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Defend your fortress while sending forth heroes and minions to lay claim to Ankar in this MOBA-style tower defense for 1-4 players.
Defend your fortress while sending forth heroes and minions to lay claim to Ankar in this MOBA-style tower defense for 1-4 players.
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24 Hours and a Message to Our $1.00 Crowd :-)

Posted by Ghillie (Collaborator)

24 Short Hours Remain and New Heroes Unlocked!

Gateport jumpers! We've been through thick and thin together. A massively successful launch, a challenging mid-campaign lull, and now a meteoric rise back to glory. It's a story worthy of the legendary heroes of Ankar.

But we're not done yet.

By hitting the 4000 backer mark (and before most expected you to), you've ensured that every copy of Cloudspire printed from here into perpetuity will include an extra hero for each faction (including the griege add-on)!

We look well on pace to unlock the extra Merc equipment and hero to be added to the game at the $500k mark - likely overnight. But additional Stretch Goals remain, and call us crazy, but we think we have at least one more in us. 

Let's math this thing.

At the time of this update, we stand at an insane 1700+ $1.00 backers, a number vastly beyond any other campaign we've seen. 

Now, we know there are very good reasons for this. From a lack of solid gameplay information at the beginning of the campaign (our bad), to a lack of communication while we were at Essen (our bad) to an almost unprecedented amount of quality titles flooding Kickstarter this month (their good) all hungry to extract funds at the exact same time, there's numerous reasons to stay at a dollar.

If your current financial situation doesn't allow it, or if you're waiting to be sold on further solo/co-op play in Cloudspire, you can ignore the rest of what we're about to say. But to the rest of you, consider that if even 25% of $1.00 pledgers out there upped your pledge to *just* the base game alone, we'd bust through another Stretch Goal in an instant. With a bit more than 25% of folks doing the same, and the additional pledges rolling in here in the last day, maybe we can even bring in enough to unlock the awesome chip tray add-on for the game. 

We've worked hard over these last two weeks to show you everything this game has to offer, and we've still got more to show over the coming weeks. We've done our best to offer livestreams and activity in the comments to answer as many questions as we possibly can. We've listened to your feedback, and owned up to needing to get more concrete gameplay details into the campaign for you. We've laid everything we have out there for you. 

So we humbly ask, one last time, for you to consider upping your $1.00 pledge for the benefit of every single backer, and your own copy of Cloudspire. 

Thanks for your consideration, and for your pledges, whatever the amount!

One Last Live Stream!

2:00 PM Central time tomorrow, we'll have the whole gang live for one last campaign closing livestream! 

Kickstarter live has been a bit of a jerk the last couple days, so despite TWO live streams with Ghillie, they have not archived properly, and therefore are unable to be rewatched. But, come hang out with us for an hour or two and ask all your hard-hitting questions while we bring the house down on this fantastic campaign. 

No subject is too controversial!*

*Many subjects are actually way too controversial and we won't touch them with a 20 foot pole, including whether or not hot dogs are a sandwich and whether or not yetis exist in the Too Many Bones universe.

Bring it on Home!

We've had so much fun showing you the world of Ankar, and we hope we've made it fun for you as well. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all of your support and enthusiasm. Our business model requires us to operate differently. Without retail, we truly need the support of backers and crowdfunding. You are quite literally the lifeblood of CTG, and we will *not* let you down. 

Thank you for supporting Cloudspire. ☁️❤️✌🏻

Josh, Adam, and Josh (Ghillie)

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    1. Chad Pearson on

      If even half the $1 backers upgrade to the $100 tier they will hit the $600k mark in the pledge manager.

    2. Missing avatar

      Marc Kaiser

      I read your frustration. I went (almost) all in - but this just on a "trust" basis. Knowing how much fun TMB was/is. Your games are complicated. And that is ok. But honestly I still don't know yet what I actually buy with Cloudspire. For future campaigns: focus less on the outstanding component qualities (yes they are great!) and focus more on explaining the core mechanics. People love to buy games and not mouse-mats :)
      With the right campaign and communication you could have easily hit the 1 Mio. $ marker.
      Anyhow I still hope that you will chip in the extra goodies which have not been unlocked given the momentum of the potential late-pledges.

