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$269 pledged of $100,000 goal
By Christopher
$269 pledged of $100,000 goal

Re: Requests regarding tweaking the premise of CDNPAL search

Some people have written about changing the premise of the CDNPAL search engine. As recently as today we got a letter from a consumer asking us to change the premise of the project to a privacy centric search like DuckDuckGo. Another person at Startups Uncensored in Santa Monica suggested making a vertical for a search that would spit out the cheapest car prices from the index based on a model search for instance. Again, this is no problem once you have the data, and a decent map/reduce on the large data set.

Technically that is no problem. We can turn off logging, we can do whatever it takes depending on the direction of the marketing of the project in the future.

Once you have the base technology working and a churning index of the web you can spin it in a million different directions based on the marketing and what is popular at the moment you release the technology to the public.

So right now we are just trying to cobble together the funding to pay the programmers to finish the framework detailed in the Microsoft Vizio Diagram on the home page of the project. We can deal with the marketing aspects later.

We are doing this by renting out our Dell 5600 series R710 servers, load balancers and other equipment, our AWS instances not used, and also by licensing our keyword bidding self-serve advertising technology, and by responding to firms that contacted us through Kickstarter, GUST.COM and via email.

This is a huge effort which is going to take tens of people to complete and many funding sources at this point. We are currently doing the day job thing and have our hands full simply coordinating the project logistics at this point.

Many venture firms in Socal have invited us to various events, to demo and talks, but we don't have the time to assemble resources to meet those demands so we are only able to take direct cooperation requests from very local companies near Los Angeles.

If you have a marketing idea for the commercial implementation of the CDNPAL search utility, then please contact us, but be prepared to have your idea implemented in the same proportion as your investment in relation to the other sources of funding for the project.



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