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Defend your fortress while sending forth heroes and minions to lay claim to Ankar in this MOBA-style tower defense for 1-4 players.
Defend your fortress while sending forth heroes and minions to lay claim to Ankar in this MOBA-style tower defense for 1-4 players.
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Final 48 Hours and Spotlight on Add-ons and Stretches!

Posted by Ghillie (Collaborator)

Greetings all! It’s the final countdown!

As promised, we’re here to give you more information about each of our add-ons as well as how we'll handle Stretch Goals for the end of the campaign. We’re not going to include a lot of fluff here given it’s the second update of the day, so let’s go ahead and cut to the chase!

In Search of the Portal

So, we’re realists. We’re looking at the funding levels, and unless a massive amount of you decide to jump off the fence from your $1 perch in the next 48 hours, we know we’re not likely to surge past our listed Stretch Goals. It's a tricky place to be in because every extra dollar we take in gives us the ability to improve Cloudspire further, so we want to hold out and let the goals do what they were designed to do. However, with that said, its opposite to how we like to function. If we want something in the game, we usually figure out a way to bake it in, regardless of the funding or lack thereof. So, here’s how we’ve decided to handle things this time around. 

What were the unrevealed Stretch Goals?

We’ll tell you! Most of the remaining posted goals speak for themselves, but at 600k exists the chip organizers. These are slanted trays that hold multiple chips in each slot at the perfect angle for viewing. We want to provide one for each faction to easily contain and organize your minions, heroes, and spires while playing the game. We are still hopeful we can unlock this for everyone.

Another goal we had planned for 650k were the revised Health and Source trackers. The idea here is that we would abandon the card trackers altogether and extend the fortress neoprene far enough to allow for 2 die-cut chip areas to hold our duel-sided source and health tracking chips much like how our day counter works in TMB with the Adventure Map. Here are two images to give you a better idea of what that would look like.

Die-cut neoprene fortress with built-in tracking areas.
Die-cut neoprene fortress with built-in tracking areas.
With chip trackers inside - artwork not finalized.
With chip trackers inside - artwork not finalized.

So, this is one we are honestly just way too excited about to not go ahead and throw in at this point. Funny enough, it is one of the most costly upgrades just due to the extra die-cutting and neoprene, but its a solid solution that adds to the feeling that your fortress is the epicenter for everything pertaining to your faction. Because of this, we are adding this to every game (each will have artwork unique to its own faction of course). We love doing stuff like this, but honestly can't stress enough just how important it is for $1 backers to jump in if at all interested, its what will allow us to do things like this without going broke. :) 

Beyond the 4 chip organizers at 600k, the content goals included three new Event Cards, an additional unique small hex group land tile, a handful of Merc units, some Merc equipment, a new health and source tracker solution, and the five additional heroes we've moved to the 4000k backer goal. Our margins on Cloudspire (base game) are legitimately as low as we can afford to make them for the purposes of this campaign. We need more funding to include most of these items in the base game. And so, if we don’t hit it, we can’t add them. However…

We do still want to make the content items available. They add a ton of variety and replayability to the game, and they’re all well within the scope of what we can develop before the launch date. So! We’ve made the decision to fold any of these items we don't reach as a Stretch Goal into The Portal Seekers expansion. We have a bit more wiggle room margin-wise on Add-ons, so that's why we've chosen to do it this way. Anyone purchasing The Portal Seekers add-on will be receiving the full breadth of content that was potentially going to be in the base game. To be clear, this includes more Event cards, another small neoprene hex group, a few merc unit chips and a few additional equipment chips. In the meantime, if we do happen to break through with a significant surge of funding here in the final days, we’ll still be happy to throw that content right into the base game box.

Portal Seekers Add-on

So, let’s talk a little bit about what’s included in The Portal Seekers, and where it sits thematically.

The Portal Seekers is the first major content expansion for Cloudspire. We’ll get this out of the way first: it is heavily PvP focused. We have some great ideas for providing Events within the expansion that, when used in Solo/Co-op play, would inherently bring many brand new elements from the expansion into play, but until it’s a bit further along in development we don’t want to make any sweeping promises.