    3. Paul Rickert on

      I'm into the game, but financially I can't go all in until after christmas. I backed at the $1 level so that I hopefully can still do the full pledge when I finally have the funds to do so. I wish you luck busting your stretch goals though.

    4. Ghillie Collaborator on

      @DropDeadCriminal - If you're not sold yet, that's fine! We're simply asking those who already *know* they want the game, love what they're seeing so far, and trust our track record of producing very replayable games with a ton of value stuffed into the box to consider upping their pledge from $1 now as opposed to later.

      We fully accept the challenge from the fence-sitters who still need a bit of convincing. We're happy to have them (and yourself, assuming you fall into that camp) along for the ride, and can't wait to prove to further prove the value of the game to you while we continue developing.

      As @Karrde said, we're not in retail, and our business model necessitates using KS to fund *actual* development of the game, which is why we offer the steep discount. We're not in retail, so Kickstarter is always the most affordable place to pickup our games. We discount it heavily on Kickstarter because we know folks are backing an unproven product. :-)

    5. Bernardo A. Gonzalez on

      @Ghillie: thanx I'm all in, however solo and coop is my priority, I got TMB second hand and love it. I've seen the videos you've provided and see a ton of possibilities for solo/coop play. However, just reading the comment gave me a pause. No worries, good luck.

    6. Ghillie Collaborator on

      @Bernardo A. Gonzalez - There have been several folks asking for more detailed solo/co-op gameplay videos, and we will not be able to release them before funding closes today, that's all we meant. If you're on the fence and waiting for more videos, no problem. Many (including ourselves) are very excited and confident in the solo/co-op modes, and don't feel they need more information before backing at more than $1. For those unconvinced, we're happy to prove the value over the coming weeks before the PM opens.

    7. Bernardo A. Gonzalez on

      Question: The comment of "or if you're waiting to be sold on further solo/co-op play in Cloudspire". I'm concerned, is this a dis (maybe "dis" is too harsh of a word) against coop play/solo play? are you guys saying that this game is not intended to be coop or solo, thus if this is my priority I should not commit? can you guys expand on this?

    8. Karrde on

      They realize the risk, that's why it's discounted to $100 for KS. If you want to wait until it's out in the wild for 3rd party reviews*, it will be $130. So they are only asking for you to go 77% in!
      *3rd party previews are coming before PM closes tho.

    9. DropDeadCriminal

      I think asking people to go 100% in when you are not 100% done with the game is asking a bit much. If you want less people at $1 maybe wait till your done with the game before going to KS.

    10. Tom Pancoast

      It looks like a great product for some, but CloudSpire just isn't quite my thing. I'm more of a Too Many Bones sort, and I only have Undertow+Gasket. When I send more money your way, it will be for more TMB content. The $1 pledge is mostly because I like you guys. (However, if there is any discount on the TMB stuff in the CloudSpire pledge manager, it wouldn't suck... That's not your usual M.O., though.)

    11. Donny Behne on

      @Ghillie I’d be fine with a link to the google doc. I’ve played enough games to discern what minor changes may be and what the core structure of the game is. I think many people, especially your fans, fall into that camp as well. I understand that a delayed rule book is a “thing” for y’all, but it doesn’t have to be.

    12. Dyne1319

      I plan to go all in but just can't afford it right now as other KS have killed the monies. Come PM this will be done.

    13. Russonc

      $1 pledgers ... if you know you're going in during the PM... consider going up part way now (spread the pain so to speak) even if not to another pledge level... even another $20-30 from those would help with the goals... still, great to see the backer numbers if not the funds...

