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A puzzle adventure homage to the games of yesteryear
A puzzle adventure homage to the games of yesteryear
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475 backers pledged £6,033 to help bring this project to life.

October Updates


Hey guys, hope you're enjoying the game. Hard to believe it's nearly a year since the Kickstarter campaign started.

Reward Updates

Those who pledged for the digital artbook tiers should have had a kickstarter mail from me yesterday with these in.

I need to know who pledged the extra £10 for the CUSTOM MESSAGE VERSION (a digital download of the game with their own custom splash screen message). If this includes you, please give me a message either on here or to I also need to know whether it's for you to download or for a friend, so give me details.

I think that about wraps up the digital rewards, so I'll get them surveys out soon for the physical rewards.

Game Updates

The game seems to have been received well- especially by those who loved the Dizzy games- which I'm glad about. Nice to know the hard work over the years is appreciated.

It was part of the sale this past week, a sale containing 62 indie games not currently available on Steam. There's about 15 hours left so if you have any friends who might be interested in picking up Spud's Quest for $6 (25% off) then give them a nudge.

Still pushing the Greenlight campaign, slowly accumulating votes. As highlighted in this recent blog post by Flippfly, it's difficult for indie games outside of Steam to really pick up pace so if you haven't yet please vote for the game and tell your friends- help us beat Greenlight.

Some recent reviews: Gamezebo, Retro 101, I-Luv-Games, IndieStatik, JayIsGames, TechieMinx,

If any of you backers would like a Humble Store key for the game to make things easier or to add to your humble collection, then give me a message and I'll sort that for you.


PS: Not really news-worthy at the moment, but I've started tinkering on my next game. If you're not already, follow me on Twitter and you might catch some updates regarding it soon :)

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    1. Daniel
      on October 9, 2013

      I'm interested in humble bundle store key too :)
      I already got a few games there, so it would be nice to have an easy place to get it from :)

    2. Mathias Schiefner on October 9, 2013

      Interest in Humble Store key here too ^^

    3. Tony on October 9, 2013

      Hi Chris, I would definately be interested in Humble Store key! Had trouble downloading the game again after the initial bug fixes. Guessing this was because I had different IP and/or had no cookie.