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Defend your fortress while sending forth heroes and minions to lay claim to Ankar in this MOBA-style tower defense for 1-4 players.
Defend your fortress while sending forth heroes and minions to lay claim to Ankar in this MOBA-style tower defense for 1-4 players.
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Mini-December Update: EU Fulfillment, Pledge Managers and 3rd Parties

Posted by Josh & Adam Carlson (Creator)

Hey ya'all!

We know many of you are waiting for our *big* December update, and we wanted to drop you a line before the weekend to let you know it's still coming and has a massive amount of info on almost every aspect of the game, along with fresh videos of Cloudspire end-game (not to be confused with the new Avengers movie) as well as a fresh look at solo play. We're grinding away on all of that behind the scenes, but it's not quite ready, so we at least wanted to send you into your weekend with a few baseline updates. Here's some notable things that have been slightly delaying the Cloudspire update :-)

UK and EU Fulfillment

We can finally *officially* confirm that we are shifting away from Gamesquest for all UK and EU fulfillment. Today we spoke with Gamesquest and let them know that we will be moving all product in their warehouse to Spiral Galaxy for future daily order fulfillment. In addition, we've chosen Spiral Galaxy as our fulfillment partner for the Cloudspire Kickstarter in the UK. 

Now, Brexit and whatever ramifications that may bring still has a lot of question marks hanging over the entirety of EU fulfillment moving forward. Depending on how things shake out, there's certainly a chance that Spiral Galaxy could end up handling all EU fulfillment, however we are also in the process of vetting several other potential partners in order to be prepared. 

The bottom line is that regardless of the partner(s) we choose, your shipping charges will not increase and will be customs friendly. We hope this announcement is viewed as good news by all. We appreciate the help Gamesquest's team has given us over these last couple of years, but they are absolutely swamped with other large scale fulfillment projects. Ultimately this made it very difficult for us to get answers to questions and the communication we expect (and need) from a fulfillment partner. They continue to experience growing pains (as do we, so we get it) and should they successfully resolve some of these issues, it's possible our paths may cross in the future. In the meantime, onward and upward to Spiral Galaxy :-)

Family Health

We don't want to throw this out there as an excuse, but being that we are still a very small company, we did at least want to mention that one of our kids (leaving this vague for privacy reasons) is having a pretty major surgery on Monday, and the preparations and subsequent hospital stays have and will impact the timing of the December update a bit. 

We fully expect the surgery to be successful, but we simply wanted to put this out there as we roll into the holidays. We've make huge strides with the game this month as you will see in the update next week. Until it comes, we appreciate your understanding while we roll with life's punches.

Pledge Manager Timing!

After much discussion, we've decided to launch it after the New Year and give ourselves just a bit more time to make sure everything is in order and tested for a smooth launch. The exact date is still TBD, but we'll reveal it in the larger December Update. A few notes on the PM that we've been being asked about:

Will you continue to unlock things from the KS from the PM monies you take in?- Nothing official, though we can say that already we are factoring in a projected amount we think will come in and using that to justify some additional content / upgrades we want to add. More on this in the update next week.

Can I split ship anything in the Pledge Manager to receive it sooner?
- No. If you'd like something sooner than end of summer 2019, your best bet is to order/preorder from our website.

Will there be any discount on the Too Many Bones, Hoplomachus, or Triplock lines within the Pledge Manager?
- Yes, but only in bundled format. We are putting together a handful of bundles that will be exclusive to the Pledge Manager (not offered on our website). The Too Many Bones bundles will match the prices of what will be offered on the upcoming Undertow Reprint/New Content Kickstarter we'll be launching this Spring. Did I say that out loud?