    14. Pai

      CTG if you could sum up the money that raise in PM before set the production would be great to unlock SG

    15. Missing avatar

      Anthony Evans

      Unfortunately for me, it's a caae of other campaigns having wiped me out this year, the impending doom of Christmas expenses and a number of other things that are stopping me from backing more than $1. Come the new year and the pledge manager I'll be in a much better position to upgrade to the $150 version. Had there been an early bird I would have been forced to tag in at the higher rate, even if it was only at $145.

    16. Missing avatar

      Gyorgy Boda on

      I also jumped up to 150$ due to this message. Several times during this campaign, the 42$ shipping to Hungary was the last straw for me that prevented me upgrading. I am still a bit conflicted if this will be a game for my group, but I like what CTG is doing, and this time will do a sacrifice. Now 1700 more to go ;)

    17. Paul on

      Eching Ben Turner here, lack of indicative shipping prices is a big turnoff - not about to throw down $100 if shipping is more than $50. Also it seems like you aren't using a distributor for Australia, which means $50+ is in the realm of possibility.

    18. Missing avatar

      ArtSchool on

      Already jumped aboard yesterday. It was a bit of a leap of faith -since I am mostly a solo player and this game is originally oriented to PvP gameplay- but after enjoying TMB as I do and listening to Ghillie's advice, pledging now was the least I could do to support such an excellent company such as CTG.

      I just trust that you will do it again, and Cloudspire will be another AAA title to enjoy.

      Hopefully many other fellow backers will consider raising their pledges before the campaign is over.

    19. Missing avatar


      And I asked some questions through Kickstarter messages about custom duties.
      But I didn't received any response.. So I can't move to upper level

    20. Missing avatar


      I think just because we don't know how much wil it cost to shipping..

    21. Missing avatar

      Chema on

      Done. Moved from $1 to $100. Proud owner of TMB. You deserve this campaign to be as great as possible and I trust you guys to deliver an outstanding solo experience (as unfortunately PvP is the game mode that attracts me the least).

    22. Ben Turner

      @Kat5e - I already mentioned it, and they already responded below ;)

      Too slow :D

    23. Missing avatar

      Kat5e on

      @Ghillie Collaborator We have sent you a PM regarding our group buy to Australia - can't pledge until the pledge manager opens as shipping costs make/break buys like this. We did it for Undertow and a lot of us are 100% for this game but it all comes down to the shipping bundle prices unfortunately....

    24. Thomas M

      @CTG - Many Thanks!

    25. Ghillie Collaborator on

      @Justin Rockwood - Yes, and yes. Any funds you add now will be able to be credited toward your Hoplo Complete Collection.

      @Rodney Somerstein - Yep, feel free to add anything above and beyond the $100 base game now. As a Strategist you'll receive a $100 credit in the PM.

    26. Ghillie Collaborator on

      @Ben Turner - Understood, and it's no problem. You'll likely want to send us a PM so we can arrange for your group buy separately. The shipping costs in orders that big are mostly dependent on the number of boxes/packages that need to be sent.

      @Donny Behne - Understood. As montywoodpeg said (and we ourselves said at the beginning of the campaign) this game is in active development with several rules and nuances still very subject to tweaking. The overall bones of the game will not change, but we don't begin working on our actual rulebook (beyond the google docs draft version we work off of) until 95% or more of the game is fully locked and loaded. We understand if you're not comfortable pledging without it, but it's how we operate. Feel free to hang out for a dollar until we have a working draft further along in development :-)

    27. montywoodpeg on

      @Donny, CTG don't upload the rulebooks until near completion, so if that's what you're waiting for - perhaps hang in for $1 (or more) and you can decide before the PM closes.

    28. montywoodpeg on

      You could add to your pledge now and pick up Hoplo complete in the PM, then have it shipped altogether with Cloudspire content next year, saving a bit on shipping 2 separate deliveries.

    29. Donny Behne on

      Upload a rule book and I’ll seriously consider changing my pledge. That’s my hold up. I want to read rules before I buy. Video gameplay isn’t enough for me. I want to love it but the lack of rules is a deal breaker.