It includes ten Unique Landmark chips, ten new events (thirteen if we don’t hit our Stretch Goal), two large hex groups, two small hex groups (three if we don’t hit our Stretch Goal), and eight Merc and Tower Chips (plus a few more if we don’t hit our Stretch Goal).

If you saw our update earlier today, you know that these events and landmarks can add some awesome variability to every scenario and game, and we’re excited about that. The Portal Seekers, thematically, is all about gateports, but not ones that take you to the world below and back, but rather ones that port you throughout Ankar. The landmark chips and events included will bring in ways to port in and out of lands near the other factions and possibly even to islands not connected to the main board. There's awesome treasures that await those brave enough to seek it out. The events will play more with the floating island theme, as well as the crazy things that gateports are capable of doing. It will go far beyond simply adding more components to the game and will of course introduce some fun new mechanics.

Miniatures Pack

As we’ve stated several times, the minis were something we weren’t totally sure we would do until the waning days prior to the campaign, so the sculpts are still a work in progress. Below, you’ll see the current state of the minis sculpts for both the heir and brawnen spires. Our artist, Anthony LeTourneau obviously has a lot on his plate right now, so we’ve been focusing more on art for the base game in order to better flesh our prototype for the time being, but work on these sculpts will continue - adding more detail and refining to match the final 2D artwork of the game.

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
Play with
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Replay with sound
Play with
Early prototypes of 2 of our spire minis
Early prototypes of 2 of our spire minis

To give you an idea of scale, here’s the really early rendering (3D printed) of the Heir spire with the spire chips on top of it so you can see how much verticality and theme it adds to the board.

Early prototype of the heir fortress mini
Early prototype of the heir fortress mini

Premium Health

As usual, we’ve got Premium Health for sale! We’re going to skip the hard sell in this case and simply say we find Premium Health to add an outstanding weight and tactile improvement to the game. The artwork is still pending, but we’ll be showing it as soon as it’s ready. 

For now, we are still planning on making Premium Health red, like our other games. If there is a groundswell of support for *blue* Premium Health, we’ll certainly consider it. In fact, we’ve set up a poll below so you can vote on which color you’d like.


Hardcover Lore and Scenario Book

This book will contain all lore elements that don't end up in the game itself. It will go into much more depth on each faction, their motivations, their story. Jam packed with large artwork (the book is planned to be 8.5"x11" currently), the lore will be woven into the campaigns also contained in the book. The reason we want to include them here even though you have a scenario booklet provided with the game is because of how the story is written. Its progressive and builds from one faction to the next. The lore is being written in this way so that that you can read and play through each faction's story. 

This book is going to be no less impressive than our previous logbooks for TMB. A bit more standard in size and cover, while maintaining the typical CTG flair people are accustomed to. We are currently planning on this book being anywhere from 48-80 pages (these are large pages), depending on how much artwork we can pack it with, and the final layouts for solo and co-op scenarios. 

CTG Chip Holders

Alright! You win! We’ve been asked *so* many times if the cool chip containers/cases that are standard with TMB Undertow (and likely Cloudspire when we get into box design) will ever be for sale as a separate item. The answer is yes, they will, at least as a part of the Cloudspire Pledge Manager. We’ll see what kind of interest they draw from ya’all - but at least in this case, it’s easy to add a bunch onto our order and offer them in a limited capacity, with website sales being a possibility if demand continues.

If you know you’d like to add some in the pledge manager *and* help us reach Stretch Goals, feel free to add $10 each to your pledge now, as that is what they will cost in the pledge manager. 

The Griege

The griege are still pretty early in development, but allow us to share a little bit about them. They’re a bug-like race with reptilian skin, and their motivations are hazy at best.

Being fairly bug-like, you can probably imagine a bit how they’ll play. Queen-type heroes that can spawn minions anywhere on the map, tunnels originating within their fortress allowing for quick travel unseen to specific areas, strength in numbers, burrowing talents, and paying close attention to upgrading your hatchery will all be in play.

Like the other races, they’ll be completely unique, and offer a slew of strategies and unique talents to take advantage of. If you like what you’ve seen from the four base factions, you’re going to love what the griege bring to the game!  

Oh, and about those landmarks from our earlier update...

One more thing!

