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Last fall, we recorded a live CD. It's all mixed and mastered. Help us give the disc the graphic design and promotion it deserves!
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Chris Greene

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A word from Chris Siebold (vocalist, guitarist, composer, bandleader).

A guitarist's guitarist, Chris Siebold is one of the most respected and in-demand musicians in Chicago. He can be seen with the powerhouse fusion bands Kick the Cat and M13. Recently, he just released the debut album with his own large jazz/rock/pop/prog/fusion/funk/blues ensemble, Psycles. He is also also the musical director for the Willow Creek Church.

"Chris Greene's 'A Group Effort' is an incredible document of a band so comfortable with the material, one senses that they can take the compositions absolutely anywhere at the drop of a hat.  Chris's playing is dynamic and mature, cool and atmospheric: negotiating smoothly between tenor and soprano [saxophones]. The compositions take their time in revealing what's behind every door. This is evident tunes like "Stat" and "Future Emperor of Evanston" The easy, groovy ostinatos lay down a firm roadway so that one can enjoy the changing scenery. The band's interactivity is extraordinary throughout every cut of this beautifully recorded set. I highly recommend that you check it out!  It's a perfect recording to chill to and it's a great soundtrack for the road. ****."

A word from Jeff Parker (guitarist, composer)

Tortoise...Joshua Redman...Branford Marsalis...Fred Anderson...Isotope 217...Nicole Mitchell - these are just a few of the artists that brilliant guitarist (and self-described "sculptor of sonic textures") Jeff Parker has performed or recorded with. He's also an alumnus of Berklee School of Music and a current member of the legendary AACM collective. (Plus, he did a cameo role in High Fidelity - one of my all-time favorite movies.)

"The quartet sounds fantastic! Some really interesting original compositions - I particularly dig Bride Of Ms. Congeniality - and Three And Six is a really beautiful tune. Thoughtful improvisations by everyone - and dude, you have one of the warmest tenor sounds around! Much success with the release, and I look forward to hearing the group perform in person sometime. Thanks for asking me to check it out - I really enjoyed it (and I look forward to many more repeated listens)."

Things are shaping up...

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My wonderful backers...


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

A word from Saalik Ahmad Ziyad (vocalist, composer, bandleader).

Saalik is one of the busiest, most versatile and creative vocalists in Chicago. He's a member of the legendary AACM collective, and he leads several of his own projects, including The "Z" Quartet and The 5 after 7 Project.

"Overall, I would say this is a great album to purchase and will be treasured for a long time. [It reminds me of] Joshua Redman’s album “Freedom in the Groove.” One thing that I love about this cd is how it just puts you in a relaxed mood, but you can’t help but to bop your head and just groove. (I can really hear Sonny Rollins influence in Chris Greene’s playing and sound.) It grooves from the beginning to the end.

I think Chris Greene has lived up to being “the 51st most influential African Americans in Evanston.” Bravo!!!!"