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Everything is ready: The Studio, the musicians, the producer and engineer. Now all I need is your support to make this happen!

This is my story and why this album needs to happen:

I've been on a pretty incredible journey this past year. I recently found my Dad through a secret mission I went on to find the truth. I grew up believing my "real" Dad wanted nothing to do with me, and that was why he remained absent from my life. But last year I gained the courage to find out exactly why. Thanks to the power of the internet and modern DNA testing, I discovered the guy I thought was my dad... wasn't.  

So with a head-full of questions I set off on a hunt. At first to no avail. But  about a month later, and much soul-searching, I received a call from my mom who told me my dad "might" be John Beland. She went on to tell me of the night of my conception, which included a little too much alcohol and free-love, and the story unraveled that my Dad never even knew of my existence...he was a traveling musician...and well it WAS the 70's. :) So we met. It was the most epic thing I've ever experienced. We look a ton alike. Sound a lot alike. And now for the first time ever you will hear an album with both of us together. I'm super excited.

We've already begun tracking in the studio. I am working with a top of the line engineer/producer who has the experience as well as the creativity, recording in obscure places such as cathedrals or gigantic bathrooms to capture natural acoustics as well as in the home set-up. The songs are ready. The momentum is at full speed. 

No looking back.

The clock is ticking.. 

and we are depending on YOU to help make this dream a reality. 

Thank you so so much.


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    Thanks!! You will get a digital pre-release of the album. Which means you get this album before anyone else!

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    You are unbelievably cool! You get my brand new album packaged, autographed and delivered to your doorstep!

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    Thank you SO much! You get my brand new album + My last album "The Weatherman, all packaged, autographed and delivered to your doorstep.

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    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You get 3-pack Collection of all my albums with a t-shirt!

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    Awwwwww Thank YOU!!!! You will get your very own personal song! I will write it about your life or about someone else. I will record it and send it to you. And if you like I will show it to the world on facebook. You also get the box set of all 3 of my albums + a shirt.

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    You are so incredibly generous! Thank you! You will get TWO 3packs, a personalized song, AND SLEEVE CREDIT! Also a t-shirt with a bottle of Wine with the the new album logo on the label!

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    Wow! You are so amazing! You get the full package. You not only get sleeve credit on the album, t-shirt and bottle of Beland Wine and a song written for you, but my Dad and I will play in your living room! If you live outside Central Oregon area (Airfare and lodging is not included in this price. I know we can work something out once the goal has been reached.)

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    Okay I know I'm dreaming! JUST in case someone had it in them to donate this. I will be your minstrel for life. I will walk behind you serenading you on a daily basis. Ok, I'm joking but I will think of something so extraordinary for you. I promise.

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