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Chip Theory Games' standalone sequel/expansion to the award winning Dice Builder RPG, Too Many Bones.
Chip Theory Games' standalone sequel/expansion to the award winning Dice Builder RPG, Too Many Bones.
4,955 backers pledged $882,088 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Christopher W Ganshaw
      just now

      Can I make the assumption that a Dart character pin will be added to the mix of current Gearloc pins available?

    2. Missing avatar

      Mike Foster 2 days ago

      I vote for “boarmadillo!” Much more ferocious. Better play on sounds, too.

    3. MentatYP
      3 days ago

      Is it weird that I'm most excited about the box? It had better be made out of cardboard at least twice as thick as the original box with highly reinforced edges and corners to prevent the weight of the combined contents from tearing the box apart.

      Another update pack? I guess I'm in for that too. It's not ideal but much better than other KS publishers who put their head in the sand and ignore any production issues.

    4. Missing avatar

      Adam French 3 days ago

      Glad you made the call to postpone the kickstart to finish up the work on Cloudspire. I late backed that one and so want to get that all nice and awesome first :-)

    5. Sam Kimpton
      3 days ago

      I was really hoping that animal was called a "boarmadillo".

    6. William R
      3 days ago

      I may have never been more excited about a box then I am right now. A Kallax (or in my case Boxthrone) friendly all in one box. The only question is will we be able to lift it?

    7. Evan Miller
      3 days ago

      Is the update pack different than the one that was done through Undertow?

    8. Joost Nauw
      3 days ago

      @Toni, strategists get a free copy of the base game they backed and a free copy of each base game CTG releases on KS in the future

    9. Missing avatar

      Toni Castulik 3 days ago

      So, does a Strategist get a certain level of every kickstarter henchforth? Or do they just get the base of the kickstarted game?

    10. Figueras
      3 days ago

      Strategist pledge lasted less than 5 seconds with Game to Pick a Game and the page was not eve announced. Good luck everyone :D

    11. Luds 3 days ago

      WOW. I'm all in!

    12. Jorge García 3 days ago

      All-in again!

    13. Jacob Fratus 4 days ago

      This is totally awesome. I’m definitely in for Dart and Splice and Dice. Judging by the cost and ability to store future content you can believe I’m after that sexy storage box too. I have Faith Chip Theory won’t burn me the way Bezier did with their One Night storage box. So excited for June 4th!

    14. Aeds 4 days ago

      The only feasible storage solution that keeps the entire product line in one place is one that comes with wheels.

    15. Ghillie Collaborator 4 days ago

      @Norman Hunter III - It was my bad. I "spliced" the original date with the new one in my head and fixed it everywhere but the subject line. JUNE FOURTH is the date and apologies for any confusion I caused!

    16. Cyanide 4 days ago

      Going up against Batman, bold move. I like it.

    17. raul 4 days ago

      I have to ask for several replacements of dice and chips of Undertow. In some cases, the replacements were even in worse condition than the original ones, or only slightly better. I wont buy a single chip more from you. Good luck with the new campaign.

    18. Norman Hunter III 4 days ago

      The email version of this message has the 21st in the heading, but that seems fixed here.