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Defend your fortress while sending forth heroes and minions to lay claim to Ankar in this MOBA-style tower defense for 1-4 players.
Defend your fortress while sending forth heroes and minions to lay claim to Ankar in this MOBA-style tower defense for 1-4 players.
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Pledge Manager Pre-launch Details!

Posted by Ghillie (Collaborator)

Greetings everyone!

We hope your holiday season was filled with fun, family, and of course, gaming!

It's the eve of the Cloudspire pledge manager launch, and we just wanted to make you aware of a few details. Please take time to read this update carefully and in its entirety. 

Launch Time

For starters, the pledge manager is scheduled to go live at 1:00 Eastern Time tomorrow, the 3rd. You should receive an email from CrowdOx granting you access shortly after launch. Please allow a bit of time for your email to come through as they are sent in waves to help make sure they are not caught in spam filters. This email will come from CrowdOx. CrowdOx is the pledge manager we are using for Cloudspire fulfillment. 

The invitation will be sent directly to the email address linked to your Kickstarter account. Be sure to check your spam folder in case it was captured there!

What is CrowdOx?
CrowdOx gives you the opportunity to verify your Kickstarter pledge amount and corresponding reward level, make additional selections (i.e. other Cloudspire add-ons, CTG games , etc) as well as verify and validate your shipping address. 

You do not need to make a login and password in order to access your survey as you will receive an email with a unique link. If you want to go back to review your info, simply click on the link in your email again.

Having trouble?
If you run into any survey related issues, you can reach out directly to the CrowdOx team right from the bottom of the form (see image below). They are very friendly and quick to respond!

For any product or shipping related inquiries, you can also contact us right from the bottom of the form. As you can imagine, we are very busy working on finalizing the project and fulfilling your rewards so be sure to review the campaign updates on Kickstarter before contacting us.


CrowdOx FAQ  

I can't find my survey email
The personalized link was emailed to the address that you provided when making your pledge. Be sure to check your spam folder. If you have lost your survey email, you can submit your email address using this retrieve tool.

I added extra funds to my pledge to buy other items, how do I use my credit?
When you open up your survey, it will open on the reward level that you pledged in. You can either upgrade to a higher reward level using the funds you have or you will see your credit on the following Extras page where you can select from our entire catalog of games and add-ons. If you can't find what you are looking for, please be sure to contact us at

I have moved, how do I edit my address?
You can go back into your survey at any time to update your address. Once we are ready to prepare your order for shipment, we will lock all the order at which point you will not be able to edit your address. But don't worry, we will not be locking orders in (closing the pledge manager) until March 1st, so you have plenty of time. Please contact us if you are unable to edit your address via

Are there any country specific customs requirements?
Yes. We want to remind any of you in countries with very specific customs requirements (ex. prominently displayed phone numbers in China, CPF numbers in Brazil) to please be proactive about entering that information into CrowdOx. 

In addition, if you are not living in the United States, please make sure your phone number is entered. This will ensure we don't need to reach out to you and will hopefully minimize the need for reshipments.

Local Pickup?
For midwesterners close to Minneapolis, we *will* be offering local pickup again upon delivery of the container. This will be handled the same way it was with Undertow. Closer to delivery, we will offer sign up for a two-day window during which you'll be able to swing by CTG HQ and pickup your order during regular business hours. Upon pickup, you will receive a cash refund for all shipping costs. This allows us to streamline the pledge manager and fulfillment processes.

Other Random Bits of Info

On-the-fencers. This pledge manager will be open for approx the next 2 months. During that time, at least 2 more major content/progress updates will be shared. So while we want to encourage all you $1 backers to jump in, take the time you need to be convinced! :)  

Further Unlocks in the PM? As mentioned in the previous update, we decided not to wait for the pledge manager results to decide if we would continue to unlock bits of content we felt would make the game even better. Please refer to our December update to see just what things we have gone ahead and added. 

