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In The Way with Alan Watts is a film about the man who brought Eastern thought to the West. Please fund our film on!
In The Way with Alan Watts is a film about the man who brought Eastern thought to the West. Please fund our film on!
515 backers pledged $57,028 to help bring this project to life.

Thank you all (I wish I could thank you directly)- we're almost there!

Thank you to everybody who donated in the past couple days and weeks.  The response has been overwhelming.  I wish I could thank you individually, but it appears that until the funding goes through, Kickstarter will not allow me to message you.  Thank you all!  We're almost there! We will do this!

Gratefully Yours,



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    1. Michael Oakley on May 14, 2011

      Hey Guys, I am VERY excited about this project. I have happily pledged some money towards it. I just wanted to ask about the final cut which we will get to see. If it is a DVD then will there be region 2 versions for people like myself in the UK. Also is there an option of there being a digital download of the movie like an avi, mpeg movie file? Thanks guys, love what you're doing. Fantastic work.

      Much love and respect,

      Michael Oakley

    2. Chris Britt 2-time creator on April 25, 2011

      Hi Liana,

      The initial budget is for the first cut, however the final budget for this film is over $100,000. All funds go to making the film (except for amounts spent to fulfill the rewards). Also during the course of this drive we have become aware of more original footage, and funding up to $60,000 will go to acquiring that footage and to doing more interviews that have come our way (Lawrence Ferlingetti among others), so the first cut is also being expanded a bit.

      Many Thanks,

      Mark Watts

    3. Missing avatar

      Liana Kelley on April 25, 2011

      Hey, It wasn't until after I donated that I get informed you had reached your goal 5 days ago!....What happens to this money I just gave you?????

    4. Bob Moon on April 6, 2011

      Alan was and is a pivotal person in my life. I watched "Eastern Wisdom, Modern Life" on public television in L.A. in the late 60's and started reading his books. I was 17. I listened to him of KMET late at night in the 70's, and have listened to him on KPFK for the last 25 years or so. I saw him speak at California Lutheran College in 1971 or 1972.

      I have traced his footprints in Los Gatos and especially in Big Sur, which is close to my home. I spent a day with Emil White several years ago, and Emil pointed out that the vinyl turquoise couch I was sitting on is where Alan had slept two weeks before he passed away. Emil had many books in his library that Alan had inscribed to him. Sitting in Nepenthe in Big Sur late at night with the fire roaring and the light dim, I can almost see Alan, Emil, and Henry Miller misbehaving at the bar. I wish I had been there.

      I know he was a rascal, but he had a clarity about him and an uncanny way of getting to the essence of things. No one has replaced him, at least not for me. There are times when I miss him terribly.

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      Matt Ramieri on March 30, 2011

      Chris... Awesome trailer. This project has been s long time coming... I cannot wait to see what you can do with the work of the great Mr. Watts

    6. Marie Ferreboeuf on March 30, 2011

      Good Luck. I only wish I could give more. Alan Watts is an important part of our culture and the new direction it took and continues to take.

    7. William Whitlatch on March 30, 2011

      Alan Watts is very special I wished I could contribute more. When I came back from Viet Nam, people
      like Alan Watts, Kurt Vonnegut, Joseph Heller, Gunther Grass, Joseph Conrad and others did
      a lot to restore my sanity. I hope we make it. Thanks for all your efforts.

    8. Missing avatar

      Stephen Pooley on March 30, 2011

      Good luck, Chris. Hope you exceed your needs.

    9. Todd Cooley on March 30, 2011

      Right on, Chris!! Glad the response is going well.