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Update #35

Shipping progress and some frequent questions answered


The shipping is going pretty well and we have now mailed the majority of packages. There are still a number packages with multiple items for backers in the USA that we have to send out, which will happen in the next few days.

Now for some Q&A:

Q: My package arrived, but not all items were included. Is this a mistake?

A: Some items (like the vinyl) ship from a different warehouse and some items had to be sent separately for other reasons, so please be patient for a few days. If you have not received anything in a week, please contact us again through 

Q: It seems everyone else got their package, but I didn’t yet, why?

A: Some destinations take longer for delivery, especially outside of Germany.

Q: My USB Stick doesn’t seem to work on my Computer. Do I have a defective unit?

A: We have gotten a number of reports about this issue and are investigating the problem and a possible solution. From what we have gathered so far, the data is on the stick, but certain Computer/OS configurations (mainly Windows 7 64bit) have trouble reading from the stick, likely due to a driver or other software incompatibility. And while we are searching for a solution, you could maybe try it on a different computer.

Q: My CD arrived damaged / the case is broken, how do I get a replacement?

A: There are several options to fix this issue: if the print materials and the CDs themselves are not damaged, you could buy a 4 CD case and repair it yourself (and we could possibly send you money for the replacement case) - or - we send you an empty CD case for the repair - or - we can exchange the whole CD Box (we would send you a new box and probably a return envelope with postage). If you have additional questions, please use the contact form on 

Q: Why did I have to pay additional postage to receive my vinyl?

A: Our shipper calculated the shipping to the best of their knowledge, but in some cases the postal service deems that it wasn't enough and tries to collect additional fees from the recipient. This should not have happened and you definitely have a choice to not accept the package and have the postal service return it. We will then have the shipper mail it out again with the needed additional postage. If you decide to accept the package and pay the fee, we could reimburse you, but it would be a bit complicated with paypal or bank transfer procedures and fees involved - please use this option with this disclaimer in mind.

If you have additional questions, post here or write us at and we will try our best to answer.

-Chris & Team

ps: thanks for all the positive feedback, feels great! :)

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    1. Missing_small

      Creator Tommi Lempinen on January 3

      Hi Chris, and thank you very much.
      I also sent the same message via the form at with an extra question not related to TSA but other retro material. Hopefully you and/or someone else capable in answering that question is able to receive it.

    2. Dsc_3763f.small

      Creator Chris Huelsbeck on January 3

      Tommi: I forwarded your case to our shipping guys... we're a bit tight on the replacement poster reserve (particular the signed one) but we'll do whatever we can...

    3. Missing_small

      Creator Tommi Lempinen on January 3

      Hello and Happy New Year team!
      I received my box from Amazon UK and sadly during the mailing the package has seen some rough handling, and as a result the posters have been crushed. CDs, USB stick and the thank you card are in perfect condition. How can I get the posters replaced?

    4. Dsc_3763f.small

      Creator Chris Huelsbeck on January 2

      Arild: yes, it's certainly possible that a few of them are dead on arrival. So far we didn't have very many, but it can happen. I'll forward your info to the shipping team and we will see to replace it for you.


    5. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Arild on December 31

      Got my box on the last day of the year. "Estimated delivery December 2013" was nailed.. I also seem to have a problem with the USB stick. I tried connecting it to 3 different computers, Two run Windows 8.1 64bit and the last one ran Windows XP.. (32bit).. the dot on it which I assume is an activity LED does not light up and no computer even registers it as a device attached so it appears that it's dead to me at least. Apart from that it all seems good. :D

    6. Missing_small

      Creator Goetz Salzmann on December 20

      The USB-stick is formatted as a super-floppy, that's unusual and might cause problems, too.

      And there was a loose screw in the bag with my USB stick. While the stick has a hole, the screw can not be fixed there?

    7. Zarkon.small

      Creator darkstorm on December 19

      My case is cracked. Will have to wait till the weekend to get a chance to see if the cd's were damaged, but some of them were loose in the case which is not good. This happened because there was zero packing material in the box. :/

    8. Me.small

      Creator William Levy on December 19

      Epicness +1. I'm so glad to have that album in my collection. Thank you !

    9. Je.small

      Creator Jan-Erik Sundh on December 19

      Yes! I got my package yesterday to. It's great! Thanks!

    10. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Ivan Bersanetti on December 19

      Got my package yesterday, at last!! Thanks!

