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Go toe to toe with the best lockpick artists throughout New London in this abstract game of skill and memory for 1-2 players!
Go toe to toe with the best lockpick artists throughout New London in this abstract game of skill and memory for 1-2 players!
4,636 backers pledged $208,537 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Brandon Johnson on

      @CTG - Rules Question - I posted this in the main comments as well but I wasn't sure if this was a better place for it. In going through the rule book that has been posted it doesn't seem to provide much detail on trap and counter measure cards. If I missed this section please point me in the right direction otherwise would it be possible to provide some detail on how these differ from standard diagram cards and how to use them? In addition to an overall explanation one particular question is when you start a standard 2 player game and each player starts with a diagram can these diagrams be traps/counter measures or do they need to be a standard diagram?

    2. Josh & Adam Carlson 8-time creator on

      When backing the project for Triplock + Solo Packs #2-4 (2 shipments), you will set your funds at:

      US: $49
      CAN/EU: $54
      World: $57

      @Chi: The Deluxe Playmat will likely make the weight of the Solo packs negligent in terms of weight, you will be closer to the $18-19 range still. We are working with the fulfillment house to get the specific rubric on all the weights and costs in shipping!

      -Adam :)

    3. Josh & Adam Carlson 8-time creator on

      @Bierzoman: All items on our website as well as the items we are offering on the PM are EU friendly! We have a fulfillment house in the UK that we use to ship all our products in the EU!

    4. Josh & Adam Carlson 8-time creator on

      @James: The rewards and add-on options are as we have laid them out for you. If there are any exceptions or changes to be made in the future, we will make it known. For right now, adding the $20 for both Solo Packs will get you just that. We have a good feeling that we will be reaching $200k :)

      More details about our Deluxe Playmat are coming soon! We are still communicating with our manufacturer about a few certain details. We are excited to share some good news with you soon. I think you'll find that the value in this item will be tremendous!

      Thank you so much for helping spread the word!!!

    5. Josh & Adam Carlson 8-time creator on

      @Marius: All our items offered on the PM after the KS will be EU friendly! You are more than welcome to add the Component Upgrade Pack during the PM and get it in November, but many will simply order it on our website in an effort to get it a couple months sooner!

    6. Josh & Adam Carlson 8-time creator on

      @John: We have posted our latest rulebook in the update. There were a couple final slight edits since Josh and I shot the video. Expose (and all Rotations) actually function in the player's perspective... always shifting the Mechanisms to the left. Players playing against each other will have different Rotation movements!

    7. Chi-Hsuan Huang on

      Agree with James & Jill, btw I add the Deluxe Mat ,would the shipping cost still $18 for all three ( Mat & 2 further solo pack in Nov.), or $21 (18+3)?

    8. James M.

      Agreed with Jill -- knowing the total shipping for all three add-on solo packs would be good. Adding that to our pledges now helps us reach stretch goals; paying in the pledge manager doesn't (plus it's a second transaction, as Jill noted). So, any numbers yet for shipping three solo packs?

    9. Jasberfloob

      Awesome - put my order up to $42 now to help the Stretch Goals along to get the other locations once unlocked :)

    10. Bierzoman -

      Ok, two questions:
      1.- ¿Is your web store EU-Friendly? (I suppose not)
      2.- ¿If i buy the TMB upgrade in the pledge manager, is it EU-Friendly? (I suppose yes)

      Thank you.

    11. Jill Wong TheMotleyGeek

      Would you mind giving a total for shipping with all three locations? I prefer not to have to pay twice (once to kickstarter and once to pledgemanager) as an international backer due to then having to pay two sets of fees. I just want all three extra locations.

    12. James M.

      Good news! A few comments, questions, remarks, etc.

      Add-on locations: The discount deal that applies if we unlock and want all three locations (three for the price of two) is great, but is there any similar but smaller discount if we only unlock or want two locations? I'm fine with paying a few dollars in shipping for add-ons that ship in November in order to keep my August shipment of the base game. It sounds like the pledge manager will take care of all that.

      Playmat: Calling it deluxe is probably a good idea and may make it more attractive to people who wouldn't want a tournament mat. I'm still not really sold on it, mainly because it costs about as much as the game does, but that's me. Can you say any more about the possibility of having more master locks in the future? I kind of assume they'd be sold separately, but are there going to be two versions: one that fits inside the deluxe mat and a second one that's stand-alone like the base mat? Or does the base mat fit inside the deluxe mat? Any idea of a cost per master lock, and whether it would be different if there are two versions?

      I'll try to spread the word a bit more and see if that will help us unlock the remaining stretch goals. They are kind of ambitious, but with just over two weeks left (and knowing there's almost always a surge in pledges at the very end of a campaign), I think we should be able to make it.

    13. Marius Friedrichs on

      If I go for the TMB upgrade in the pledge manager, will it still be shipped from the US or will you bundle it with the rest of the order to ship from within the EU? If so, I would gladly wait another few months to get it ( I think ;) ).

    14. John Irwin on

      Josh and Adam, so with the "Expose" action, you move the chips away from the hidden lock towards the 3 exposed mechanisms. This could be left or right depending on which side of the mat you are sitting, correct?

    15. Josh & Adam Carlson 8-time creator on

      @hkitch If you change to Nov and ship all at once, you could see a slight savings on shipping since we can combine your game with your mat shipment. It's up to you which is more important, having the game a few months early or saving those few extra dollars.

      @John Good spotting, we were rotating the wrong way in the video and will have to note that.

      ~ Josh

    16. Josh & Adam Carlson 8-time creator on

      @Pai In short, yes. We will go there as we get closer to that mark.

    17. John Irwin on

      I downloaded the rulebook, and on pg 7 it states to rotate the chips to the left. All videos I have watch rotate the chips to the right. Which is correct?

    18. Missing avatar


      I pledged first shipment and playmat which will ship separately.
      However, will the shipping fee cheaper if I change to Nov shipment plus the playmat ??

    19. Ghillie Collaborator on

      Should also clarify that Triplock will only arrive in August if you're part of the first 2200.

    20. Evan Meister on

      @Ghillie Got it, thank you! I just wasn't sure if the solo locations would become a single "bundle" if all three were to get unlocked.

    21. Pai

      Thanks for the update,

      QQ: do you have any SG left in case the amount go over 200k ?

    22. Ghillie Collaborator on

      @Evan and Scott - Only things shipping in August are a single copy of Triplock and The Factory. Literally *everything* else (Hoplo, TMB Update, etc) will be November delivery. If Triplock and Factory are a part of your order, you will receive them in August.

    23. Abby & Nobbi

      This update is clear .... this is a campaign out of the books!
      So many other KS project leaders really should learn from you guys!

    24. Evan Meister on

      So just to clarify, as a first-wave backer, if we unlock the other two locations and I wanted all three, the Factory would no longer be shipped with the first-wave shipment, and would instead come with the other location cards in November?

    25. Ghillie Collaborator on

      @Brad - Yes, 2nd Print of the game includes all updates already.

    26. Scott Johnson on

      First-Shipment Backer here. I had planned to buy Hoplomachus as an add-on once the KS is completed, in order to save a little money on shipping. If I'm reading this update correctly, that is not going to work out for me, being a First-Shipment Backer, and I would have to change my pledge to have a November delivery if I don't want to pay extra for shipping. Is this correct?

    27. Brad Scaggs

      Does the preorder of TMB from the site include the updated components?

    28. DCuniverse

      That's how you do a kickstarter people!