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Go toe to toe with the best lockpick artists throughout New London in this abstract game of skill and memory for 1-2 players!
Go toe to toe with the best lockpick artists throughout New London in this abstract game of skill and memory for 1-2 players!
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    1. AGN1964 on

      Thanks for the extra DHL info. As I said, I am not expecting any change or action from you.

      However, this does not change my view of DHL as it does not address any of my issues with them. I was not talking about DHL EasyPost, they have provide tracking for a while and I was not worried about them double charging brokerage. My issues are that brokerage is too high and they do a poor job of actually delivering the package.

      In DHL's defense, I not would say that "anyone is better". UPS is equally bad. Their brokerage is even higher, but they do actually deliver the parcels.

    2. Missing avatar

      Daniel Mickelson on

      Thanks for the update, and thanks for your work with the shipping situation! My family and I love TMB, and are looking forward to Triplock:) Happy Thanksgiving!

    3. Josh & Adam Carlson 8-time creator on

      We had our DHL rep over yesterday and had another chat. DHL has been great to us so far. Very informative, and very easy to work with. A few notes and clarifications for those of you with any concerns...

      We will be using DHL EXPRESS which is not to be confused with DHL EasyPost. DHL EasyPost literally delivers the packages to the last government mailing location local to the final destination, and it switches over to let the government finish the delivery. These types of shipments generally take several days. DHL EXPRESS is a 1-3 day international delivery option, all the way to the customer. This means it will be faster than even our domestic deliveries in many cases. Make no mistake, this is a serious upgrade for many that we will be taking on. We are going to be absorbing this added cost ourselves and we will see how well it goes. If the feedback is anything short of spectacular, then we may need to re-evaluate our options. Being the last company to see the package before it goes out presents a nice benefit to us, and it also allows us to have direct control over which boxes and packing processes we want to have for our orders. This is our effort to improve quality of packaging, reduce errors, and speed up shipments!

      I should reiterate for those of you with concerns, there is no brokerage fee, no VAT, no surprise costs, absolutely none of that. We are paying for the entire shipment up front. We have communicated that with DHL and they have reassured us of this. We did a test run of 30 or so shipments recently, and all were reported to not have additional 'surprise' fees after delivery which is great news and confirmation to us that it works.

      Furthermore, all our customers who are getting packages via DHL from us will be getting notified via email/text of their shipment. It will come with tracking and along with options to: redirect to another address, put a hold on it due to vacation, take off signature required option, leave package with neighbor option, and even schedule a specific drop off time! If you have not experienced any of this, I assure you this is next level DHL service and excitement. For those of you in those more extreme and hard to reach places, such as Malaysia - this will literally reduce your delivery time from 12 weeks down to 3 days. We believe it worth every penny. The very best products deserve the very best delivery service. We look forward to your feedback after we get this underway!


    4. AGN1964 on

      So one problem that I face, which you probably don't James, are the brokerage fees. They can charge want they want. DHL charged me $40 brokerage on a $45 game once. No taxes, no duties were due. That's when I stopped using them, if possible.

      The last time a shipper picked DHL after I had paid for the KS reward, I tried to clear customs myself. By law, they have to offer this option, and it has to free (no service fee). They simply shipped the package back to a bonded warehouse in Montreal. I had the option to drive 2 hours away to clear the package, or pay their brokerage fee. They are just con men.

      Also they do not deliver to my house if it is late in the day. They just go to depot. They do this for three days, then call me to come and get it. They will not just let me come and get it; they have to fake the delivery 3 times first.

    5. James M.

      I'll second AGN1964's comment. In my experience, DHL is the worst major shipper I know of. I'm not sure if I've ever received anything on time from them; I think they're almost always late. And what frustrates me the most is that when they transfer packages to USPS, they update their tracking information saying they did this *before* they actually do so. It can take days for the package to actually get to USPS after DHL says they handed it over. This not only delays delivery, it puts the package in a kind of limbo state where neither DHL nor USPS says that they have it. I wouldn't necessarily go as far as to not buy from a company if I know they're shipping by DHL, but pretty much every time I see that shipping is by DHL, it gets an instant "ugh!" reaction. I assume, as AGN1964 does, that DHL must be particularly cheap compared to other (better IMO) shippers, and agree with A.D. Olsen that "ANYTHING is better" than DHL. Oh well. As long as I get everything in good condition, that's what matters in the end. But I still don't like having to deal with DHL.

    6. AGN1964 on

      While I am not asking for any action from the creators, I have to agree with A.D. Olson that DHL is a dreadful company to deal with, from the recipients end. Their brokerage fees are ridiculous (not an issue here). The regularly drive-by my house without attempting to deliver. The circumvent the legally required self clearance process. I do not buy from stores or back KS projects that use DHL. I have had 5 deliveries from them over a 10 year period and all have been problematic, so it seems to be a systemic issue.

      My assumption is that they are really cheap. I cannot see another reason for shippers to use them.

    7. A.D. Olson on

      Adam - thanks for the reassurance. DHL has a history of billing recipients weeks or months after delivery. My first and only order from ThinkGeek was one example of this, and the package was damaged. They packed it well, though. If anything comes up, I'll contact you. Thanks.

