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A puzzle adventure homage to the games of yesteryear
A puzzle adventure homage to the games of yesteryear
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Keeping Things Interesting

For this update I'd like to talk briefly about how I try to keep screens in the game interesting. The information here might be pretty obvious to most of you, but it's surprising how many games of this style slip up on this.

Maybe it's just me, but I hate filler screens. Screens with nothing of importance in them. 'A hill', 'A river'. Granted, not every screen in a game like this can be a location, but even 'barren' screens can be spiced up a little. Example, here we have a mockup screen:

...and it's pretty boring. But it doesn't have to be, lets give it a theme. One way is using the screens name:

Pretty basic, but a bit of description makes the screen a bit more memorable, it implies it has some history or 'fame' behind it. The players imagination can do the rest.

Another way, is by giving the screen a feature, like so:

Makes things far more interesting to look at. There's plenty of other ways, that's just a couple. Obviously things get tricky when it comes to interesting screens in dungeons or temples.

One that crops to mind is in the demo, it was a bland screen with a couple of platforms. I just pasted some symbols on the wall and named it 'HIEROGLYPH HALL', which in my opinion did the job.

Like I say, maybe most of you don't care that much about them and it's probably me being obsessive, but interesting screens are always something I've liked about older games. That's one of the reasons I revived the screen name feature for the game.

Thanks to all the new pledgers over the last day, things picked up a little. We're at about 40% funding with a week left, so lets keep the momentum building. 

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    1. JuanitaD-ArmikrogArmyGoat @ AGL589+$4.96 on

      It does make a difference to me if the screens are empty and all look the same. First, it's easier to find your way around if each room is a little different. Second, it just makes it look like the game got some love when it was being created. If the creator took the time to make the game look interesting, then chances are very high that he/she also took the time to make the gameplay interesting.