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A new monthly series about a summer camp for young mythological creatures. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 18, 2012.

A new monthly series about a summer camp for young mythological creatures.

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We did it! Raise the banners and light the fires - Camp Myth will be opening soon! But there's still time to earn more rewards for everyone!

Stretch Goals - Special Final Day Milestone: 

MILESTONE UNLOCKED: We did it! Art books for everyone! And with a few hours to go, there are still great rewards left to earn! At $7,000, all copies of Camp Myth #1 will become hardcover!    

-If we can crack $6,000 in the next twelve hours, I'll create a special "The Art of Camp Myth" PDF for all backers, with high-resolution sketches and pics of all the artwork being created for the book (along with a few personal anecdotes about the designs). This includes camper art, covers, and promotional sketches!

MILESTONE UNLOCKED: Official Phoenix Watching Merit Badge for all $25 and higher backers! 

-Need an idea of what to expect? Read a sample of Camp Myth #1: Phoenix Watching RIGHT HERE (Note: Not final. May be different from finished product). 

-Each reward tier from $25 and higher now also comes with two Camp Myth character art bookmarks!


Growing up, I was a huge fan of comics, and books like R.L. Stine's “Goosebumps.” I love the idea of fresh monthly content to read and enjoy.
That's why, with the help of ebook publishing and readers like you, I want to create a new monthly serial that both kids and adults can look forward to.

Camp Myth is a summer camp built to teach young mythological creatures about the cultures and dangers of their amazing world. Minotaurs, Dryads, Merfolk, Centaurs – you name it! For six weeks, these children live and work together in order to earn merit badges and prove their worth to the mythic community.

But for Felix, a mischievous Fae with a knack for getting into trouble, camp means nothing more than a chance to break free from his overprotective parents and enjoy a few weeks without responsibilities. That is, until a series of accidents turn camp life upside-down, and some of the other campers start disappearing from the grounds.

Together with his cabin-mates, Argee – the world's only nerdy Cyclops – and Moxie – an orphaned Kitsune unable to control her shape-shifting powers, Felix will meet learn about mythological creatures, what it really means to grow up, and how friendship can transcend race and culture.

Every month, there will be a new volume of Camp Myth
, clocking in at about 20,000 words. Each book will be named after a new merit badge, and will focus on Felix, Argee, and Moxie attempting to earn that badge, while at the same time learning more about the overall mystery of Camp Myth.

Volume One will be titled, “Phoenix Watching,” and will follow the characters as they first arrive at Camp Myth, and try to earn what looks to be the easiest badge. But it doesn't take long for the gang to discover that Camp Myth is anything but a free ride.

Upcoming Volumes in this series will include:

Volume #2: Kraken Fishing – A relaxing day at Leviathan Lake turns into a race to catch a baby Kraken... until the Mama Kraken decides to get payback!

Volume #3: Cyclopean Archery – Determined to impress his older siblings, Argee convinces Felix and Moxie to earn Camp Myth's Archery merit badge... Cyclops style!

Volume #4: Golem Building – Forget about cars made from blocks of wood! In this volume, the trio compete in Camp Myth's annual Golem Derby.

As of now, I have four of these books drafted, with an outline for at least half a dozen more. But none of this will be possible without your support. Art, editing, publishing, distribution, Camp Myth-themed goods – it all adds up. But hopefully I can raise enough to give this series the attention it deserves, and have the first book released this July. 

With Camp Myth, you'll see the results of your donation in a matter of weeks, not months or even years like some other campaigns.

(Illustrations by Jay Camay)


What makes me qualified to write this series? Well, I've been writing for years, and – including pieces accepted for unreleased projects - I've been featured in nearly two dozen different publications, both online and in print, from anthologies, to magazines, to websites, to podcasts. I even have fiction published in Newfoundland's current 8th grade textbook. I'm passionate about the industry, I know the target market, and I have experience and success with writing for several different age groups. 


Summer camps are also about community. In that spirit, Camp Myth #1 features several “Camp Milestones” - rewards that will be given to all backers should a certain level of funding past the goal amount be reached. There are six in all, and the specifics of the next reward will be revealed when the previous goal has been hit. Donate, spread the word, and unlock new rewards for everyone!

