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In The Way with Alan Watts is a film about the man who brought Eastern thought to the West. Please fund our film on!
In The Way with Alan Watts is a film about the man who brought Eastern thought to the West. Please fund our film on!
515 backers pledged $57,028 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Chris Britt 2-time creator on November 26, 2011

      Hi Brent,
      Sorry you haven't received it. This has happened to a few people for some reason. I'm sending you an email to confirm your address and we'll have a DVD right out to you.

    2. Missing avatar

      Brent Smith on November 24, 2011


      I still have not received my DVD. I am a "backer" at the $50 level.

      Brent Smith

    3. Chris Britt 2-time creator on November 15, 2011

      Hi Dennis,

      Thanks for your support! The minimum pledge to receive the DVD was $50, but clips from the film will be featured shortly in a new Kickstarter drive for finishing funds, where you can pledge to get the final version of the film. In the meantime, you might enjoy one of Mark’s favorite clips, the password is “now”:

    4. Missing avatar

      Dennis Alvernaz on November 12, 2011

      I still have not received my "backer" DVD

      Dennis Alvernaz

    5. Chris Britt 2-time creator on November 2, 2011

      Message from Mark: Three's a charm! After three attempts we have a master that works for the many diverse media types in the film and DVDs are now shipping. If you are in the US expect to receive your disc in three to five days, and if you are abroad please allow five to ten days. Thank you all for your support and patience, and please stay tuned as we continue to expand upon the core production with interviews and additional enhancements. All our best, Mark

    6. Missing avatar

      Lance Owen Yeager on November 1, 2011

      I have not received the first cut DVD. Have all those been shipped?

    7. Chris Britt 2-time creator on October 6, 2011

      Just posted an update to our backers on about the DVD release! Check your email!

    8. Missing avatar

      Campbell Davidson on October 1, 2011

      Any news on the release date?

    9. Missing avatar

      Adam Carlson on May 31, 2011

      I'm super stoked about this project. Any kind of a time frame for release?

    10. Chris Britt 2-time creator on May 14, 2011

      Hi Sam, I'll be in touch with you shortly by email with the link. It's my first time using Kickstarter surveys-- and I'm only allowed to send one. I'll be in touch soon! Chris

      Thanks, Jane! Our pleasure.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jane Rivers on May 14, 2011

      I am very happy to be a part of something representing Alan Watts. He was and continues to be a huge, positive and inspirational influence in my perception of being. His book Creative Meditations really changed my way of thinking and I hope that many more people become introduced to this powerful thinker with this film. Thank you, Chris!

    12. Missing avatar

      sam farrow on May 14, 2011

      hey i'm having the same trouble as robby, any suggestions?

      good luck with the film, i hope it goes well.

    13. Chris Britt 2-time creator on May 14, 2011

      Hey Robby, I just sent you a facebook message with the link. Thanks! Chris

    14. Missing avatar

      Robby Huang on May 14, 2011

      Hey there guys, I pledged $50 and entered my address for the CD, but I can't find a link for the mp3 version. Can you help me out?

    15. Missing avatar

      deleted on April 28, 2011

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    16. Missing avatar

      SomethingSea on April 27, 2011

      Will DVDs continue to be produced after this project is over? Where can they be ordered from?

    17. Chris Britt 2-time creator on April 20, 2011

      Thanks for your comments, stories and backing, everyone! It's very energizing!

    18. Chris Britt 2-time creator on April 20, 2011

      Hi SomethingSea, Please don't post the audio to YouTube. We want them to be for those who gave to the project and who are following us on Facebook and Kickstarter. We will post some items to to YouTube, but please let us do it. Thanks for asking! And yes, we'll be building our YouTube presence soon!

    19. Sfindra Belar on April 20, 2011

      so glad this project is going ahead, Alan is such an inspiration!

    20. Missing avatar

      SomethingSea on April 20, 2011

      I have a question about the "Why Not Now?" clips:
      Will they be available after this film is funded? If so, where? Would it be alright to post them on YouTube? I apologize if that question is getting annoying.

    21. Missing avatar

      deleted on April 19, 2011

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    22. Adam Jeal on April 19, 2011

      Well done guys! - I know it's not over yet, but I'm so pleased that you've reached your goal. :D

    23. Missing avatar

      Campbell Davidson on April 18, 2011

      The target has been reached!!! Great news!!! Looking forward to the download in a couple of days!!!

    24. pymai on April 18, 2011

      Well done everybody!

    25. Missing avatar

      Bob Cornell on April 18, 2011

      Hello Mark and Chris,
      While I was thinking about what to write, I see that the project is now $9 over the goal! Bravo! I am among those whose lives were transformed by Alan back in the 70's. Having been re-intruduced to Buddhism over the past few years, and having discovered (through the ease of web surfing) what tremendous work has been done over the past half century, I appreciate more than ever the contribution Alan has made. Imagine what Alan would think of the work of Shambala, IMS, Naropa U., Spirit Rock and countless others over the past five decades, not to mention what is being done by young people these days. Oh wouldn't I love to hear Alan interviewed on Budhist Geeks!
      And I love your "trailers". If there's anything absolutely essential on the path to enlightenment it's a sense of humor, and Alan (IMHO) was quintessentially a humorist, as well as being deeply compassionate for humanity.
      Kudos to you guys for this project. Can't wait to see the results.

