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Chris Huelsbeck is creating a limited Collector’s Edition Box Set featuring new live orchestra recordings of music from Turrican II!
Chris Huelsbeck is creating a limited Collector’s Edition Box Set featuring new live orchestra recordings of music from Turrican II!
Chris Huelsbeck is creating a limited Collector’s Edition Box Set featuring new live orchestra recordings of music from Turrican II!
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    1. Daniel Hupfer 6 days ago

      received a damaged Vinyl, after showing the damage, got the promise to receive a replacement.
      Never got that replacement and further communication has been ignored.

    2. Chris Huelsbeck 4-time creator on

      Hi Jorge, I just became aware of this and we'll take care of it! -Chris

    3. Missing avatar

      Jorge Carrillo on

      Hi Chris,

      Hope all is well! I emailed a while ago, and haven’t wanted to pester. I never received my vinyl album. I was hoping to see what next steps are.


    4. Chand Svare Ghei - Moonknight

      Thank you, in the end I got the right one, for Christmas, and it is of course Excellent!

    5. Missing avatar

      Matthias Kühnemund

      Hallo Chris, ich wünsche Dir und Deiner Familie schöne Weihnachten! Vielen Dank für das neue Album - ich bin schon gespannt auf das nächste!!!
      Grüße aus Deutschland!

    6. Chand Svare Ghei - Moonknight

      Unfortunatly they sent the wrong replacement, and then after a long time, again the wrong replacement. So, I gave up. It should not be like this.

    7. Missing avatar

      Deathrider on

      The Box has arrived - thank you. Now i have one question.
      When will the pdf full scores be sent by mail or downloadcode?

    8. Chand Svare Ghei - Moonknight

      Getting a replacement for the faulty vinyl number 1. Thank you.

    9. Darren Shoesmith on

      Never mind my last message. Parcel arrived today in good order. Thank you and love it!

    10. Darren Shoesmith on

      Hi Chris I haven't received my parcel yet.

    11. Missing avatar

      Pål Kristiansen on

      Love it, but bad sound on vinyl 1

    12. Chand Svare Ghei - Moonknight

      I have the same on Vinyl 1. And its really bad.
      It seems to be a bad press.

      What to do?

    13. Missing avatar

      Andreas Lygner on

      I love the production! But is it only my vinyls that has a lot och "klicks" or "pops"? Mainly on the first two tracks?

    14. Markus Mahlstedt on

      Thanks very very much for the bonus track, really great work!

    15. Missing avatar

      Jose Luis Equiza on

      Today the vinylbox arrived here in Spain. Perfect!

    16. Markus Mahlstedt on

      Hi Chris, first of all: once again great work! My 10 years old daughter loves listening to The Great Bath! :) I was wondering - as I'm on the 50$ tier - where's the brand new Turrican II OST styled track in MP3 and FLAC format as seen on the rewards chart? Did I miss something or isn't it ready yet? Or is it the bonus track on the vinyl? If so I would really appreciate a digital download as the only person I know with a vinyl player is my mother! :D

    17. Jochem Menting on

      Gorgeous! Trueley outdone yourselves on this package :D

    18. Missing avatar

      dx007 on

      Went to pick up my package today. Well done lads! I love the vinyl.

    19. Dirk Tol on

      Received my package today, awesome! Very nice!

    20. Punnik on

      Just received my vinylbox (the Netherlands) looking very nice! Thanks!

    21. Missing avatar

      Volker Gaertner on

      Today I received my box here in Austria. It's like Christmas! I'm so excited. Thank you Chris!

    22. Paul Barnett on

      Received my box set yesterday! Love it! Everything about it show a lot of love, care and attention. Thank you Chris, as a big fan and Turrican II being one of my favourite Amiga games, I am thrilled with this collector’s piece :)

    23. Paul Martin

      Fantastic , incredible , mind blowing box set vinyl , happy happy happy...great work..

    24. Lee Crutchley on

      Just received my vinyl boxset Chris. Looks and sounds awesome. Very happy with the finished product. Thanks for making this happen. �

    25. Jukka Peltola on

      @manika the CD is under the vinyls in the box.