UNLOCKED: $5,000 – “Phoenix Watching” merit badge for all backers $25 and higher.

UNLOCKED: $6000 - "The Art of Camp Myth #1" PDF for all backers. 

Camp Milestone #3: $7,000 - All copies of Camp Myth #1 become hardcover.

Camp Milestone #4: $9,000 - Ebook copy of Camp Myth #2: Kraken Fishing for all backers. 

Camp Milestone #5: Locked

Camp Milestone #6: Locked

Summer camps are about friendship, and connecting with other people in order to accomplish a common goal. That's why Camp Myth #1 will use an innovative “Refer a Friend” system.

If you convince another person to match or exceed your donation, you'll be moved up one reward tier at no additional cost to you. Just have that person send me a quick message confirming that you were the one who let them know about Camp Myth, and you'll get more rewards just for spreading the love.

But that's not all. Whichever backer manages to raise the highest amount of referred donations will given Book One's "Mythic Camper" Award. Not only will they be credited in the final product, but they will also receive the $500 Tier Rewards absolutely free!

That's right! You don't need to have the fattest wallet to earn the coolest swag. There's going to be a winner - guarenteed - so why not you?

Not everyone has a zillion dollars to support these types of campaigns, and I totally understand that. But word of mouth can be priceless, so I want to reward those of you willing to spend some time promoting the project.

(Cover art by Anne Ballaran)

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  • No problem! I've posted one of my short stories, Magic Man, on my website - While you're there, you'll also find the links to several of my online/podcasted pieces.

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  • Only once per account, I'm afraid - mainly to prevent someone from gaming the system to turn $70 into $500 worth of stuff. But you will move up one reward tier above whatever donation you make, so $10 becomes $25, but, at the same time $250 becomes $500, etc. All additional referrals will go towards your shot at the Mythic Camper Award, though, so it never hurts to spread the word a little further :)

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  • All money raised will go directly back to the world of Camp Myth, and ensure the release of future titles in the series. New cover art, illustrations, distribution, promotion, etc. With this campaign, you're not just backing one book, but the potential viability of Camp Myth as a whole.

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  • 10 and up sounds about right. I want this series to be accessible for kids, while at the same time be something I would read myself. Kind of like how an entire family can watch a Pixar movie and each person can enjoy it for different reasons.

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  • Sure. By donating to this campaign, you will no only show the world that you are a quality human being, but you will also be 7.8% more likely to encounter a unicorn in your back yard. It's a fact!

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    An ebook copy of "Camp Myth #1: Phoenix Watching" in the format of your choice (ePub, PDF, or Mobi).

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    An ebook copy of Camp Myth #1, plus an autographed and personalized cover postcard.

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    Just want an ink and paper copy of Camp Myth? No problem! This reward tier is for one personalized softcover and both character art bookmarks - includes shipping.

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    All of the above, plus a signed and personalized softcover copy of Camp Myth #1 (please add $10 for shipping).

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    Pledge $100 or more

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    All of the above, plus a camper of the mythic race of your choosing will be featured in one of Jay Camay's chapter-starting illustrations (in which you will also be credited). You will also receive a shout-out in the back of the book.

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    Pledge $150 or more

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    All of the above, plus an official Camp Myth t-shirt featuring the camp logo. In addition, you can provide a name and description for your illustrated character, and they will have a cameo role in the book. Enroll yourself or a loved one in Camp Myth!

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    All of the above (ebook, cover postcard, softcover, featured illustration, t-shirt), plus I will also write a short story (between 2,000 - 3,000 words) about your illustrated character attempting to earn the merit badge featured in this book! This story will be featured in all finished copies of Camp Myth #1.

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    Wow, a backer like you deserves a mythic reward! All of the above (ebook, cover postcard, softcover, featured illustration, t-shirt, custom short story), plus a mythic creature drawn in your likeness (by artist Anne Ballaran) will be featured on the cover of Camp Myth #2! Immortalize yourself or a loved one forever as a creature of legend!

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