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Poignant melodies, shifting harmonies, and dreamlike soundscapes take the listener on a journey on this carefully crafted debut album.
Poignant melodies, shifting harmonies, and dreamlike soundscapes take the listener on a journey on this carefully crafted debut album.
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Official Release, Review Waking Dreams on iTunes and more!

Dear Waking Dreams Family,

The official release day for Waking Dreams, June 21, is just coming to a close, and I couldn't be happier with how the album launch has gone so far.  The release party this past weekend at the Jazz Gallery was a huge success, and we've already gained a lot of traction in the press.  The album received an overwhelmingly positive review today in the New York TImes!   For more links to the plethora of very nice words that have been printed about the music thus far, visit

Now, it's your chance to say something about the music for everyone to see.  The album is on iTunes, CD Baby, Bandcamp, Digstation, and is soon headed to a multitude of other outlets, and it would be extremely helpful (and fun!) to have your honest review posted, and to have your rating.   iTunes is the most likely outlet to attract new listeners, so that would be the perfect place to start.  Here is a link to the album's page on iTunes:

Who wants to be first to review the album?!?  First, click on "View in iTunes" (to be sure you're viewing in the iTunes application).  Then click on "Be the first to write a review" under the "Customer Reviews" field below the track listing.  You can also rate the album (1-5 stars) by clicking on the stars to the right of "click to rate".  While of course I'd love a positive review from you, what I am looking for most is an honest, gut-reaction type of review to give the reader a glimpse of the listener's real experience of the music.  The honest truth is always the strongest!

Where is the best place for others to get Waking Dreams?

If you enjoy the music, please spread the word to your friends!  In our age of internet distribution, links are always helpful, right?  Here are links to the best ways to download or order Waking Dreams online:

Digstation: This is the best way to download – you get all the liner notes, credits, and album artwork, and artists keep 100% of the proceeds!

Bandcamp: This is the next best download option, and also best place to get a CD.  A multitude of audio file formats available (mp3, FLAC, etc). You can even order a signed CD from here!

CD Baby: The next best place to get a CD.  Downloads also available.

iTunes: Available for your convenience at iTunes. Please know that iTunes takes a much larger percentage of the payment for download than the other sites, so the three options above are much better for me (and for all artists!)

What's Next?

First off, you can hear a studio session, including a performance and interview recorded live from WBGO (88.3FM) in Newark, NJ, on The Checkout, any time on the website at  The show initially aired at 6:30pm on June 21st.  

Much more is in the works, both publicity-wise and performance-wise, and I will be keeping you closely apprised of all the latest happenings.  Looking forward to being in touch!

Best wishes,



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