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The second volume of Camp Myth, a fantasy series that allows readers to create and enroll their own mythical creatures!

UPDATE: Art Book Unlocked!

One of the Five Kraken Concept Sketches
One of the Five Kraken Concept Sketches

Kraken Fishing: The Pitch

Camp Myth is the only summer camp built exclusively for young mythological creatures. Forget canoe rides and knot tying lessons – these kids are more likely to compete in the annual Golem Derby, or discover the proper way to train a Chimera!

Picking up directly after the events of Phoenix Watching, Felix the Fae, Argee the Cyclops, and Moxie the Kitsune were almost burnt to ashes by a injured Phoenix... and they've barely been at camp for a day! Looking to stay out of trouble, the trio decides to spend some time relaxing on the shores of Leviathan Lake. Sirens, Kappas, Nymphs, Kelpies - what could possible go wrong? But when something ancient arises from the lake's bottomless depths, it becomes clear that someone - or something - is attempting to sabotage the entire camp!

Visit for more information on Camp Myth, and be sure to "Like" the series on Facebook at and follow it on Twitter at   

(Artwork by Jay Camay, coloring by Lisa Moore)
(Artwork by Jay Camay, coloring by Lisa Moore)

What Makes Camp Myth Unique?

From the beginning, I wanted Camp Myth to give readers a unique way to connect with the series. Since the overall theme is about celebrating cultural and racial diversity, I paired with an amazing artist, Jay Camay, and gave fans (or, in this case, backers) the opportunity to design their own mythic campers, which were then featured as illustrations in the book.    

The response was absolutely incredible! Book One saw fourteen people from across four continents create Minotaurs, Centaurs, Kitsune, Sirens, and everything in between! It was amazing to correspond with those backers and watch their ideas come to life, and I can't wait to do it again!

You can check out the entire illustration gallery RIGHT HERE.   

Ox the Minotaur & Natious the Cyclops (backer-designed characters!)
Ox the Minotaur & Natious the Cyclops (backer-designed characters!)


There are a few new additions to the reward tiers for this campaign, and I'm excited to explain some of the major changes.

Personalized copies of Kraken Fishing are only $20!-In addition to an ebook copy of Phoenix Watching, a wallpaper of the Kraken Fishing cover, early access to Kraken Fishing in all ebook formats, and your name listed on the Camp Roster (Thank You Section), you'll also receive a signed softcover of Camp Myth: Kraken Fishing - all for just twenty bucks! And you'll also be eligible for all of the awesome stretch goals as they unlock!

*NEW* Camper Portraits!
Want an inexpensive way for you (or someone you know) to have your own mythic camper featured in the book? The $40 tier introduces "Camper Portraits" to the series! These quarter-page illustrations will let you choose from 10 potential mythic races, and design them by selecting styles from a survey list of five groups of features: Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Hair, and Expression.

Your name will be featured underneath the portrait, and you'll be placed with other backers to form "Camp Clubs." Think of it like yearbook photos, only you'll be a member of the Dryad Gardening Committee or the Centaur Bowling Team.

For example, here are three different Minotaurs that Jay illustrated from three unique surveys:

Friendly, Sporty, and Bully Minotaurs.
Friendly, Sporty, and Bully Minotaurs.

(For a complete list of Races/Traits, check out the F.A.Q at the bottom of this page.)     

Full-Page Camper Illustrations!
Returning from Phoenix Watching, these gorgeous full-page scenes will feature a camper of your design having fun (or facing danger) on the campground. I will work with you in bringing your vision to life, and the character will be illustrated and featured in Kraken Fishing! Like Ox and Natious posted above, here are two more examples of the quality you can expect for your character:

Kaelan the Centaur & Zerra the Kitsune (backer-created characters!)
Kaelan the Centaur & Zerra the Kitsune (backer-created characters!)

