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Defend your fortress while sending forth heroes and minions to lay claim to Ankar in this MOBA-style tower defense for 1-4 players.
Defend your fortress while sending forth heroes and minions to lay claim to Ankar in this MOBA-style tower defense for 1-4 players.
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Spotlight #4: Talents of Cloudspire - Part 2

Posted by Ghillie (Collaborator)


Good evening gateport jumpers! 

Yesterday we introduced you to the full talent tree of the brawnen and narora minions. Tonight, we want to do the same for the heirs, and for the very first time, the grovetenders as well.

With the grovetenders, everything starts with their base unit, the taproot. Taproots, while being the smallest of the grovetender units, have a high command point requirement. This is due to their unique and powerful summoning mechanic that allows them to call additional units onto the battlefield after being deployed. With a taproot grouped along with them, the rest of the grovetender army becomes much more formidable. 

Summoning these units after deployment is not without its risks, however. It costs source, and not insignificant amounts, either. Abusing the ability to summon can leave you at a significant disadvantage during other phases of the game. You'll find yourself short on spire upgrades and fortress enhancements if you're not careful. 

Larger units like treeds and war briars can be deployed with a taproot already along for the ride or can be deployed for less CP by themselves. This gives the grovetenders a myriad of options both during the Preparation and Onslaught phases of the game and makes them the best faction for reactionary tactics.  

Thematically, the grovetenders are also the protagonists of the story...but we'll have more on that a bit later :-) Below, you'll find the full unit charts for both the grovetenders and the heirs. 

Click here to download Grovetender unit chart

Click here to download Heirs unit chart 

Important note: These graphics were created *specifically* for these updates. The lore included here is to help you get a flavor for each units' place in the world of Ankar. This flavor text and stats of these units will be moved to the rulebook in the final version of the game, and will not add any clutter/extra information to the faction Reference Sheets.

So, with all the faction units all out on the table (#dadjoke), tomorrow we turn our attention to heroes. Any MOBA inspired game needs hero development, and we're excited to start showing how influential heroes are in the game. Not only do they have their own unique leveling system, they have their own unique Talents as well. Add some of the insane Events we're brewing up (more on those very soon as well) and you'll be carefully watching every move you make and every step you take (#stingjoke).

Some family medical issues (everyone's fine) kept us from shooting video today, but we're locked and loaded to start producing more video content for you bright and early tomorrow morning. Despite the campaign fluctuations, it feels great to finally be peeling back all the layers of depth within this game. We'll be back again tomorrow with a heroic update for you (#jetlagjoke).

More soon!
Josh, Adam, and Josh (Ghillie)

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    1. chang on

      this is sounding AWESOME!! sooo pump

    2. montywoodpeg on

      iOS is not great at handling photos, unfortunately

    3. Missing avatar

      draoi on

      This is amazing! :-D

      The only thing I find weird is that the Harrier has no flying... It obviously is a bird with wings. And for a bird faction it would make sense that their fast strike unit is a flyer. Any chance to fix this?

    4. J.D. Zuber Jr on

      @ Russonc: Figured I would try on my Mac, and the download worked. Interesting…

    5. J.D. Zuber Jr on

      @Russonc: Tried again, and the same result. Had no problem with the other three charts. Not sure if the problem is that I am using my iPad, but the others worked, so…

    6. Russonc

      @JD, no problems downloading both for me

    7. Russonc

      Thanks for the update.

    8. J.D. Zuber Jr on

      I was trying to download the Grovetenders chart to my Google Drive, but there was a File not Found error. The Heirs chart downloaded with no problems.

    9. montywoodpeg on

      @chang, there's a message you've been hoping for in bold and italics there!