CTG Game Bundles and TMB Reprint? Yes, we will be doing a Too Many Bones / Undertow reprint Kickstarter (KS) in 2019, likely late March/early April. It will be a very fast-turn KS and will be set to deliver shortly after Cloudspire. All bundles offered in that KS are offered in this pledge manager for the same price. Any new TMB content offered in that Kickstarter will not be a part of any bundle so you can rest assured that all bundles (now or later) - will feature the same savings. 

Are you able to offer split shipping for TMB items? No. The reasons for this are many, but in short it would complicate fulfillment for us, increase shipping costs for you, and we are running pretty low on inventory with some items and may need time to order and produce reprints of some TMB add-ons (as well as the upcoming reprint of Undertow).

That's all for now! We're excited to be moving forward into this stage of the campaign. We hope you'll all complete your survey and take advantage of the many awesome bundles available as a part of this campaign.

See you in CrowdOx tomorrow!
Josh, Adam, and Josh (Ghillie)

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    1. Ghillie Collaborator on

      @gorambrowncoat - It will be available in Europe again around the end of the month (waiting for Gamesquest to get all of our stock over to Spiral Galaxy), but it is *technically* still in the PM, just in a slightly different configuration. The base game bundle has the same exact discount as the Complete Collection does on our website, it's just that the discount is front loaded to incentivize folks to take a chance on the base games. You can still get "The Complete Collection" for the same price as on our website simply by adding in all of the additional Add-ons for their regular price (Army of One, Beast and Master, Legends of the Sand, Blade's Edge, Carthage, and Machu Picchu). Hope that helps!

    2. Missing avatar


      Any reason why there is no all-in for hoplo? Theres one on your webstore. (which I'd use but apparently europe is out of hoplo, bummer)

    3. Josh & Adam Carlson 8-time creator on

      Shipping is based on weight. Likely that tray puts you in the next kg. You’ll find the next couple trays (or light add-ons) to be “free”, until you hit the next kg.


    4. Missing avatar

      Todd on

      Can't comment on international shipping, or anything that concerns. It's just that they're throwing it on top of the $150 pledge, and it's only going a few states over. Think the $150 pledge shipping for U.S. is fair, but does this really add $3? Wish they would have stated this when they revealed it, $3 is 30% of the tray price.

    5. Paul on

      @Todd that's nothing. I'm getting charged $255 shipping if I want Cloudspire, TMB and Hoplomachus. It's like they don't want their games to be shipped outside the US

    6. Missing avatar

      Todd on

      You're charging $3 shipping for 1 plastic chip tray?

    7. Missing avatar

      Colm Hanlon

      I'm not seeing the Undertow credit, have some hoplo stuff added. Where do I see it?

    8. Ghillie Collaborator on

      @Eric Prouvost - The $10 EU Undertow credit is specifically for add-ons, not for the base pledge levels (this is covered in the Undertow update where we announced the credit).

    9. Missing avatar

      Eric Prouvost on

      As I'm an EU Undertow backer, 10$ have been removed from my total, but I don't have any choice with them other than "extra donated to the project".
      Can't I rather have them back ?

    10. Ghillie Collaborator on

      @James Phillips - You should be able to "confirm" at the $1 level and move onto the other items. You can always reopen in the future to add Cloudspire at that point.

    11. Missing avatar

      James Phillips on

      I'm an on-the-fencer (waiting for more info on co-op and solo). Is there any way to see page 2 and the extras before I've made my mind up? [it says "confirm" to advance past page 1, and I don't want to get locked into a $100+ pledge by accident - basically I just want to know if I can "confirm" on page 1, then quit without saving]

    12. Ghillie Collaborator on

      @Ben Baez - Yes, you will be able to pay with PayPal within CrowdOx.

      @ilker - Yes, Undertow will be available in the pledge manager and will ship together with your Cloudspire rewards.

    13. Missing avatar

      ilker on

      Does Undertow come with all the KS rewards as well?

    14. Russonc

      Thanks for the update!

    15. Davemon21 on

      @Nate Same thoughts here!

    16. Ben Baez on

      Question, can I use my PayPal to add funds/pay?

    17. Nate Kirkwood on

      Woo hoo for local pickup!! You guys rock!