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Unhappy White Girls is a 48 page full color comic book novella by Christian Beranek, Triska, Vivian Lee and Thomas Mauer.
Unhappy White Girls is a 48 page full color comic book novella by Christian Beranek, Triska, Vivian Lee and Thomas Mauer.
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    1. Mathieu Doublet on March 6

      How's the book ?

    2. Christian Beranek 3-time creator on August 24, 2016

      I am still looking for a colorist. Had one lined up who wasn't able to commit and several who are out of my price range. Looking in earnest.

    3. Mathieu Doublet on August 24, 2016

      Two months later, how completed is the book ?

    4. Christian Beranek 3-time creator on June 7, 2016

      Edward, I have spoken with my letterer/pre-press person Thomas Mauer about a timeline for completing the book and fulfilling rewards. We still need to finish roughly 20 pages or so of colors. Vivian had to drop out due to personal reasons. Now, the good news is, those 20 pages are flatted, so a majority of the work is already done.

      We are very close to finally getting the book out there. I really can't stress enough how bad I feel about how long it has taken. I can say it has never left my mind.

      Thank you.

    5. Edward Harris on June 7, 2016

      Now that it's June, any updates?

    6. Christian Beranek 3-time creator on April 20, 2016

      Mathieu, I plan on doing a full update in May. I can announce that we are very close to having the book completely colored.

    7. Mathieu Doublet on April 15, 2016

      Hi Christian, any news ?

    8. Christian Beranek 3-time creator on January 18, 2016

      Mathieu, there is good news which I will share shortly. The plan is to get the book out in 2016. Full update soon! ~ CB

    9. Mathieu Doublet on January 18, 2016

      HI Christian,

      I don't know if I'm the last person who wants to see this happen but still I'm asking: any update on this project ?

      Wish you a happy 2016 with this project completed.

    10. Christian Beranek 3-time creator on September 22, 2015

      Mathieu, I am still searching for the right colorist. I do pay a decent page rate. My email is for inquiries. I really do want to wrap the project up as soon as possible. Anxious for people to see it.

    11. Mathieu Doublet on September 16, 2015

      Hi Christian, I'm coming back for an update. Any news on the color front ?

    12. Christian Beranek 3-time creator on February 9, 2015

      Mathieu, Vivian just turned in all of the color work she was able to complete, roughly 2/3rds of the book. Unfortunately, she has had to step aside for personal reasons. This has been a matter that has affected the project for the past three years now. She did her best to stay on board but we both realized that if the book is to ever get done we need to pass the colors on to someone else. I am currently looking for that person. I'll post a full project update in the next week or so with more details. Thanks again! ~ Christian

    13. Mathieu Doublet on February 9, 2015

      Hi Christian,

      any news on the project ?


    14. Christian Beranek 3-time creator on April 19, 2014

      *After that we'll wrap letters
      Kickstarter doesn't allow edits on comments.

    15. Christian Beranek 3-time creator on April 19, 2014

      Here is where the book stands: All 48 pages penciled and inked, 24 of those pages colored and 10 lettered. The cover is done. What I am doing now is working with Vivian to make sure the coloring is completed and after that we'll wrap colors. I don't know when the exact date will be and I know it's been a long long time since we started this. I've been accessible and transparent so if you have any questions let me know.

    16. Christian Beranek 3-time creator on May 29, 2013

      Francis, the project is not dead. We are currently coloring the second half of the book. The entire comic is penciled and inked we just need to wrap up colors, lettering and design. It will come out and we thank you for your patience. ~ CB

    17. Francis Chavando on May 29, 2013

      Is this project officially dead? Did I throw away my money?

    18. Christian Beranek 3-time creator on November 13, 2012

      We are still in production. Vivian is wrapping up colors on the first half. We're going to release it in two parts and then collect later. Will post an update with more artwork soon!

    19. Edward Harris on November 9, 2012

      How's the production on this coming along? Haven't heard anything in a bit...

    20. Christian Beranek 3-time creator on June 20, 2011

      Thanks for your support!

    21. Mike Lynch on June 20, 2011

      Great to see this project make its goal. Looking forward to seeing the final result! Congratulations to Christian and the talented art team!!!!!

    22. Sean K on June 19, 2011

      Christian, Getting so close! I've spread the word about your project today. Hopefully, this will help in some way to get you fully funded. I'll check back in tonight and see where you are. I plan on bumping my pledge if needed. I'm sure we can all get you over. I all backers bump by $5 bucks, we're there! Good luck!