    30. Missing avatar

      Rodney Somerstein

      @Justin Rockwood - Historically, yes, you can purchase anything they sell during the PM. However, since you will be charged as soon as the campaign ends, CTG has been suggesting that you just buy from their website. Yes, the money in this campaign will apply toward stretch goals, and you could add it now. But you will miss a year of playing Hoplo in the meantime by doing it that way.

    31. Justin Rockwood

      If I wanted to purchase Hoplo Complete Collection during the PM, will it be available? And if so, should I back that money now? It's another several hundred dollars that could help us with our stretch goals.

    32. Missing avatar

      Rodney Somerstein

      Good to have the count for those chip containers. Thanks! I'm away from home and can't check how many I need right now, but at least I can work that out during the pledge manager. In the meantime, I'll just add in 5 and know that I will almost definitely add a few more later on.

    33. montywoodpeg on

      Got verification, it's 69 chips per container (3 channels of 23). I don't have the chip numbers for the Hoplo games on hand, though.

    34. montywoodpeg on

      @Rodney, good question. I've got Undertow which included 2 of those, will have to check how many chips each holds and report back.

    35. Missing avatar

      Rodney Somerstein

      @montywoodpeg I figured that would be the case. But I know they adjust all strategist pledges manually, so I wanted to double-check. I'm pretty sure they won't turn down my money - never have in the past ;-)

      So, looks like it is time to push up to the all-in level and maybe add a few of the new chip trays, since they will now be available for purchase.

      Now, if only they would answer the question that someone asked in the last update about how many chip trays to buy to support previous content from Too Many Bones. Since the new trays are so nice, I would probably buy a bunch for Hoplomachus as well, but I need some estimates of how many to buy. Anything that helps consolidate all of those boxes from TMB and Hoplo is a good thing. The inserts are nice, but shelf space wins out for me in the end.

    36. Missing avatar

      Cliff on

      For me, it's an issue with Kickstarter and I pay for my games with Paypal. Otherwise I'd be in.

    37. montywoodpeg on

      @Rodney, as a fellow Strategist I can tell you they suggest $1 so you'll have access to the PM, because that's the bare minimum.

      You can pledge above that of course, and you'll still get all the benefits of a return Strategist. I've done that myself.

    38. Ben Turner

      Our problem is we are SUPER keen in Australia... to the point where we have over a dozen people interested.

      But we don't have the costs / facts about how group shipping rates will work out, and what the decent "breakpoints" are for us to all buy games without spending $80+ each on shipping.

      Which means we are in the position where we'll need the flexibility to figure out how many group pledges we should set up, who should set them up, and no doubt some people will only decide based on final shipping costs - all a black box right now.

      I'm at $1 - but I'm 100% in. But if I put my $100 in now, and then it turns out it would be better for someone else to run the group buy, I can't move my pledge money over.

      International game buyers need rock solid group shipping options; games have become so expensive, lavish and heavy, and international shipping rates so varied and inflated, that a group buy is the make or break on backing most things these days. For the lack of that information, we need to lean on $1 pledges (especially in this crazy amazing month of KS games) where not enough information is available.

    39. Missing avatar

      Tim Gräning on

      You are an awesome company and you deserve success! I hope more people have trust in you that you will deliver an outstanding board gaming experience.

    40. Missing avatar

      Rodney Somerstein

      In regards to this update... I backed at $1 as a strategist from a previous campaign due to being instructed to do so. Since I'll be upgrading to everything Cloudspire anyway, is there any reason not to just push my $1 pledge to $150 (keeping the $1 pledge level for bookkeeping purposes)? I suspect many other strategists would do the same.

    41. Edwin Lam on

      Or consider SG applicable if the total pledge increase during the PM stage?

    42. Scott Everts

      I can imagine you're going to have a big problem with how many units to print if you have 1700 people that are undecided when you start the post backer data gathering.

    43. Jason Miller

      I intent to ask if a straw has one hole or two.