Have Your Character Featured in a Special Bonus Story!-How would your camper survive a run-in with the titular Kraken? In this limited tier, I will also feature your custom camper in a bonus story included with every copy of Kraken Fishing! In the true spirit of Camp Myth, your character will team with a select group and have your own adventure on Leviathan Lake!

Want to read the Bonus Story from Phoenix Watching? CLICK HERE FOR "SNAKES AND CAMPERS" - See how seven backers found themselves in a burning forest... and attacked by Basilisks!

*NEW* Colored Canvas Print of Your Camper!-Perhaps you'd like to immortalize your custom camper as a piece of artwork that would be suitable to hang in the finest of art galleries!... or your room. In either case, your full-page character illustration will be professionally colored and sent to you as an 8x10 canvas print.

Be Featured on the Cover of Camp Myth #3: Cyclopean Archery!
If you've read Phoenix Watching, you might notice a few familiar faces being "greeted" by the Kraken on the cover illustration. Aside from Felix, Argee, and Moxie, the other campers are backer-created characters from Book One, who now have a permanent place in Camp Myth history - directly on the cover!

This reward will guarantee your camper a place on the cover of Book Three, most likely doing something awesome with an enchanted bow that shoots all types of magical arrows! If you like what you see of all the artwork featured on this campaign page, act now, because this tier is limited to just five backers.   

Stretch Goals

Since the first campaign, I've gained a much better understanding of the costs and logistics involved with designing, creating, and distributing all kinds of reward items, and also where I could have saved time and resources. As it stands right now, I feel that $3000 is the amount needed to launch the next volume of Camp Myth (taking into account art, design, editing, production, distribution, etc.) but that's without any of the awesome bonuses that I'd like to make to really turn Kraken Fishing into something special.

Collectable Merit Badge Pins-I'm a huge fan of the merit badge collection aspect of Camp Myth, and want to provide readers with a unique item that can be associated with each volume. That's why, from here on out, I'd love to have every book come with a collectable pin based on the titular merit badge.

Kraken Fishing Merit Badge... In Pin Form!
Kraken Fishing Merit Badge... In Pin Form!

I'm extremely excited about the possibility of having these pins associated with the series from now on, and hope to have the opportunity to create them for all of you.

But wait, what about Phoenix Watching? Worry not! Hitting the right stretch goals will allow me to also produce that merit badge pin, and you'll be caught up with both Camp Myth adventures so far.

Exclusive "Skyfire" Merit Badge Pin!

UPDATE: Starting today, anyone who makes a $50+ donation to both Camp Myth: Kraken Fishing and Jess Owen's novel, “Skyfire” will also receive a limited edition merit badge pin for GRYFON TAMING, featuring Shard, the main character in the Song of the Summer King series. The badge will be based on this design, and made in the same style and quality as the other collectable merit badge pins.

Gryfon Taming Merit Badge
Gryfon Taming Merit Badge

Camp Myth Bonus Novellas
I've had a lot of fun ideas for additional Camp Myth stories over the past year, and I think it's the perfect time to explore some of these concepts.

That's why I've added four novellas to the Stretch Goals list: Campfire Tales, Camp Myth's Got Talent!, A History of Camp Myth (by Asterion the Minotaur), and A Walking Tour of Camp Myth (by Loam the Golem). I'll unveil more information if we approach these goals. For now, here's cover for Campfire Tales:

Camp Myth: Campfire Tales
Camp Myth: Campfire Tales

Camp Myth: Life After Kickstarter

It's been a wild ride for Camp Myth since the first Kickstarter campaign last summer. Fall saw the release of Phoenix Watching, which officially kicked things off for the series. It's since received a host of positive reviews from both backers and new readers alike.

