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Chris Huelsbeck will create the Turrican Soundtrack Anthology Limited Edition Box Set on 3 CDs with new recordings and arrangements.
2,066 backers pledged $175,534 to help bring this project to life.

Special surprise guest artist revealed!

We are very excited to announce yet another guest artist who created a special bonus piece for our fourth CD and it is none other than Vince DiCola, who is well-known for his unbelievably cool Transformers (the animated movie) and Rocky IV motion picture scores. As you may know, the C64 version of Turrican contained a piece that was “a little more” than just inspired by Vince DiCola’s work. We are extremely proud and happy that he agreed to be part of this project! Vince and co-artist/partner Kenny Meriedeth have created a powerful piece of music that captures and extends some of Vince's well known melodies and fits right into the world of Turrican. In a way, this collaboration will really round out the Turrican Soundtrack Anthology and is a gift for us as well as all our backers and supporters.

(Kenny Meriedeth & Vince DiCola in the studio)

Here is a ~1 minute preview excerpt of their 7 minute medley:

Vince DiCola & Kenny Meriedeth - Transformers Medley 2013 (Excerpt)

But that’s not all, here are two more previews for everyone to enjoy:

Chris Huelsbeck - Turrican I Main Title (Excerpt)

Turrican II Yuzo Koshiro Vinyl Retro Remix (Excerpt)

And finally, here’s a mockup (work in progress) of the pixel art cover for the Vinyl Record that Junkboy created:

That’s it for this update - cheers! :)

-Chris & Team


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    1. John on

      almost forget to mention that the new preview of the Turrican 1 Title also part of this update is just awesome!!!

    2. Carlo Savorelli on

      About the lettering and font used on the vinyl cover: I always liked the fact that in the original logo the letters "TUR" and "CAN" are united. In a nod to retro fans, it would be cool in the definitive Vinyl cover could keep this element. :)

    3. Zro Dfects on

      More than meets the eye !

    4. Stallone7 on

      Oh my god... This so awesome!!! The greatest update of all. To have Vince in the boat is for me personaly so great as huge Stallone Fan... The Rocky IV Soundtrack will live forever in my mind. Thank you so much for this previews and the great news!

    5. Missing avatar

      AkaTsuko on

      Wow, this was unexpected! 7 minutes from Vince DiCola! This waiting is making me mad XD

      Dammit, I love that artwork from the vynil, but I did not pledge that much. I'm so jealous now :P

    6. Niels Boehm on

      I absolutely love the vinyl cover art, fantastic work, it looks like a Turrican II enhanced version ;)
      But I do agree with Sven Rösecke that the letters don't quite follow the retro spirit and are yearning for a different style - one more resembling the artwork.

    7. Missing avatar

      Claudio Wieland on

      Liked the other two pieces, but especially Kenny Meriedeth & Vince DiCola's piece just made me have an eargasm.. will my brain survive the full dose of awesome? :-)

    8. ThunderBlade on

      Great news and great idea. i'm sure Vince was quite surprised about this :) thumbs up

    9. julian van aalderen on

      Nice :) I once visited vince's house when I was in LA (he was a friend of my ex's family) and he wasn't aware of the c64 music of turrican, which I sent him later when I got home. It completes the circle for this project, a very good addition imo ! can't wait :)

    10. Missing avatar

      SR on

      I don't like the letters on the pixel art cover. They are simply too thin and not very readable. The same logo as on the CD set would fit much better in my opinion.

    11. Missing avatar

      Stephen on

      +1 nice artwork. All we need now is the game :)

    12. Michael on

      Awesome Artwork and great previews! Good work!

    13. Missing avatar

      Timo Paulin on

      I can't even describe how excited I'm about this update. Vince DiCola on a Turrican album! I've been following DiCola's Twitter because there has been info about him remastering the Transformers soundtrack but I never could imagine it would end up on this album. Two of the greatest composers ever on one album.

    14. Chris Van Graas on

      Fantastic arrangements of the T1 and T2 tracks, and the surprise inclusion of Vince DiCola is awesome! Thanks to everyone involved in putting together this legendary anthology set!

    15. the_Agent on

      This Vinyl Cover is absolutely amazing. I need a Poster of that :-)

    16. Carlo Savorelli on

      It's so cool to have DiCola on the fourth disc! Turrican owes him something! :)

    17. tarasis on

      Vince freaking DiCola *swoon* I have his 3 Transformers related CD's (Artistic Transformations, Lighting Their Darkest Hour and The Protoform Sessions) and cannot get enough of Artistic Transformations, its such a well done album.

      That new medley. WOW! I cannot wait to hear it in full.

    18. Thorwan on

      Can't wait. Also, Junkboys work is awesome!

    19. Roger H on

      Sounds freaking amazing!