What platform will you be using for the Pledge Manager?
- CrowdOx

Third Party Previews

Part of the reason we've mostly been keeping our heads down and grinding through whatever we can on the game is so that we can have truly complete prototypes to send out to 3rd Parties for previews. Several are anxiously awaiting their copies to give you an unbiased look at the game. We wanted to make sure that we had a full set of Mercs, Landmarks, Events, and Relics, along with fully vetted (if not perfectly balanced just yet) factions with a close to final Fortress Upgrade tree. We're tantalizingly close to having this ready to go. The videos you'll see in the larger update will be of a prototype *much* further along that what we filmed with in the past. This will also give third parties an idea of the full scope of the asymmetrical nature of the factions as well as a look at how dynamic Events, Relics, Landmarks, and the Market make the game. 

More on this soon, but we didn't want you to think we forgot about our promise to send this out to reviewers. :-)

We're going to get back to grind here for the rest of Friday, but we hope this update finds you all well moving into the holidays. Thanks for your support, and you'll see a much larger update from us sometime next week.

Much love!
Josh, Adam, and Josh (Ghillie)

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jered Greishaw

      Prayers that the surgery goes smooth along with a speedy recovery. When the PM is launched, is there an expected close out date you had in mind?

    2. Tony

      A year ago to the day my son had retinal re-attachment surgery. I completely understand how all consuming something like that can be and how difficult it is to have this overshadowing the holidays. My prayers are with you!

    3. Jonathan Locke on

      Hope your child is doing well and recovering!
      I know all of us are excited for Cloudspire but family is no. 1! No one will blame you for taking time out for them!

    4. Matt

      Thoughts and prayers from all of us here. I hope everything goes even better than planned!!

    5. Missing avatar

      Brien on

      Sorry to hear about your child. Hope everything turns out well - take the time you need for what's most important.

    6. Missing avatar

      Kay J on

      I‘m sorry to hear about the surgery. All the best to your little loved ones.

    7. James McClure on

      Hoping for a very good Monday. Nothing, absolutely nothing is more important than family, especially the kids.

    8. J.D. Zuber Jr on

      Prayers and best wishes for a successful surgery. And the update is much appreciated!

    9. Ronald Schachtner II

      Thoughts and prayers for the little ones.

    10. Missing avatar

      Winfried Mayr

      Best wishes to you and your loved ones!

    11. Benjamin Curto

      Prayers and thoughts for you and your family, never an easy time as a parent.

    12. Seung Hyun Yoo

      Hope the surgery will go well!

    13. Missing avatar

      John Silveira

      Best wishes on the surgery

    14. Russonc

      Thanks for the update and all my best to you and your families.

    15. Galen

      "Several are *anxiously* waiting for their copy to give you an *unbiased* look at the game"
      That's an interesting sentence.
      Keep on keepin on! I look forward to this one very biasly :)

    16. Jess Turner

      Best of luck and well wishes for the surgery and recovery!! Family first, always. 😊

    17. mistahTee on

      Prayers and best wishes to you and the family in these trying times.

    18. kerskine on

      Good luck with the surgery. Kids always come first!!

    19. Heavy Breathing Gaming

      Best wishes!

    20. Luds on

      Good luck for your kid and surgery!

      wOOt, more TMB! I'm in!

    21. Zachary Apps

      Also want to wish you the best for the surgery! I also want to make a request concerning this new TMB content business...

      Can we get a larger battle mat and extra chip and die so that we can have 5 gearlocs/baddies at a time? I think the BQ system makes it totally doable with a few tweaks...mwahahaha

    22. Oliver on

      Thanks for the update :) Best wishes and fingers crossed for the surgery.

    23. Missing avatar

      Krzysztof Sakwerda on

      Fingers crossed for the surgery, I hope everything will go well!

    24. Matthew Johnson on

      Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly for the surgery. Thanks for the update guys.

    25. Chad Pearson on

      Here's hoping all goes well for whichever little one has surgery and everyone has a fantastic Christmas.

    26. R. Chris Reeder

      Hope all goes well with surgery. Best wishes for it to go as smoothly as possible and for a quick recovery.

    27. Ryan Palfreyman

      All the best for the surgery on Monday! My thoughts are with you.

    28. Gavin Robinson

      Good luck with the surgery as well! Surgery is never fun. For the patient and the parents.

    29. William Wykoff

      best of luck for the surgery! hope all goes well.