    26. Missing avatar

      manika on

      Is the CD in the Vinyl Box or are there two seperate boxes, one for Vinyl and one for CD?

    27. Jukka Peltola on

      Just got mine in Finland, arrived in mint condition and listening now. :)

    28. Jochem Menting on

      Aah! So it shipped already? *posting at my mailbox :)

    29. NinjaCool on

      I just got mine in here in Denmark and it looks nice! :)

    30. Scherge on

      You sneaky bas... errm, people! I travel abroad for five days, and what do I find upon my return? The vinyl album, without so much as an email heads-up! Looks cool, perfect condition, can't wait to listen to it. Thanks!

    31. ShadowTail on

      Woot! Got mine vinyls today!

    32. Missing avatar

      Riemer on

      Did anybody receive a tracking number? Still waiting here the netherlands :)

    33. Dennis Demsat on

      Hallo Herr Huelsbeck!

      Habe mein Paket Gestern erhalten und bin, wie auch schon von der Soundtrack Anthology, restlos begeistert.

      Vielen Dank für die Mühen und den Eifer!

    34. Björn Holzmann on

      Hallo Chris,
      habe heute das Paket mit den Schallplatten ,Artworks und CD (150$) bekommen.
      Sieht super aus und klingt natürlich auch so!
      War angenehm überrascht von dem Bonus Track auf der zweiten Scheibe!
      Alles gute für die Zukunft und weiteren Projekte, ich bin sicher wieder mit dabei!

    35. Missing avatar

      Karsten S. on

      Just got mine 5 mins ago.

    36. ZeusC2 on

      Received the box today.. absolutely awesome! The artwork and the quality of the box is fantastic! Now start the turrican 4 kickstarter!! :-)

    37. Missing avatar

      aPEX on

      Arrived today here in Germany!
      Thank you Chris, fantastic work. Even the shipping package seems to be special. :)

    38. Sebastian Bergmann

      My vinyl box arrived yesterday. Love it! Thanks Chris! Will be back for the next Kickstarter :-)

    39. Missing avatar

      Michael D. on

      Same here. Looks fantastic, a perfect box my collection :)

    40. Chris on

      My vinyl box just arrived. What a lovely surprise. ^__^

    41. Missing avatar

      Stephan Wendland on

      Just fullfild the survey, i hope the Next Kickstarter campaign will happen

    42. Punnik on

      just filled in the survey.
      "Now all you have to do is sit back and wait for a great reward! "
      yeah :P

    43. Chris Huelsbeck 4-time creator on

      Daniel: the Vinyl backers will get their survey in the next few days and the shipping will happen about mid April...

    44. Missing avatar

      Daniel Moersdorf

      Hello Chris,
      I just saw your email this morning. It seems I need you to look into my case. I sponsored the limited edition version CD/Vinyl, but have not yet received the CD shipment.
      Thank you


    45. Missing avatar

      Martin Gerken on

      The CD arrived today. Thank you!
      PS: Strange - I did not rush to the CD player as I've already got the digital download for so long :-)
      PS: very good packaging! (I've received so many broken cases because everybody uses the *** bubble packaging instead...)

    46. Paul Moore on

      The CD arrived today (UK). Brilliant :-)

    47. Marco Biondi on

      CD arrived today (Italy). Thanks Chris for the really awesome result and the anticipated delivery! I'm really super proud to have contribute to this project.

    48. Chris Huelsbeck 4-time creator on

      Jans & Andreas: The first surveys we sent was only for the plain CD Backers. Everyone else will get their survey closer to the actual shipping (the vinyl takes longer to manufacture), so we can avoid address changes due to people moving (that was a bit of a nightmare during the TSA, where we sent the surveys way too early ;).

      If on the other hand anyone is still missing their download codes for the digital version of the album, please send me a personal message and I'll sort it out.


    49. Missing avatar

      Andrea Bruschina on

      Hello, i have the same problem: I haven't received any e-mail about the survey. please can you resend it?

    50. Jens Röcher on

      Irgendwie habe ich keine Umfrage wegen der Adresse bekommen. Vielleicht ist es auch im Spamordner gelandet und jetzt weg. Könntet ihr mir den Link nochmal zusenden?

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