Download high res version here

We forgot to include what any these landmark keyword/talents do in the last update, so here's a sneak peak at some of the things you'll be dealing with:

Radiance: While adjacent to this landmark at the end of your turn (including turn it is revealed) remove one HP and gain 2 Source or heal 1 HP until depleted.  

Tunnel: Any hero may end its movement on this location. At the start of your next turn, locate an unrevealed Landmark in an adjacent large hexgroup. Switch the Landmark chip with this one and move your hero to that location as well. This counts as Hero movement for this turn.

Dark Prophecy: Heroes who clear this landmark are immune to damage from minions, spires, and other heroes for the remainder of this wave, but are destroyed as soon as the wave ends. Place this chip under hero upon defeat of the NPC.

Ritual: To clear this landmark, sacrifice (destroy) all adjacent units. Gain X Source. X = total HP lost in ritual.

Desperation: Roll 3 attack dice against all adjacent units. Unit is then defeated and removed from board.

Bounty: When revealed, all players may pay 3 Source to give this unit an attack die. Unit will then roll all attack dice against unit who revealed it.

Captured Gateport: Once captured (all HP removed), choose a spire chip to place underneath along with 1 Fortificaiton upgrade. It is now usable by your heroes for travel to and from using other gateports under your control.

As you can see, it's a lot more interesting than Bug 1 and Bug 2 ;-)

Whew. Alright. We've given almost everything we have in these last two weeks. Our cards (and chips) are almost all out on the table. Our one remaining content goal for you before this campaign wraps is a co-op video. Rather than re-film our rather rough solo playthrough we did from Essen (*turns on some house music*), we're going to focus on co-op. There are two reasons for this. One, we haven't shown it yet, and would like to prove to you that it exists and is awesome. Two, we know many of our solo players have plans to play co-op two handed. Solo and Co-op operate much the same, though they have completely different campaigns. Because they're so similar, we'll be focusing on what we have yet to show you.

Let's make some waves these last 48 hours folks! We're thankful for each and every one of you, and beyond excited about this campaign's success and the journey you've decided to join us on. Let's bring it on home!

Josh, Adam, and Josh (Ghillie)

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ron on

      The minis really look massive, which I am not sure whether I like that. Will you be able to see what happens on the hexes behind?
      How crowded is a map with ~10 spires on it?

    2. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      For anyone wondering if and how many CTG Chip Holders are included in CS, the campaign page "What's in the box" section says 4 are included.

    3. Christi Kropf

      I, too, would like to know how many chip boxes I need to order to hold all my TMD content as I have everything (or will have everything for the game as of 1st quarter 2019 when 40 Days and the other expansion ship to me). I know Undertow came with two trays to take care of that content. I'm not home to look in TMB box plus I'm not sure how much is coming in the last two expansions. Thanks for any advise you can give us so we can up our pledges.

    4. Ronald Schachtner II

      Love that you caved on the Chip Boxes. Long Live the new Chip Storage!!

    5. Christi Kropf

      This is a fantastic update! Great job, Chip Theory Games! I'm so excited to FINALLY be part of one of your Kickstarters (I was late to the party). Come on all you $1 fence sitters -- this game is going to be epic! Take the plunge like the rest of us and don't miss out.

    6. David Giovanni Morrison

      I'm kinda the opposite. I already have red premium health chips from TMB that I can use in CS, but I'll buy more if they're blue.

    7. CoolWhipKid

      The health and source trackers look amazing. Will you let us know before close of campaign if you decide to change health chip color from red to blue. I would like to have time to remove them from my order if you change them away from traditional red.

    8. Missing avatar

      Geoff Watson

      That source tracker is much better than the original "chip on a card".

    9. Himle on

      Awesome update and really shows why CTG is such an great company!
      Only thing that makes me sad, is that we didn't get more updates like this earlier. (I know, Essen and everything, but still (-: )

    10. Russonc

      Great update... very good SG solution (much appreciated as it's not something that you had to do!).
      While I kind of wanted to vote blue for premium health chips (just to be different), I'd want them the same color as the standard chips so went red... plus it's traditional at this point.

    11. Aistis

      Mmm, regarding the chip trays. As I understand, Undertow has them included in the box? And we can hope that in the end Cloudspire will have them as well?

      Additionally to @lvlurphy question, I also wonder how many trays are needed to conveniently store the chips from TMB and just in case, Cloudspire.

