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Go toe to toe with the best lockpick artists throughout New London in this abstract game of skill and memory for 1-2 players!
Go toe to toe with the best lockpick artists throughout New London in this abstract game of skill and memory for 1-2 players!
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    1. Selim Musleh Vega

      HI, I'm still waiting for my shipping order. I'm from Chile :(

    2. Missing avatar

      Pavel Drotar on

      Received today (February 8th) - Slovakia.

      The good:
      1. The play mat, the tokens, the dice, the cards - fantastic. it all gives the game a very special feel.
      2. The gameplay is fast, matches last 15 - 30 minutes (on Day 1), and there are some surprising twists where a clear lead disappears with a sudden swing.
      3. The pictograms on the dice are very clear.

      The "could be better":
      1. Throughout reading the rules, I kept having the uneasy feeling of "Am I understanding it correctly?" The rulebook lacks, IMHO, some sort of "checkpoints"/"confirmation"/"examples" that would serve as a validation of correct understanding. Not a single example is provided - not for "This is how you complete a diagram", not for "This is how a typical turn might proceed".
      2. The Campaign instructions seem really rushed - they are all on one page, with just 3 lines for co-op 2-player mode. The instructions imply that I should be able to find out from the room card how to play it solo/co-op, but in fact, only the final levels say "2 Characters" - the earlier rooms forgot to explicitly say "1 Character only".
      3. The rules fail to explicitly say that a player can look at their diagrams, or scan through their Disabled Failsafes stack. It's only once you read the Trap/Countermeasure cards that you realize that players are apparently allowed to look at their diagrams, at which point the question "WHEN am I allowed to look?" pops up: Is it allowed to look at my own diagrams during oponent's turn, or do I have to wait until my turn to refresh my memory of what's on those diagrams?
      (1+2+3)==>Consequence: I would strongly suggest doing an Errata/Addendum for the rulebook that would include examples or expand on the rules to make understanding them easier.

      Loving the game so far!

    3. Missing avatar

      Bert Van Der Laan on

      Nothing received yet, I am from Holland...

    4. Rahlyx on

      Still waiting for my shipping order :/

    5. Missing avatar

      Adrian Bolt

      Finally after another ten days it arrives, in total over a month longer than the estimate.
      The REAL Bill Richards:
      RE "The problem is that Games Quest are really the only viable distributor in the UK"
      No, that's just one of the problems. (Out of curiosity, how do you know there aren't others?)
      RE "they have a lot of work to get through"
      Yes, because they clearly contract to fulfil more Kickstarters than they can handle.
      RE "Sure they could keep us updated better"
      Actually I don't believe they could.
      RE "they don't just sit on their hands waiting, they start distributing other stuff"
      That's a pathetic excuse, Would you be fine with Amazon delivering a Christmas order in January because they were too busy "distributing other stuff"? Besides, I don't care about the other Kicksatrters, I care about the one I'm pledged for.
      RE "they just have a lot of bite with not so much chew capacity"
      Which is also a problem, yet you seem to find it perfectly acceptable.

    6. Emilio M on

      Nothing arrived yet here on Argentina. Any chance this might come through DHL or regular mail is the option?

    7. Missing avatar

      Broxi on

      Received my game and expansions. I am from Germany. So all included, nothing damaged, components are really great and no bad smell as others stated. Many thanks

    8. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    9. Marlon Yabut de Guzman on

      Still nothing.. I'm from the Philippines..

    10. Missing avatar

      Shawna LaDelpha

      Still no DHL express tracking number received for this Canadian.

    11. The REAL Bill Richards

      The problem is that Games Quest are really the only viable distributor in the UK and they have a lot of work to get through. Sure they could keep us updated better with more realistic time scales, but at the end of the day if stuff gets to them later than planned due to customs then they don't just sit on their hands waiting, they start distributing other stuff and the late arrivals make it into the queue as soon as possible. They are a good company, they just have a lot of bite with not so much chew capacity

    12. Maricel Edwards

      So Nevada has chimed and and so has Oregon. Is lil ol' California me the tail end of the shipping wave? Or is it because I ordered solo packs and a playmat? Wish the creators would pop on over to this thread to respond. Or do I comment on the BGG page, you think?

    13. Edward Petersen

      I received mine quite a while back, I guess I was lucky. Since things are delayed for the bulk of folks, what does that do for the separate shipments of the solo packs and playmats?

    14. Missing avatar

      Adrian Bolt

      If the container(s) arrived at Gamesquest before the holidays, that's three weeks ago. Stop making excuses for them, it's sounds like the same Gamesquest runaround as last time.

    15. Eric Miller

      Guess I'm in the last 25%... no tracking number, no new stuff... With my luck, this and everything else will show up on the same day.... :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Andy Newman

      My copy arrived ladt week, Nevada, and we have been playing it a lot. The quality is fantastic and the game play is great. I also got the playmat and love it!! The wait is worth it for this game.

    17. David Siskin

      Waiting for
      * Royal HQ
      * the Estates
      * Deluxe Playmat

    18. Husker Dan

      I too am in a country that doesn't have mail delivery so my address is a PO Box, if you ship DHL, you will need my street address, how do I get that to you?

    19. Missing avatar

      ashley king on

      How do we update our address? Mail forwarding doesn’t work for DHL...

    20. cycyx

      Received my GQ tracking number yesterday (France)...

    21. Missing avatar

      Evgeny Ovsyannikov on

      Thanks for the update. Please don't use DHL Express to ship game to Russia. Regular post service is better option. No troubles with customs

    22. Chi-Hsuan Huang on

      "The heavier packages" means the order is over 4 lbs in the previous update?
      OK I only ordered the mat and the two episodes in wave 2, so I guess my package would be handled by GQ? :P

    23. Adam Fenerty

      So some for RoW are going via DHL, the others will be Gamequest? what kind of volumes or target areas does this mean?

    24. Maricel Edwards

      Seattle, eh? So my package to California should be coming shortly? /fingers crossed

    25. Lisa Koehler on

      So Canadian shipments are NOT coming through DHL Espress?
      What carrier is being used then? So I can keep an eye out for it, please.

    26. Adam Smith on

      Received mine Saturday (Seattle) - fantastic production quality, can't wait to get them (also picked up TMB) to the table.