    8. Carinathedog on

      Just to make sure...

      Carinathedog vor 2 Tagen

      Just to make sure: Copies of TMB+extra characters orded via the Triplock pledge manager (and just these, no Triplock stuff itself) are also on these boats now?

    9. Josh & Adam Carlson 8-time creator on

      @A.D.: Sorry to hear that. If you are having issues with them collecting extra funds, this is on the shipper, not DHL. We pay for everything up front and have an agreement with DHL to not collect anything from the recipients. Also, if your package has been damaged in the past, also I am sorry to hear that... And also, it sounds like the shipper did not use proper packaging. Unless you have a carrier maliciously damaging your product, please do give it a try with us :)


    10. A.D. Olson on

      This is really bothering me. Can I opt out of DHL delivery? ANYTHING is better. I don't think I'll be backing anything else on Kickstarter because this isn't the first time I've seen DHL sprung on me at the last possible minute. Last time I cancelled my order and got a refund, but I really want my copies of Triplock...

    11. Raging Robot

      Thanks guys, I'm glad to hear you are just as mad about the situation as I am. I appreciate your openness and positive attitude regarding this delay. You guys have always been for the backers and I'm just furious that another company would do this to you "and us"!
      @Wiebke Timm : I hope you don't own a company because with your attitude you'd be taken advantage of by everyone knowing you'd sit back and do nothing when someone screws you over. Brilliant. Oh yeah, and how would it help us as backers if they sued another company. Well first off, they'd get their money back that was basically stolen from that which makes them whole and is better for us as backers. Second, it sets a tone that this company doesn't take crap from anyone and if you think you can just screw them and get away with it you're dead wrong. So, I'm glad you're not running this company.

    12. Josh & Adam Carlson 8-time creator on

      @Raging Robot Your frustration is warranted. Let me assure you of a few things. First of all, we are not using that company ever again. The only thing keeping us from moving foil bag printing to Gameland previously was the great track record and pricing the previous company had going.

      Secondly, we are furious about their response and we WILL be seeking out ways to get our money back. International lawsuits are very hard to execute on and can become very expensive (much more expensive than the cost to reprint), but we have a few ideas on next steps.

      Finally, I just want to mention that we do not like to sit on our hands when it comes to these matters and we don't believe in resolving this type of issue at the cost of our backers (waiting longer for their product). Therefore, we were SPECIFICALLY thinking of you when we made the decision to pay out of our own pocket for Gameland to reprint the bags rather than tie up or further delay the shipment while we worked through a lawsuit or lengthy negotiations. We are all for pursuing re-compensation, just not at the cost of our backers delivery timeline. Our first priority was to get the games moving in this direction, update our backers with the situation and solution, and then address the issue of $ on our own time.

      All of that being said, we understand the need to vent. We share much of your frustration. As for your order, it looks like you are in CA so all should arrive to your door the last week in December.

      ~ JC

    13. Veroni

      I appreciate the update. Thanks for the detailed information. I think the accuracy is still good even though you dont hit November.

      @Raging Robot: What would it help us backers if theu sued another company? We would probably have our games much much later than with the present solution. I would not support a company any longer that wasted time on a lawsuit that could go towards making a good game instead. What kind of attitude is that to sue everyone all the time?

    14. Raging Robot

      I'm a little miffed because I ordered a lot of extra stuff for both games "triplock and Too many bones" and now I have no clue when any of this crap is going to show up!

    15. Raging Robot

      What pisses me off the most "beyond the delayed delivery" is no mention of a lawsuit to a company that screwed up and refuses to fix THEIR mistake! Why do I feel like you are turning belly up just to make sure you don't piss anyone off yet we are second thought to everything else going on? I say sue them, get your money or at least some money back for their screw up! Never use them again "which you don't even mention you'll do in the update" and make it known to others they are a shit manufacturer! Why the dancing around this company and not really scream to hi hell that this is a major, MAJOR screw job by a company! Stop playing nice and think about your backers first before you placate to a manufacturer that is obviously not doing their job because without backers YOU don't have a company.

    16. Lila

      also I second the name and shaming of the company that wanted to charge you for their mistake...

    17. Lila

      lol.... do you really think if the ship arrives 19th that things will be sent over the Christmas period xD I look forward to my pledge in January.

    18. AGN1964 on

      @A.D. Olson Ha, ha, ha. DHL are the worst in my area too. They will not deliver ... I have to wait three days while they fake it, then go and pick it up.

    19. Missing avatar

      Joe Kohler on

      @ghillie can you roll the larger cards with the deluxe mat to make them fit into the tube?

    20. Missing avatar

      Gary on

      Sorry to hear bout the terrible experience with the rubbish manufacturer... any way to name n shame them so other publishers stay away from them? Bravo to u n gameland for the turnaround n rescue!

    21. A.D. Olson on

      OK, may as well ask this now to get a jump on it: when DHL damages my copies of Triplock and then charges me delivery fees on top of that, who do I contact?

