to generate enough game codes to cover press, which means I won't get enough Nintendo Switch™ keys for every backer who backed at the game tier or above. I'll follow up with this and let you all know if this changes but for now assume you'll be stuck with the Steam/Itch/Humble key I promised.

Does This Change Release Timing?

Fortunately, no. I'm still aiming for release this Fall on Steam/Itch/Humble and now Nintendo Switch™. All the game's features are coming together, now I just need to wrangle everything into a cohesive thing. If the release window changes you'll be the first to know.

Development Updates?

To keep this update from getting much longer I'm going to skip talking about development, save to say the last pieces of the game are coming together. Here's a link to my weekly update series which covers the last 2.5 months of development: 


As always, thanks for your support and patience! I hope you can see the extra time I've given the game after the deadline promised in the Kickstarter has made a world of difference in the game and that I can't wait to share my very weird game with all of you.

Talk soon,

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