Check out the Amazon page, where it has an average of 4.8 out of 5



The iOS Visual Novel: Hydra Raising
The iOS Visual Novel: Hydra Raising

I'm a huge fan of visual novels, and soon after the release of Phoenix Watching I became obsessed with the idea of bringing the world of Camp Myth to that medium. Jay was taking some well-deserved time off, so I enlisted the help of a programmer and a new artist to try a new spin on the camp art style. A few months later, Camp Myth: iOS was released for free on iPhone/iPad, with the 8-part story, Hydra Raising. Why not download it today? :)  

“Camp Myth is a Wonderful Book for iPad and iPhone – 5/5″theiphoneappreview

“Whether you’re picking up this app for your own personal enjoyment, or as a fun story for your kids to read, Camp Myth is worth your admiration.”dotTech

“Well suited for a very young reading audience while still being able to entertain the older audience.”appstorearcade 

Along the way, I was also contacted by indie game company, Third Eye Games, to see if I would be interested in bringing the world of Camp Myth to life as a tabletop RPG. As a huge gamer myself, how could I refuse? I worked closely with 3EG to help bring the flavor, story, characters, and locations of the camp grounds to life, and the result was a game that I'm extremely proud of. In fact, I've spent hours just messing around with the character creation system, and have had a blast just designing new campers. The PDF version of the game was just released last month, with the actual books being printed right now.

If you or anyone you know enjoys a good tabletop adventure, why not CHECK OUT CAMP MYTH: THE RPG!   

“It’s perfectly suited to children but also fun for adults. The book is absolutely dripping with flavor, character, and humor and it is a joy to read through.” -Accessible Games (4.5 out of 5)

About the Author

I hope all of these examples show how dedicated I am to making Camp Myth a successful series, but what makes me qualified to write these books in the first place? Well, I've been featured in nearly two dozen publications – both online and print – including Nelson Literacy 8 (the current 8th Grade Language Arts textbook for Newfoundland and Labrador). I'm currently a Parsec Awards finalist for Best Short Story, and will also be featured in the Chuck Palahniuk-headlined anthology, Burnt Tongues (Medallion Press) in August 2014.

To learn more about my work, visit

Sharin' the love!
Sharin' the love!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Realistically, there aren't many risks and/or challenges associated with this project. My first campaign, Phoenix Watching, fully delivered on all rewards and promises made to backers, and I managed to gain a Roc-load of knowledge and experience along the way. I've solidified my team of artists, found ways to streamline some aspects of the publishing process, and have successfully released additional Camp Myth products.

The only potential delay I can imagine would depend on the amount of custom art needed for Kraken Fishing, but I have no doubt that everything will be completed in a timely fashion.


  • (Note: These descriptions only serve as general guidelines. Backers are encouraged to design campers however they like!)

    Incredibly fast and highly competitive, these half-human, half-horse creatures are the resident "jocks" of Camp Myth. Their athletic nature tends to make them popular with creatures of the opposite sex, and they are able to make new friends without much effort. Centaurs are unique in their firm belief that all matters - from political to personal - can be settled with some form of competition, and consider cheating to be a disgrace to their culture.

    One-eyed brutes who live for the thrill of combat, Cyclopes are aggressive, arrogant, and value strength above all else. Most consider themselves superior to other mythic races, and will only associate with those who they believe have proven worthy of their respect. However, despite their violent tendencies, most Cyclopes are natural artisans, capable of building objects from the strangest materials. Unfortunately for others, this usually just results in the creation of bigger, deadlier weapons.

    Existing as physical embodiments of nature, Dryads draw their power from the Earth itself. Harnessing this energy allows them to perform all types of amazing feats, from reviving a withered tree, to launching vines at an unsuspecting attacker.
    In addition, Dryads possess the ability to commune with animals, and consider themselves to be the defenders of all forest-dwelling creatures. Although Dryads can sometimes be shy, most are good-natured and idealistic beings who just want to make the world a better place.

    Considered to be masters of the arcane, Fae typically choose to distance themselves from races of “lower intelligence” in order to dedicate their lives to studying magic in all of its forms. Because of their eternal pursuit of knowledge, the average Fae is awkward in social situations, and despises anything that might be considered "fun." Although Fae revere the most talented members of their community, those who decide to shun the mystic arts in favor of other pursuits are considered outcasts, and avoided like a non-magical plague.