    12. Missing avatar

      lvlurphy on

      Who many CTG Chip Holders do I need for the 65 Premium Health Cips?

    13. Missing avatar

      Poul Ante Madsen on

      This is just amazing! I’m so happy about the way CTG is handling this! I’m so excited, that we get the stretch goals with Portal Seekers! :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Toni Ahonen on

      Pretty elegant way to handle the unreached gameplay related stretch content. I like that it's not a new add-on but extra material for an existing one.

    15. chang on

      1. thanks for including the stuff in the expansion! (which I was already in for)
      2. LOVE the health and source counter. I actually like the level of "tightness" from the map in TMB. I prefer to know it wont move by mistake. (sorry @ben :) )
      3. and yes! the chips! increasing my pledge 20us for those. DONT HAVE TO BUY THE INFERIOR VERSION FROM AMAZON! THANK YOU!

      Do you guys think you would have "new" prototype stuff for Pax unplugged or same of Essen. no rushing or anything, just excited with the idea of maybe I can see new stuff :)

      @Aiden do you own the TMB games; imo they keep the colors quite well. But that said I don't tend to pick up this things as much as others.

      @Josh agree. I LOVE the heart and skull, but maybe putting the bottom tip of the heart and the maxillae of the skull a bit lower, more integrate with the wheel would be better.

    16. Celo Aria on

      This is what I’m talking about. Excellent update!

    17. Missing avatar

      Karl Frank on

      Ans chance for a digital only (PDF) version of the artbook? I am usually not interested in artbooks at all, but being able to read the additional story would be awesome

    18. Missing avatar

      Aiden Ryan on

      Great update and those tracking chips in the mat are brilliant. Generally I love the idea of custom neoprene mats for the board, but I keep coming to the same thought. The images you provide look so amazing and detailed, but that detail will get blurred and coloring contrast will not be the same when they get printed on neoprene. Is there a solution for this?

    19. Figueras

      Well even though I am a strategist, I had to up my pledge

    20. Josh & Adam Carlson 8-time creator on

      @Josh and Ben Great comments. I can assure you that clear arrow indicators will be added (we have already been working on an updated version where those have been added).

      Also, the die cut size will be made just large enough so that the chips easily turn inside.

      ~ JC

    21. Ghillie Collaborator on

      @Olli - No they will not. Only gameplay content.

    22. Ghillie Collaborator on

      @Ben Turner - Do you have The 2-sided Adventure Map or just the original? The Undertow ones are a big improvement and turn quite easily.

    23. Missing avatar

      Olli Mehtonen on

      Will the 600k SG chip organizers be included in the expansion, if the stretch goal is not met?

    24. Jeffrey Owen

      aha, I understand the dark prophecy now. You can reveal it, you don't *HAVE TO* interact with it. I thought just revealing it made you die at the end of the turn.

    25. Ben Turner

      I do find the "chip wheels" a little tight to turn in TMB - not a problem for day tracking (literally moves once every 20-30 mins) but not a great system to something constantly changing, unless the tightness issue is overcome

    26. Thomas Aigner on

      I love these Diablo style heath and mana ... i mean source trackers :D

    27. Missing avatar

      Josh Goldshlag on

      My only feedback on the health/source tracking is that I would like to see a much more clear arrow on the neoprene side to point to the current value. It seems like we would want this to be super clear, and I would be worried the current art won't be clear at a glance

    28. Ghillie Collaborator on

      @Jeffery Owen - you don’t need to engage with it - can leave it be if you’d like, take it out with a minion, etc. Idea would be in the right situation to take a risk and go ham with your hero on its way to a calculated heroic demise. And don’t forget you could use it with a Merc hero as well :-) All talents and such are still being balanced though, so that one may change a bit as we test it more.

    29. Jeffrey Owen

      It all sounds so good! I'm curious about the dark prophecy though. In a game as tight as this as far as pvp is concerned, could it not be a huge swing to lose a hero just because you turn over a point of interest and it's dark prophecy? That could end up losing you the game couldn't it...?

    30. Daniel on

      Really excited about the chip trackers in the player bases! Also that the portal seeker expansion will include the extra game stuff is fantastic. Thank you for including these!

    31. J. F. Lewis