    22. Missing avatar

      Geoff Bernardo on

      The tube is amazing! I'm going to have so much fun showing that baby off at a game night with my friends.

    23. Katrina Hennessy

      Thank you for the thorough update. I appreciate that it is a really fine balance between announcing an issue early, thus causing unnecessary anxiety and confusion, versus leaving backers feeling like they were not notified in a timely manner while you put together all the information. I have no issue with the delay itself, you faced a product issue and dealt with it. Perhaps an update once the new bags were in production would have been a more optimal timing though I honestly do not feel like I was left in the dark too long.

      The game components look great and the tube is amazing. I look forward to receiving it whenever it arrives.

    24. Ronald Schachtner II

      The Deluxe Playmat looks so good. I cant wait to get this in the mail.

    25. Carinathedog on

      Just to make sure: Copies of TMB+extra characters orded via the Triplock pledge manager (and just these, no Triplock stuff itself) are also on these boats now?

    26. Brian Lewis

      Lots of credit for your responses in these comments. :)

    27. Jered

      Thanks for the update, guys. The only bummer is not having the extra copies before Xmas for gifts. Totally understandable though, and I appreciate you guys going the extra mile to get it right. Also, and I know I said it before, but that tube is fantastic!

    28. Josh & Adam Carlson 8-time creator on

      @AGN1964 Understood and noted. As for tracking, we've only been told the ETAs for both ships. Usually more info (ship name, etc) is sent to us shortly after it's aboard. We should have that info soon enough to include it in next week's update if not sooner.

      ~ JC

    29. AGN1964 on

      This must have been a hard update to write. Personally, I would have preferred to be have been told there was a problem when it occurred.

      Do you have tracking info, or names, for the transport vessels?

    30. Josh & Adam Carlson 8-time creator on

      Hah - ninja'd by my own team! ;)

      ~ JC

    31. Ghillie Collaborator on

      Whoops - double posting because I wasn't logged out of the big account - that first comment is me folks, sorry for the confusion

    32. Josh & Adam Carlson 8-time creator on

      @Selykg You are correct. Up through the last update everything was still looking possible for November as we had just a few more final product sample approvals to go. It's been a whirlwind few weeks and I agree that a more prompt update to the situation, even without a resolution at the time, would have allowed people to feel more informed. My apologies for that.

      @Patrick I'll have our team follow up on that immediately.

      @Tim Thanks Tim, it's always tough to know how quickly to share info. We usually error on the side of sooner than latter but we also wanted to have a plan in place or a solution identified first. I think we could have gotten this info out a bit faster so we will remember that for the future. As for your question, the UK shipment will be handling all EU/World orders.

      @Marlon UK is for all EU/World orders.

      ~ Josh C

    33. Josh & Adam Carlson 8-time creator on

      @Selykg - Apologies, not our intention. When we had a slight delay in shipping with Too Many Bones 2nd Print due to a manufacturing error, we communicated it via various outlets before we had all the details, and it caused a lot of confusion and misinformation and we kind of got caught with egg on our face.

      With this one, we wanted to wait until we had all the details and the game was on the boat so we could be as clear, concise, and accurate as possible in a single message, as opposed to announcing a "small delay" and having folks start extrapolating things without all the information. We always try to be as transparent as we can, but we also didn't want to create more confusion or anxiety by presenting the issue without the solution.

      @Ben - While we did sell some at GenCon - we shipped out everything else we could in the US with the remaining stock brought back from the show. Would not have made much of a difference at all to be honest.

      @Tim Ware and Marlon Yabut - Yours will be sent from the UK, anything outside of USA and Canada will be sent from the UK :-)

    34. Eric Poulin on

      @Tim and Marlon
      They probably use Gamequest for the fulfillement for the rest of the world. So your game will be send from UK.

    35. Eric Poulin on

      Thanks for the updated. I understand your situation very well. In spite of all your work, there are always unforeseen things. As I say: One can not predict the unpredictable!

      Good luck for the future and I will wait patiently my game.

    36. Marlon Yabut de Guzman on

      Two boats, 1 for US, 1 for UK, how about the rest of the world?

    37. Tim Ware

      Considering the 2 year wait on a couple of projects I backed.. a good handful of 6 month delays.. and the fact that Kickstarter isn't an exact science.. a month to six weeks isnt the end of world :) And I appreciate you giving the whole story when you had all the facts. We can't exactly be mad at you for something out of your control and no we know you tried all you could to bring things back on track. Question though.. Im in New Zealand. Will mine be sent from US, UK or is mine on another boat?? Cheers! :)

    38. Brian Lewis

      Thanks for the update, guys.

    39. Patrick Hodge

      I’m in Australia and I still have not got my “early” copy..

    40. Ben on

      Somewhat disappointing. I know it wasn't many copies but I still feel the games sold at gencon could've at least helped some in this situation.

      Oh well. Hopefully I'm not in the January group. We'll see.

    41. Missing avatar

      Selykg on

      So, this is the first I've heard of a missed deadline of November for delivery here. Which is... oddly different than every other experience I've had with Chip Theory, where typically I feel very informed about the progress of things.

      This particular update makes me feel very... uninformed. Disappointing.