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Chris Huelsbeck will create the Turrican Soundtrack Anthology Limited Edition Box Set on 3 CDs with new recordings and arrangements.
Chris Huelsbeck will create the Turrican Soundtrack Anthology Limited Edition Box Set on 3 CDs with new recordings and arrangements.
2,066 backers pledged $175,534 to help bring this project to life.

The final 3 days are here! :)

First of all, thanks to everyone who sent in their top 3 or in some cases more favorite Turrican Tracks. We are still tallying the votes and will release the results soon.

Thanks also so much for your feedback about the first track - most of you seem to be very happy with the result (and so are we) and we are definitely listening to concerns you may have. Please keep in mind that the piece didn't receive the final mastering yet. But you can be assured that we have of course set aside a part of the budget for professional mastering and that this step (which is usually only done just before manufacturing to make all tracks cohesive and add the final aural touches) still has the potential to lift the music to a whole new level (and by "level", we don't mean "loudness war" here - we believe in peace and good dynamics! ;)!

Because of the extraordinary amount of requests for the music box, the team has now made the decision to up the edition to 20 units, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the soundtrack. This means that there will be 4 more boxes, but we also want to add more value to all of them, e.g. in form of better wood quality and a special polished brass plate with laser engraved inscription. The design is still pending, but it will feature the name of the song (The Great Bath), the name of the project and official numbering (x of 20) as well as one additional line with your name or message - just talk to us about the text. These additional boxes will be made available at the $1500 level on Saturday, the 2nd at 10am California time (19:00 in Germany). Better be quick if you want to grab one!

The next news item is that we were able to sign another well known graphics artist: It's Mr. Tobias Richter, who is an accomplished 3d artist from the very early days of the Amiga to today and who was also involved with previous work on the Turrican series and Alien Breed among other great game projects. He will design the title logo for the project and add his own special touches. We are very happy to have him on board.

In other housekeeping news: Some backers are wondering if they would still get the USB Stick when upgrading to the $100 level (to get access to the music previews and the posters etc.), because of the wording about exclusive rewards - the USB Stick, just like the box set, is not exclusive, so it's definitely all included with the posters, music previews and all the other stuff, no worries! International shipping is also included at $100 and above.

As the final day is approaching, we have a lot of things on our plate and may not get to answer all questions quickly, but we are trying! Our Paypal option is definitely available until at least midnight on Sunday, California time and emails about bank transfer info will also be honored even if we may not answer immediately:
'Upgrading' also works through Paypal, using the “any amount” option.
However, that page will disappear on Monday and once it is gone, we will not be able to accept more orders (except for bank transfer emails that come in before that cutoff)!

Finally: Our online party on is planned to start on Sunday around 2pm California time (23:00 German time) and you can tune in and use the chat option to participate... we're looking forward to the celebration!

Your very very grateful Turrican Soundtrack Anthology Team


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    1. Michael Hengstmann on June 1, 2012

      Wow. A huge "Yay" for Tobias Richter, I surely remember his early works on the Amiga and all his Star-Trek related ones (FedCon, anyone?) as well.... This project is getting better and better.... :-)

    2. tarasis on June 1, 2012

      Pleased to hear Tobias Richter is on board, his and his companies 3D/CG work is amazing. Looking forward to seeing what he produces.

    3. Radio PARALAX on May 31, 2012

      Great update, Chris! We knew that you don't miss hearing the voice of your fans. Looking forward to the party & chat on sunday. All the best! :-)