    11. Avatar1_syndicate_wars.small

      Creator TanC on December 18

      I've had situations where my pc wouldn't read regular USB sticks (on Windows 7 64-bit) but it was caused by newly installed software (Samsung Kies) that modified USB drivers. I uninstalled it and my computer was able to read USB sticks as usual. Maybe check to see if there's similar software installed that's causing the problems with USB.

    12. Missing_small

      Creator Stephen on December 18

      Thunder Plains is absolutely brilliant! :) Great slow build up and then the drum beat....then off we go!! :)

    13. Marzhin_sro.small

      Creator Julien Pirou on December 18

      Mine arrived yesterday. Been listening to the CDs all day. It's epic!

    14. Missing_small

      Creator Joachim on December 18

      Hello! Package arrived this week in pristine condition. It's great seeing this lovely project coming to a successful end. Thanks and much respect to Chris and his team for making it possible to revive the musical dreams of my youth with todays technology and quality.
      So, Chris, what's next? ;-)

    15. Missing_small

      Creator dugan on December 18

      Hi - thanks my cds arrived and all seem fine. The usb stick works ok, but there is a small screw at the back of it which fell out when I swung the latch open.
      I tried to re-screw it in, but there seems to be nothing inside for the screw to connect to? (hoping the screw is not important?)

    16. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Jason Robinson on December 18

      Hi Chris.

      First of all, congratulations and thank you.

      I received my package today. I'm in the UK. Everything is there. The USB stick seems to be working fine: Windows 8 64-bit.

      I haven't listened to the CDs yet but I've heard the mp3 downloads so I know it'll be awesome.

    17. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator A Brugsch on December 18

      oh and thank you sooo much for making this happen! the music is absolutely awesome (only listened to bandcamp downloads and USB OST music, but loving it. You've kept the feel of the original tracks without embellishing too much. Much RESPECT!

    18. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator A Brugsch on December 18

      UK - CD's and USB stick arrived in pristine condition! now just the inner conflict of weather to break the cellophane seal or not...

    19. Missing_small

      Creator AkaTsuko on December 18

      Spain here, everything arrived without a scratch :)

      I can't choose my favourite CD, because everytime I give one of them a go, that one becomes my favourite! The orchestral theme from the 4th CD leaves me speechless. Thank you for your efforts Chris :D

      I will miss waiting for the updates now that the project reaches its end. I wish there were more Amiga Related kickstarters. I'm very happy with this one and the Allister Brimble's Amiga Works.

    20. Missing_small

      Creator Flat Eric on December 18

      I received my package on Monday, very cool! :-) But I have a question: How do I get the MP3/FLAC version?

    21. 1521653_10152185460584853_1071243525_n.small

      Creator Lewis Clark on December 18

      Will we receive a dispatch notification when the package is sent? I haven't received one yet.

    22. Pablo_200.small

      Creator Jouni Lahtinen on December 18

      The package hasn't arrived yet, but I'm not worried; This is Christmas time, after all, and the post offices all over are over-worked. I wouldn't be too surprised if some of the deliveries didn't reach their destinations until after the holidays.

      But the MP3 version has been a regular in my Foobar and it's brilliant! Thank you so much for brightening these dark December days :D

    23. Dsc_3763f.small

      Creator Chris Huelsbeck on December 18

      Martin: you're very welcome!

    24. Dsc_3763f.small

      Creator Chris Huelsbeck on December 18

      David: thanks for the hint with the USB2... that may help some guys! :)

    25. Radio%20paralax.small

      Creator Radio PARALAX on December 18

      Everything was perfectly and arrived very fast here. The USB-Stick issue was a bit strange but no real problem as it can be fixed and all datas are burned on a DVD for digital archiving. Thanks a lot to you, Chris and the whole T.S.A. Team. The only thing which I wish is a digital release of the Yuzo Koshiro remixes on bandcamp or amazon. Please make it possible for all Non-Vinyl collectors. :-)

    26. Pacman.small

      Creator Martin Hinchliffe on December 18

      Got mine yesterday (CD, USB, poster and signature). Great stuff and the 1st Kickstarter project I backed :)

    27. Missing_small

      Creator David McLaren on December 18

      I had trouble reading the memory stick with windows 7 64bit through my USB3 ports but it worked fine in the USB2 ones, if that's any help to anyone.

      On the plus side, the album is absolutely amazing, it's everything I hoped for. I love it, thank you so much :)

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