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$269 pledged of $100,000 goal
By Christopher
$269 pledged of $100,000 goal

We're closing the CDNPAL Kickstarter Project

When we first signed up to Kickstarter, we were under the impression that you could create a software project on this website and kick it off with a few friends or family.

We were wrong(in our case). Like DoubleFine Adventures, the Pebble Watch or even the light table IDE project, you need a massive following willing to pay for a product before you even start a kickstarter project. 

Most of the tens of thousands of people in our database came from our India based traffic and can't even open an Amazon account even if they wanted to help us. We know this because we geo-locate them with MaxMind services and it says so on Alexa:

That being said, having a huge following with no access to US $$$ capital is kind of a major bummer for a Kickstarter project.

The only thing we got from this project were lots of gawkers that were asking us financial questions that we clearly weren't going to effectively answer seeing that we're programmers with no MBA. Same with

So with that we are taking this project down and re-installing our down and upstreams to various websites in our network to prepare for a launch. Those people who were honest with us on Gust will get demos from a new person which is going to go be our rep while we work at our 9-5PM jobs as programmers.

We contacted some of those firms today and despite our problems we are going forward.

Basically, we just wanna get this done. We don't care where the money really comes from as long as it's not DST, and we are more excited at the thought of programming and managing our team than we are fund raising.

We're taking this project down.

To our supporters, we'll try to make it open source, but if MBAs and business people tell us that it destroys the value, we'll have to not make it open source, because in the end we really need their money. 

Thanks to everybody who looked at our attempt at getting a software project funded on Kickstarter without a built in audience.

Oh, and we're keeping the bunny rabbit. :P

Are you a business wiz and wanna work on CDNPAL?

At CDNPAL we're at a nexus. 

1. We've purchased a bunch of super nice servers and load balancers to install at the datacenter. 

2. We have code to start our real index of the web and are looking at a 60k budget to have the code to do the rest finished by an outsourced programming team we have selected.

3. We have wealthy individuals who contacted us by email and Kickstarter private messages and firms from Gust interested in our project asking us for MBA stuff and demos.

Both Shaun and I now have day jobs as programmers in the greater Los Angeles area and can not show up for demos or jumble up some financial information for the Kickstarter based inquiries we got.

So if you are an MBA, and you can answer the following questions (these happen to be from Draper Fisher Jurvetson), then contact us. 


1.       Investment size and structure requested

2.       Description of the product or service

3.       Brief history of the company

4.       Business and marketing strategy

5.       Analysis of the market and the competition

6.       Full resumés of key management (highlighting industry and market expertise)

7.       Current financial statements and projections"

We can give you #2, #3, and #6, and you could try to fill in #7 from our tax returns. You must also show up to demo technologies to Draper and others that have asked to see some of the tech in Southern California. There's one firm in Orange County that wants to see it right away.

We can't take off of work to do this when they are potentially just pulling our chain and wasting our time, so if you are a biz pro, this is a great opportunity.

We still need money dude

Though we were recently able to buy approximately $25-30,000 in Y2011 equipment at a 1 year depreciation from Vista Computer Group and others at a huge discount, we still have an at least $60,000 expense paying programmers from oDesk and those we know personally in China to complete the software while we work to support ourselves and manage the project.

Firms contacted us such as Draper Fisher Jurvetson, and others from Gust looking for detailed financial projections and demos. We were also contacted by a wealthy individual about the same thing.

We would love to engage in these super time consuming and distracting activities for potentially funding the rest of the money we need, but we can not miss work to do this.

Ultimately we want the Kickstarter thing to work so we can just complete the project technically without worrying about these financial concerns from MBAs.

That being said, we don't want to rely on a website like Kickstarter where you have to bring your own audience either, because we only had a few friends that were going to bootup the fundraising as opposed to other projects.

So before you contact us asking for this and that, please note that we're going to charge a $500 retainer for demos and any detailed documentation beyond tax returns and profit loss. The only reason I mention this is because this seems to be the primary communication we get from firms and individuals rather than technical questions about the project. We obviously prefer technical questions about the software since we are programmers and will gladly answer those for free.

We had a huge time draining conversation about funding last night over Kickstarter private messages, and we need to stop wasting time with that.

Some of our new Equipment has arrived

Today we got some of our new equipment.

and the rails to install:

These 2 R710s from Dell have 36GB RAM and two 5600 Intel Xeon Processors each and they are destined for our rental client while we ramp up our index. There is also a Barracuda load balancer and an 8 port gigabit HP unmanaged switch. These servers are covered under a 3 year warranty.

We are going to receive 2 more R710 servers which we will use for our initial crawl on uncapped bandwidth thanks to a deal with an internet backbone provider near San Jose. Those servers will have to be loaded with much more RAM.

With this mixure of renting our assets we don't need right this minute, and using what we do need this minute, we optimize our usage. We still have reserved instances in the Amazon Services EC2 cloud, but Amazon meters our bandwidth usage charging us for it on a pay per use basis. For a robot indexing the internet metered bandwidth is the equivalent of an electric chair death sentence.

We forgot to mention a funding source

In the last update I mentioned an alternative for people who would like to tweak the CDNPAL search premise, and I mentioned that we'd be open to that if it was measured against the funding the person interested contributed vs. the total funding of the project already plus the short term revenue we have.

In that last update I mentioned revenue streams including

1. renting our Dell 5600 series R710 - 36GB RAM servers until we can use them at full capacity

2. licensing our existing matured technology such as our search term bidding system.

3. the interest from firms that have reached out to us but have not yet finalized a deal to partially fund the project.

I did not mention our main source of revenue. Aside from working at day jobs as programmers we do contract programming on nights and weekends. Our rate is $100 per hour for consulting services and all the money so far has gone towards the CDNPAL search project, not us personally. If you are interested in this, you can contact us at the following telephone number for availability (424) 209-8558

So far our consulting services have been used by select Fortune 500 firms, and a massively funded Silicon Valley start up in Southern California in a late stage round. We have completed most of these weekend projects and need more at the same rate to continue funding the project as our day job income is just to cover our personal costs.

CDNPAL has made over $10,000 in the first quarter of 2012 alone in extra consulting fees, so the customers of this service so far have been the main contributors of funding rather than Kickstarter or other services.

We don't mind earning the money, so reach out to us if you want us to request fill.