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Go toe to toe with the best lockpick artists throughout New London in this abstract game of skill and memory for 1-2 players!
Go toe to toe with the best lockpick artists throughout New London in this abstract game of skill and memory for 1-2 players!
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    1. Ben Shaw on

      @Josh I'm not revealing my secret, but it just may be trove loot related...

      Glad to hear that a package deal is likely in the offing. Excited to see where this all goes.

    2. Pai

      @James M. Thanks let's wait and see then

    3. James M.

      I think that depends on how much it will cost them to ship those hypothetical cards. If adding another 5 or 10 won't change the cost much or at all, they might still ship them separately at no extra cost to us. I think we'll have to wait and see.

    4. Pai

      So If there's more expansion and I want it too then I've to drop my 1st shipment in order to save the shipping cost ?

    5. James M.

      I have to agree with Ben that if you do produce a few of those expansion packs (solo + character), offering a discount on the set would make it easier to justify buying more of them.

    6. Josh & Adam Carlson 8-time creator on

      @Ben I think this is the second time you've read our minds. How do you do it? ~ J

    7. Ben Shaw on

      I dont know what the practicalities/economics of it would be, but I think if they released another 2 expansions same as the Factory (solo rooms plus additional character) also priced individually at $10, but then did an offer of $10 each or get all 3 for $20, that could perhaps be the sweet spot.

    8. Josh & Adam Carlson 8-time creator on

      Totally hearing you James. We are trying to tread carefully on this point as well. 2-3 locations is a good amount of Solo (and possibly Co-op) content. Each location will add another Character as well, so it is not just for solo players.

      We will be looking to other things as well. Maybe we will stumble upon the perfect bigger box storage solution or, as Rumblefish reminded us, a puzzle box to fit the game in. ;)

    9. rumblefish on

      gotta try and work that puzzle box in the stretch goals guyz :)

    10. James M.

      I'm a little disappointed that with almost 3 weeks to go the non-purchasable stretch goals are basically finished. But I can understand that if you want to deliver in August, you've got to finalize things early enough for the game to be produced and shipped in time. Being near the end of June, that doesn't leave you a ton of time, so I definitely get it.

      As for future stretch goals, honestly, I'm not against there being none. Being fully unlocked isn't bad, even if it happens early. But I also realize that having more goals to reach can be good, even if they are add-ons (which I've noted in the campaign comments section I'm not a big fan of in general). Additional solo material is a good option, because I think that additional variety helps when you're not playing with/against another person. Additional characters may also be good, because their special abilities can affect how the game is played (in any mode). I'm just not sure I want a lot more purchasable add-ons right away -- their cost is going to add up quickly, and it can be trickier to justify spending more for a number of add-ons than the game itself.

    11. Rolling Solo on

      That mat would really make the game pop with master lock mat. :)

    12. Scott Bowen

      Re-read the stretch goal description of the tournament mat again and I think I get it now, so disregard my previous comment!

    13. Scott Bowen

      Maybe I missed something obvious, and if I did then I apologize, but what is the purpose of the tournament mat? Is it just to organize the playing field from a normal game? The name "tournament" mat has just gotten me confused on if this is a regular playmat-type thing or something else.

    14. Rolling Solo on

      Nice additions guys! :D

    15. Ben Erickson on

      Waiting until I get home tonight to complete the BGG contest. Here's to maybe finally winning one of these...and man what an amazing one to win!!!

    16. Andrew on

      I pledged for the early arrival. Additional stretch goals that arrive later for additional shipping is ok by me!!!! Keep those stretch goals coming!

    17. Trevor Crystal on

      @CTG: Great update guys! It's nice to get a glimpse into what the future of Triplock might be: different Master Locks, more characters, and more locations (including co-op variants!).

      I am more excited to hear the golden platter might be purchasable, but I don't hold out much hope (I am still waiting for my stone tablet player mats in TMB).

    18. Josh & Adam Carlson 8-time creator on

      @Back5 Yes, if someone from the First Shipment level orders anything above and beyond 1 copy of Triplock and The Factory, additional shipping will apply based on what is ordered and will be presented to you in the Pledge Manager so you can decide if/what you want to get.

    19. Josh & Adam Carlson 8-time creator on

      @David Just until reprint.

    20. Back5 on

      For those who are in the first shipment pledge, whose addons (beyond the factory) will be delivered later...will there be an additional shipping charge for them?

    21. David Chase on

      So, when you. Say Hoplomachus is down to the last few hundred, is that ever? Or just until some reprint?

    22. Josh & Adam Carlson 8-time creator on

      Maybe as a dice rolling platter? :)

    23. Michael Parker (The Closet Gamer)

      I KNEW IT! Die Cut Tourney Mat. But what about MORE die cuts for say... chips?

    24. PK

      Congrats on the amazing performance!

      Will the golden platter be available as an add-on? ;-)