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Go toe to toe with the best lockpick artists throughout New London in this abstract game of skill and memory for 1-2 players!
Go toe to toe with the best lockpick artists throughout New London in this abstract game of skill and memory for 1-2 players!
4,636 backers pledged $208,537 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Marc Van Kerschaver on

      The game looks amazing. Happy to pledge! :-)

    2. Lester

      Thanks for the info and the transparency. I'm happy with the way this campaign has been handled. Looking forward to this and to the Too Many Bones order I placed!

    3. Missing avatar

      Esther Groenestein on

      it looks really good! looking forwards to play the game in the future! :)

    4. James M.

      @Travis: I see that Josh responded already, but here's my understanding. I believe that the creators do intend to produce the solo packs here eventually, whether unlocked during this campaign or not. However, if any are not unlocked here and you've pledged extra money for them, that money is still collected when the campaign ends even though there's no add-on to receive for it. I don't know if they give you/us the packs created in the future if we pledge for them now and they're not unlocked now. But given the 3-for-2 deal on the solo packs, my suggestion would be to wait for the second pack to be unlocked, then increase your pledge to cover it. This way you're not adding money before there's something to get in return for it, and you'll automatically be covered for the third solo pack (assuming you also added money for the first add-on pack, that is).

    5. Josh & Adam Carlson 8-time creator on

      @Kat5e That should be all you need do but please send me an email directly ( and I'll personally follow up on your question.

      ~ Josh

    6. Missing avatar

      Kat5e on

      What's the best way to contact you guys - have have left some Kickstarter private messages and Facebook PM and not gotten any replies :)

    7. Josh & Adam Carlson 8-time creator on

      @Travis You will have time before the end to adjust you amount if needed. Also, if we hit all three locations you only need to pay $20. We will include the last one for free.

      ~ Josh

    8. Travis Hunter

      So, I'm confused. If I pledge $52 dollars ($22 plus $30 for the three solo expansions) but the last two solo expansions end up not being funded, does that mean only $32 will be collected or will the full $52 be collected anyways and I'm up the creek $20?

      Or are the solo expansions getting printed no matter what?

    9. Matthew Bauer on

      @Chi-Hsuan CMON pushed the delivery date of Massive Darkness by a couple months (it was already late) and basically told backers it was because they were more successful than planned and too many people had failed to complete the pledge manager. This is a far worse excuse than their standard "Chinese New Year" BS.

    10. Matthew Bauer on

      Thank you so much for the update, guys. Backers want to understand creators' rationale, which isn't always something we get.

      Personally, I like the way this campaign is structured. For sub-$30, I get an elegant game with lovely components and good gameplay variety. I also have print access to all extras. And it all arrives in 1-2 months?! That's crazy.

      You've made a new fan in me. I'm in NE Mpls, too, so thanks for representing our fine city so well, without even a hint of our famous passive-aggression!

    11. Elizabeth Davidson

      These photos look excellent. Thanks for the update, and also for the explanation of why you're doing stretch goals the way you are. I 100% support the way you're going about this.

    12. Abby & Nobbi

      First of all thank you for this honest update. We are excited, too.
      You guys are going the right way in terms of quality, production, stretch goals AND honest updates.
      There are only a few gaming companies taking AS MUCH care of the backers as they do for the success and the quality of their games.
      We absolute appreciate.

    13. John L Vogt

      Nice update. Thanks for the transparency and insight into the world of game creation and marketing. You guys are doing it right. Cheers to you.

    14. zane on

      Looks absolutely amazing CTG. So excited about this game.

    15. Missing avatar

      Alex K on


      Any hints on your next big game? Is it a fantasy theme or something else?

    16. Chi-Hsuan Huang on

      Nice photos, the box and cards look amazing!! Can't wait get them in Aug!!

      BTW I really never see a company said they are too succesed in a campaign, maybe I just haven't backed enough projects. ;-)

    17. Christian Lyngsø on

      Great update, that box looks incredible!

    18. Jess Turner

      Very exciting to see!

    19. Drive Elizabeth on

      It's real!!! Great to see the game is moving along already - good going!

    20. Back5 on

      Whether we unlock the next 2 solo campaigns or not, I am happy with this game and what I will be getting this summer regardless. Well done and look forward to getting it!