    Obsessed with climbing the social ladder, Harpies are materialistic, self-centered, and unbelievably vain. They typically surround themselves with others who they believe can provide them with something, and are quick to cut ties with so-called friends that have lost their value. Above all else, though, Harpies are shameless gossips, and can't ever resist a juicy rumor about a fellow camper – especially a mean-spirited one! Not only do they take joy in spreading rumors, but they also can't help themselves from making up a few of their own whenever they get bored.

    Because of their unique ability to survive on land or in water, most young Kappas struggle with finding a place to belong. Their scaly appearances make them the targets of ridicule among land-dwellers, while being able to leave the water has bred resentment toward their kind amongst the other aquatic races. Lacking any true culture, most Kappas simply want to fit in, and will do anything if they feel it will bring them popularity. All Kappa are required to carry water in the bowl-shaped indentation on top of their heads while on land to help avoid dehydration. If the bowl becomes empty for any reason, it can lead to several... unusual side-effects.

    Capable of shape-shifting between fox and human forms, Kitsune are as magical as they are cunning. Although a Kitsune is born with only one tail, they are able to grow up to nine throughout the course of their lifetime. This ability is unique among the mythic races, and will usually occur after an intense mental or physical experience. There is no greater honor for a Kitsune than to develop additional tails, as they symbolize strength and maturity. Because of the pressure within their culture to have as many as possible, most Kitsune are extremely sensitive about their current number, and tend to begrudge friends and siblings who have more tails than them.

    From the top o' the mornin' to the rest of the day, Leprechauns are known for their small stature and infectious enthusiasm. They have fantastic luck, especially in tricky situations, and always seem to come out of conflicts with something positive.
    They love to laugh, have fun, and bring smiles to the faces of those around them. In fact, the only thing Leprechauns take seriously is the safekeeping of their gold coins, which they carry with them at all times. However, if they happen to misplace even one of those coins, expect a temper tantrum of mythic proportions!

    Known as both fierce warriors and puzzle-obsessed logic-seekers, young Minotaurs are just as likely to duel each other for respect as they are to stare at a chess board for hours and contemplate the best possible move. Their honorable nature and willingness to view problems from all sides make Minotaurs natural leaders, however, due to the cultural tradition of taking part in any battle that could benefit from their assistance, there are rumored to be less than a few hundred Minotaurs left in existence.

    Redcaps are deceitful tricksters of the highest order. Although small in size, they are known for their love of dangerous pranks, and seldom think of the consequences of their actions. These malicious little tricksters inhabit The Warrens, a series of tunnels running underneath the camp. A Redcap is most easily identified by its long, crimson hat, which it never removes. But why are they so attached to their headgear, and why do their hats always appear to be dripping with red liquid?

    Beautiful mermaids who are able to hypnotize members of the opposite sex with their melodic voices. Having grown up in a culture obsessed with looking as attractive as possible, Sirens often refuse to interact with those who do not constantly acknowledge how gorgeous they are, and are known to act hostile to any creatures they consider better-looking.


    Tiny, colorful creatures who are fond of mischief and having fun. While not typically considered dangerous, a swarm of these pint-sized fliers can be a major annoyance if they're determined to cause trouble. More than anything, however, Pixies love to be as eye-catching as possible, and will often steal shiny objects to wear in order to gain attention.

    These furry, cold-loving creatures have been known by many names (Sasquatch, the Abominable Snowman). In truth, they are simple, primitive folk who tend to only associate within their own tribes. For a Yeti, there's no greater joy than to eat, sleep, eat, eat, sleep... and toss the occasional snowball at an unsuspecting camper.

    While not quite as imposing as the famous "Medusa," young Gorgons are best known for having a writhing tangle of snakes instead of hair. Although legend says that a Gorgon can turn a creature to stone with a simple gaze, it actually takes a great deal of emotional stress for them to tap into this dangerous ability, so other campers know to stay on their best behaviour while they're around.

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