    26. Missing avatar

      deleted on April 17, 2011

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    27. mihaipopescu on April 15, 2011

      At current velocity the project will be completely founded (and over 50k). But what Alan taught us is that all what counts is the what we do Now, in this very moment. For instance I decided to raise my pledge as much as my financial resources let me, but I'm not saying this to brag about it but to motivate you to do the same.

    28. Missing avatar

      Arman on April 13, 2011

      Hi Chris & Mark,

      In addition to the pledge, I would like to offer you to promote the movie, once done, to an audience of several million people. Please get back to me so we can discuss specifics.

      arman [at] armoona [dot] com

    29. Chris Pearce on April 12, 2011

      Hey Mark and Chris,
      Releasing "Why Not Now?" is a great incentivising idea, I hope it will accelerate your funding beyond the current goal. I wish I was financially able to donate more than I currently have.
      Also I am heartened to hear the explanation of the perspective this project aims at capturing - there are many different lights one can cast on Alan and his work, but a broad and balanced view is surely best. :-)
      Once again, good luck,
      PS: I agree with Elizabeth Lerer's idea. Some objective info on Wiki about the fact that a film is in development should not go against their guidelines, and may raise awareness.

    30. Aydin Ozer on April 10, 2011

      <3 Alan Watts

    31. Bob Moon on April 6, 2011

      Alan was and is a pivotal person in my life. I watched "Eastern Wisdom, Modern Life" on public television in L.A. in the late 60's and started reading his books. I was 17. I listened to him of KMET late at night in the 70's, and have listened to him on KPFK for the last 25 years or so. I saw him speak at California Lutheran College in 1971 or 1972.

      I have traced his footprints in Los Gatos and especially in Big Sur, which is close to my home. I spent a day with Emil White several years ago, and Emil pointed out that the vinyl turquoise couch I was sitting on is where Alan had slept two weeks before he passed away. Emil had many books in his library that Alan had inscribed to him. Sitting in Nepenthe in Big Sur late at night with the fire roaring and the light dim, I can almost see Alan, Emil, and Henry Miller misbehaving at the bar. I wish I had been there.

      I know he was a rascal, but he had a clarity about him and an uncanny way of getting to the essence of things. No one has replaced him, at least not for me. There are times when I miss him terribly.

    32. Chris Britt 2-time creator on April 5, 2011

      Hey Uri,
      Love that! I love everything he says about the element of "irreducible rascality" and being a genuine fake.

      Also, this is from Mark Watts:

      Dear Uri,

      One of the most fascinating aspects of this project so far has been setting aside my own experience for the moment, and exploring the wide variety of reactions to my father's works, both today and back when he became a celebrity in the sixties and seventies. Our feeling is that these authentic responses reflect the power and impact of his work, and as they say, where there's smoke there's fire. And so as one leg of the production I am assembling a selection of his own works to give it the fire, pieces that I think show clearly why people have responded so passionately, and so diversely, to his philosophy. Then to complement this media-scape, for the final edit of the film we will be conducting quite a few unscripted interviews to collect authentic responses to his works.

      As curator of my father's audio collection and an archive of print materials, photos, news clippings, letters, art, etc., it is apparent how much real original media we have available to help tell the story, from the vast audio library and newly discovered video, to pieces like his acceptance letter to Spiegelberg that brought him to the Academy of Asian Studies in San Francisco in 1951, and his 1969 recording "Why Not Now? The latter is a guided mediation that reflects the mood of Zen and also the emergence of pointed social commentaries, which found a ready audience and to some extent polarized public perception. Through media and written works we'll also let him tell his own story in his own words wherever possible, including selections from a couple of autobiographic tapes and from his published autobiography, In My Own Way.

      Our goal will be to pull together as much of the real media as possible to tell the story. And early on when we don't have much media, for example when my father first came to America, we'll draw on sources such Rick Fields' excellent history of Buddhism in America How the Swans Came to the Lake.

      We will not script and we will not avoid tough interviews, including American Buddhists critical of his work, and in the end we hope to produce an honest, multi-faceted portrait of one of the most charismatic and also enigmatic philosophers of our time.

      All our best,


    33. Missing avatar

      Uri Biber on April 5, 2011

      Hey Chris - I agree with the comment Elizabeth wrote, and I have a suggestion:
      "The irreducible rascal"

    34. Chris Britt 2-time creator on April 5, 2011

      Hi Adam,
      Thanks for your backing and your considerate note. Yes, thanks for letting me know about U.K. screening help. It's good to know we have a friend across the pond!
      As ever,

    35. Chris Britt 2-time creator on April 5, 2011

      Hi SomethingSea,
      I don't think you can edit the comments, but thanks for making the video private. Thanks for your help and support!

