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Chris Huelsbeck will create the Turrican Soundtrack Anthology Limited Edition Box Set on 3 CDs with new recordings and arrangements.
Chris Huelsbeck will create the Turrican Soundtrack Anthology Limited Edition Box Set on 3 CDs with new recordings and arrangements.
2,066 backers pledged $175,534 to help bring this project to life.

TSA Update 22

Hi Everyone, 

another month has passed, but things are definitely back on track now! I am currently working on the 3rd CD/Turrican 3 and also started refining some sounds and mix for other pieces. I released another preview track for our poster+ level backers recently and gotten really positive feedback on the sound.

Also, Holger Lagerfeldt has finished recording the original Amiga tracks (from a real hardware Amiga of course) for the USB drive. Next are the console versions, which he will also record from original hardware.

And Yuzo Koshiro has started working on his retro remix for the our vinyl record. I actually met him in person at MAGFest a couple of weeks ago and I prepared a little video in which he talked about how he got involved with the project and that he is excited to work on the remix. This will be part of the mini documentary.

Next item: The music box for our 1500 level and higher backers should be ready for shipment in about a month and will be sent out separately from the rest of the rewards. 

Before we’re ready to ship all the other rewards (as announced in the December update, this is planned to happen in June), we of course will need your address and other info, which will be requested some time soon by sending a comprehensive survey through the Kickstarter system and a personal email for our Paypal supporters will be prepared using service. Speaking of mailchimp: if you pledged only through Paypal and didn’t recieve any update emails from us (the last big one was on December 24th), please check your spam folder or filter settings and add and as a trusted hosts. That way the communications should get through. If you still have problems, contact us privately and we’ll try to fix any email issues. 

Speaking of getting the rewards ready for shipment: there is one aspect of the logistics that I had not thought about thoroughly before, which is the signing of items; this will not be an easy task, since I will have to sign a ton of merchandise (over 2000 CD box sets, close to 500 Posters and another 500 Autograph cards), except if you decide individually if you “don’t” want your item signed. This will be covered in the survey as well.  

So much for this update and you can expect another one around end of February! :) 

-Chris & the Turrican Soundtrack Anthology Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Marcel Luka on

      @Radio PARALAX: Agreed! This is by far the best one up to now.

    2. Radio PARALAX on

      The latest T3 remix ist the best up to now. You should keep the quality in every case and fit the other tracks to this level as well. Looking forward to the next demos. This project gets more and more interesting. :-)

    3. Wei-ju Wu on

      Original Amiga tracks, so happy I pledged for a level which includes the USB stick :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Karl Malm on

      Awww jeez, making it on the original machines too? You spoil us.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jacob Wilkinson on

      Haha, better warm up your hand for those 3000 signatures Chris! Great news, looking forward to the next update.