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$1,506 pledged of $5,000 goal

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The Quantum Terror Update - October 2017

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It's the end of October and The Quantum Terror director Christopher Moonlight has been very busy. Here's what he's been up to, where he's going, and why he's made the choices he's made. Sorry, that the sound gets a bit out of sync. It happened on the actual phone file so it couldn't be fixed.


Update For September 2017

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I'm back with another update. The move from Texas to California is over. My computer is fixed and running. Editing has resumed.

 We're also working opening titles, music, and graphics. Here's what you'll see when the movie starts.

Mesmer Films & Christopher Moonlight Productions Presents

A Christopher Moonlight Film

Kristin Cochell

Paula Marcenaro Solinger

The Quantum Terror

Matt Blackwell

Jordan Michael Brinkman

Val Mayerik

& Dimitrius Pulido

Music by Derek J. Hunt

Costume Design by Christopher Moonlight & Heather Lowe

Edited by Christopher Cooksey

Production Design by Jenna Green & Christopher Moonlight

Special Effects by Jenna Green & Christopher Cooksey

Miniature Effects by Heather Lowe

Additional Tentacles Effects by studioADI

Director of Photography Anthony Gutierrez

Executive Producer James Hudnall

Produced by Douglas Mayfield & Christopher Cooksey

Story by Christopher Moonlight Jason Walker & Frank Papa III

Screenplay by Christopher Moonlight

Directed by Christopher Moonlight

Next up: A new trailer.


Your more or less fearless leader,


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Moving The Production


Hi Everyone,

We've had a few delays due to the fact that we're moving production. It's been non stop, so I decided to record a video fro you where I talk about it. CLICK HERE to see it.


A Very Special Honest & Heartfelt Update

We've got a new Quantum Terror update for you, filling you in on all the goings on surrounding the production of our film. We're nearing the finish line and... wait a minute. I'm going to ask you a favor. We're trying to drive more traffic to our blog, get people to read our the updates there, and sign up for our email notifications. Just click HERE. You'll see the email signup just to the right, at the top of the post.


Christopher Moonlight


Alien Egg Fun

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Greeting from the quantum dimensions. Just a quick update for you all. Not too much to report so I'm going to make it a fun one. Things are moving along quite well with post production. I'm afraid I don't have a firm release date for you all yet, as we are really focusing on quality over expediency, but you won't be disappointed in the results.

Our composer and master of sound Derek J. Hunt is doing some amazing work at the moment. You "Voice of Evil" Indiegogo contributors will be excited to know what we are finally getting to your contribution to our film's creepy audio. There are a couple of you who still haven't sent in your voice files though, so if you're having any problems, please let me know as we can only wait for so long.

Make-Up Effects Group's own Paul Katte is doing an amazing job lending a hand with the visual effects. I'm continually blown away as he is putting in the same level of quality into the work that he has in other project he's contributed to. That includes films like The Matrix, The Hobbit, Wolverine, Childhood's End, & Double Vision. Have you checked out their You Tube channel? You Really should. Your brain will melt from the awesomeness.

Hey, do you love practical effects? Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn't be here. As you probably know, I'm a big fan of the Alien franchise and am eagerly awaiting the release of ALIEN: Covenant. Since April 26th as ALIEN DAY I decided to spend a few hours putting together a tutorial on how to make your own miniature Xenomorph egg, using all those leftover plastic Easter eggs.

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You can watch the full video by clicking HERE.

I also thought it would be fun to share this old video parody of Harbinger Down I made, when I was helping studioADI promote their Kickstarter for Harbinger Down. (Available NOW on Netflix) What can I say? I'm a family man and am always looking for ways to spend more time with my daughters.

I hope you enjoyed those. Thank you for hanging in there with us. I promise, The Quantum Terror is almost here. I'll be back with another update, very soon.

As always, thank you!

-Christopher "Moonlight"

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