    36. Chris Britt 2-time creator on April 5, 2011

      Hi Elizabeth,

      Thanks for your backing and, yes, as Mark mentioned, we are considering other titles. As for wikipedia, if anyone wants to update Alan's page, that would be a great help! Thanks, Elizabeth!


    37. Adam Jeal on April 4, 2011

      Hi Chris, I just want to say how happy I am that you are making this project. Alan Watts' work is very dear to me and continues to inspire me every day. If you need any help later on with putting together some screenings in the U.K. i'd love to help.

      Best wishes,


    38. Missing avatar

      SomethingSea on April 3, 2011

      Hi Chirs.
      I would love to, accordingly, remove / edit my comments to remove the link. However, I have not found the ability to do so yet. Is there a way to edit one's comments?

    39. Chris Britt 2-time creator on April 3, 2011

      Hello SomethingSea,

      Thanks for your support. We will likely distribute some excerpts on YouTube, but we want to give this film a real push, so at this point we are not planning to distribute on YouTube. We also ask that you would not distribute the film on YouTube.

      Your video link might misdirect people from reaching us, so I would appreciate if you'd remove it. Again, I appreciate the gesture, however.

      Thanks for all your support!


    40. Elizabeth Lerer on April 3, 2011

      Hey guys, I just checked "Alan Watts" on Wikipedia and could not find a mention of this project.
      Can someone access the entry and add a link to Kickstarter?

      One more suggestion, let Roy Tuckman have the final say on the film's title.

      Elizabeth Lerer

    41. Missing avatar

      SomethingSea on April 3, 2011

      First off, I want to say that I absolutely love and adore Alan Watts. When I first found him on YouTube, I listened to his videos for about 2 weeks straight; I was in heaven. Accordingly, having become aware of this project, I have put a pledge in, and made an initial effort to make others (including my gf) aware of it. I really hope that it gets to the goal; truly, as some others have said, it would be a tragedy if it didn't.

      In my initial wondering, I had the question of whether the documentary would possibly be available on YouTube. However, in talking with my gf, it was made apparently that that would probably not come across too well - the point is to make money such that the words of Alan Watts can be disseminated even more. And she came up with a nice/cool idea - pledging $50 to get a copy of the documentary, of which I could then provide snippets of my favorite parts, and a link to the full thing (to buy).
      (the discussion in on this YT video)…

      I would like to know if any of the stuff in relation to YouTube sounds bad and if I should not do it. Though, since I'm assuming posting the full documentary would be a no-no, I'm wondering about the snippets, and whether there would be any rules, considerations, or the whatnot.

      I Love Alan Watts and I hope this project is a great success!

    42. Chris Britt 2-time creator on April 1, 2011

      Dear Uri,
      Thanks for your message and your generous donation. Yes, a film of this type can be created and will be received in many different ways. Here's our approach: The message Alan gave was both his words and how he lived his life; which were congruent with each other. This film will mainly be about Alan's topics- using Alan's words (of course that is an artistic choice). There may be a few interviews, but only by people who knew him- although we will see all sides of his self-described (and, in a larger context, everyone's) element of irreducible rascality. The interviews and story will also be in dialog with Alan's take on people and his opinion of himself. Mainly we aim to open-up the viewer to his ideas through his words in a new and visually compelling way. I hope that addresses your question.

    43. Missing avatar

      Uri Biber on April 1, 2011

      Dear Chris, Michael, Matt and everyone who are involved in this film. I think all of us who wishes to support this film do so with the understanding that each and every one of us carry a different perception of Alan. I think that it is also true to say that most of us us wonder what is your view - what will be the view of the film - about Alan as a man - including his ups and downs, and how much will it go beyond the subjective description of the book vs. the perception of other people who knew him. You see, we don't really know a lot about the direction, and I still debate with myself on the subject (how much to contribute) - so I decided to hear more from you guys...

      Looking forward to your reply
      Uri B.

    44. Meghan Halverson on April 1, 2011

      Very Motivating! As I am involved in creating a project of my own, I am motivated to see such amazing ideas and raw talent! Blessings to you!

    45. Chris Britt 2-time creator on March 30, 2011

      Thank you to everybody who donated in the past couple days. The response has been overwhelming. I wish I could thank you all individually, but it appears that until the funding goes through, Kickstarter will not allow me to message you. Thank you all! We're almost there! -Chris

    46. Chris Britt 2-time creator on March 30, 2011

      Thanks, Ivor. And for your donation, too. We're amped as well!
      Thanks for sending those letters out Michael. You rock!
      Thanks for the backing and the words of encouragement, James!
      Yes, Gareth- isn't that awesome? Thank you again for your great support!

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