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A film about a genius engineer who enlists the help of his thief ex-girlfriend to steal technology back from a dangerous group.
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We submitted Iris to Sundance!!

Posted by Christopher Steinberger (Creator)
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As promised, here is your first update for the month! As much as I wanted to make a video, I haven't had a free minute to do anything but work on Iris. This month included pickup shoots and lots and lots of post production BECAUSE...

We submitted Iris to Sundance Film Festival!

The movie hasn't been perfected yet, but it's officially watchable from start to finish with very few minor hiccups. It's enough for a film festival to judge and see if they like the story and filmmaking elements, and since over 75% of Sundance's submissions are works-in-progress, we're really confident in this cut's chances! 

In a couple days I will update you guys more about how it's going, but for now check out some pictures from our pickup shoots! All photo credit goes to CJ Meech who has been an awesome addition to the team.

The police blocked off a portion of John Glenn Blvd so we could film a car chase scene. I'll show you more of that toward the end of the month!

CJ and Steve ready to shoot a very crazy pickup scene outside of Liberty Deli in downtown Syracuse (We had sandwiches there and they were incredible by the way, you should definitely go check it out :D).

Our cast of one of our new pickup scenes. Tim Swan, one of our Kickstarter backers, is on the left and he's looking cool as ever.

There is much more to come, but for now wish us luck! Oh and by the way, we love you <3


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    1. Matthew S. Robinson on

      Just submitted a film to Sundance myself the other day, hope to see you guys there!