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A film about a genius engineer who enlists the help of his thief ex-girlfriend to steal technology back from a dangerous group.
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Iris Update 12/2014

Posted by Christopher Steinberger (Creator)

Hey everyone!  

I appreciate all the excitement and anticipation leading up to the release of Iris. I am incredibly excited to share the movie with you, and I want to make sure all the hard work we put into shooting the film is reflected in the final product. Along the way we have had some unexpected challenges that we have been working through, which have pushed our release date back a little further than we would have liked. We are hopeful that Iris will be completed by February 2015, and have postponed every other major project we had planned to do this winter so we can put every minute of our time toward Iris. I want to let you know that it means a ton to my team and me that you all have been extremely supportive and have continued to bring awesome energy to the film. This is the biggest project that we have ever taken on, and watching it come together in the last stages of post production has been one of the most incredible feelings of my life. The only thing that can top it is watching Iris with you in a movie theater, eating tons and tons of popcorn. 

As always, we love you, Chris


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