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Update #31 - For backers only

Progress, progress, progress...


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Update #30 - For backers only

We hear you!


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Update #29

The final stretch

Hi everyone,

We have been working very hard for months on end to get this project done and it’s time for the run to the finish line! Feels a bit like Rocky in that infamous training montage: 

We are doing everything we can to get things done within the next few weeks - however, I am not 100% sure when we will be able to send out the final product as there is still a lot of tweaking to do. Rest assured, we will let all of you know as soon as we have a final release date. Please bear with me a little longer, I promise it will be worth the wait! In the meantime, I have prepared another big preview collage for everyone to enjoy: 

In other exciting news, we’re announcing our final guest artists and they’re no other than “Machinae Supremacy”, who are working on an awesome SID-metal style remake of the Turrican 2 Title. In the unlikely case that you have not heard of these guys before: they are a heavy metal band from Sweden who in addition to their own music also specialize in game music remixes/remakes and often incorporate SID sounds as a homage to the good old C64. And here’s a short preview excerpt:

Of course we are still in the process of some final recordings of guest musicians playing different solo instruments (electric bass, guitar, cello and others) on a number of tracks, for instance demo scene legend Eike "Romeo Knight" Steffen and Charlie Siete who won the Remix64 “remixer of the year” award for a brilliant Turrican arrangement in 2010. 

Also, while we are currently getting things ready for manufacturing, we wanted to let our Poster+ backers know that we will increase the number of posters in the set to 3, which includes now our vinyl artwork by junkboy as well. And finally, I have officially started signing (the Autograph Card in this case). Here’s a photo after 300+ signatures - just a few more to follow! ;)

Thank you again for all your patience and continued support as we’re getting really close to our finishing line!

Chris & Team

Update #28

Special surprise guest artist revealed!

We are very excited to announce yet another guest artist who created a special bonus piece for our fourth CD and it is none other than Vince DiCola, who is well-known for his unbelievably cool Transformers (the animated movie) and Rocky IV motion picture scores. As you may know, the C64 version of Turrican contained a piece that was “a little more” than just inspired by Vince DiCola’s work. We are extremely proud and happy that he agreed to be part of this project! Vince and co-artist/partner Kenny Meriedeth have created a powerful piece of music that captures and extends some of Vince's well known melodies and fits right into the world of Turrican. In a way, this collaboration will really round out the Turrican Soundtrack Anthology and is a gift for us as well as all our backers and supporters.

(Kenny Meriedeth & Vince DiCola in the studio)

Here is a ~1 minute preview excerpt of their 7 minute medley:

Vince DiCola & Kenny Meriedeth - Transformers Medley 2013 (Excerpt)

But that’s not all, here are two more previews for everyone to enjoy:

Chris Huelsbeck - Turrican I Main Title (Excerpt)

Turrican II Yuzo Koshiro Vinyl Retro Remix (Excerpt)

And finally, here’s a mockup (work in progress) of the pixel art cover for the Vinyl Record that Junkboy created:

That’s it for this update - cheers! :)

-Chris & Team

Update #27

Survey are all sent, please respond if you have not yet!

We have finished sending survey requests to all Kickstarter and Paypal supporters Thursday (2 days ago) and you should have gotten an email or message by now. If not, then something may have gone wrong with the email deliveries (please check your spam folder/filter) or some other bug in the message system.

If you have the email or Kickstarter message and have not responded yet, please fill out the survey now, so that we can compile a complete set of shipping data.

I'm a Kickstarter Backer and I didn't get an email or message:

In case you didn't get the request, you should still be able to also access your survey from the project page if you log into your account. Otherwise please reply to this update and we will work out a solution.

I pledged through Paypal and didn't get a survey request by email yet:

Paypal only supporters will need to contact us directly if you didn't get the emailed survey (use the contact form on to send us a message and we will send you the link to the survey again!).

-Chris & Team

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