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Defend your fortress while sending forth heroes and minions to lay claim to Ankar in this MOBA-style tower defense for 1-4 players.
Defend your fortress while sending forth heroes and minions to lay claim to Ankar in this MOBA-style tower defense for 1-4 players.
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Spotlight #1: Fortresses and Unit Deployment

Posted by Josh & Adam Carlson (Creator)

Greetings, gateport jumpers!

Welcome to the first of many Cloudspire Spotlights. Today, we're taking a look at two important aspects of the game, fortress advancements and unit deployment.

These are just the first of many video updates that will start to provide a window into just how deep the strategy in this game goes. Enjoy!  

Heavily Fortified

We view each of our faction's fortresses like we view the Gearlocs of Too Many Bones. Many different upgrade paths will give you different paths to victory. Certain upgrades become essential in certain situations. In the two videos below, Josh Carlson takes you through both the Heirs and Brawnen fortress advancements. 

Note that every faction is in the process of being balanced and finalized, so art, stats, names, its all in flux and is subject to change from its current prototype state. But, you'll see in a hurry just how much depth lies behind the walls of just two of the four factions.

Unit Deployment

Unit deployment is another key aspect to the strategy and outcome of each wave in Cloudspire. The video below will walk you through this process in a bit more detail, as well as tackle some of the strategic options that emerge when you get smart about your stacking.

Upgrade More Than Your Fortress

In addition to upgrading your fortresses, individual units can be upgraded as well. How this happens is unique to every faction. the Brawnen use their fortress for permanent unlocks, while the Heirs need to earn it in combat. The video below walks you through more details on the differences between base units and their upgraded sides for these two factions.

More Stretch Goals and Essen

We hope to have additional video content that we'll be rolling out throughout next week while we (Josh, Adam, and Ghillie) travel to Essen. We will be taking a look at the Market Phase, Spire building and upgrading, and we're aiming to shoot a more in depth playthrough video while we're away at the show (here's hoping one of our hotel rooms has the space, ha!). We have a couple of sample reference sheets for both the Brawnen and Heirs that we're finishing the first round on and hope to post those soon as well. 

All of that, and *still* there is so much more to share about Cloudspire! Solo/Co-op, 3-4 players examples, its all coming in our spotlights so hang tight and enjoy the ride!!!

Much more to come very #soon,
Josh, Adam, and Josh (Ghillie)

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    1. Missing avatar

      Adam Prentis on

      Thanks for the response, Ghillie!

    2. Chris Henthorn on

      +1 for Davids suggestion. Make the pegs little banner flags. That would be awesome.

    3. Ghillie Collaborator on

      @All - All art on the chips should be considered placeholder. We have close to final art on many units, but the chip design itself we have gotten to a place where we can show prototypes, not to the point that it's ready to go to print.

      In fact, regarding chip border, the very first thing we said when we got these prototypes on Thursday was "wow, we can really push the border out a lot further on this chip design. So no worries there, these will absolutely be significantly tinkered with before the game goes to print. *Everything* you're seeing is prototype phase, not final. :-)

      @Stephen Zipprich - The above statement refers to ability order consistency and the way stats are handled as well. Right now, a unit having range beyond 1 is not the norm, so rather than clutter up every chip, we've handled it as an ability.

    4. Missing avatar

      Adam Prentis on

      Thanks for the videos!

      Regarding the art on the unit chips, I don't see the purpose of the double border (two rings), which really cuts down on the amount of space left for the unit art, unit name etc., which will make it harder to see what unit it is at a glance from the distance. The unit art itself is underwhelming, cramped postures, no big differences between different unit types within a single faction, nothing to impress. Is that all still WIP? I expect the black backgrounds behind the units are placeholder for something proper...? Don't take it bad, I just feel there is a lot of room for improvement in this area for such an amazing game.

    5. Duncan B

      Looks kickass to me. Pegs are an elegant touch, components are top notch as always (there's something deeply fetishistic about neoprene and stacks of weighted chips), but more importantly the gameplay looks really exciting: depth and substance without needless complexity. Colour me excited.

    6. Missing avatar

      Stephen Zipprich on

      Also, wouldn't range make more sense as a stat bubble or whatever like the health, command points, etc?

    7. Missing avatar

      Stephen Zipprich on

      Perhaps it's just me being OCD, but are the abilities printed on chips going to be listed with consistency? For instance, at 04:56 in the Unit Upgrading video, the two different sides of the Kram chip have the abilities written first "Command > Armored" then "Armored > Command > Sustain". I get that these are prototype and art issues are in flux, but is this something you'll be amending for those of us who get twitchy? =)

    8. CthulhuStoleChristmas on

      Airstrip... More like heirstrip, amirite?

    9. Russonc

      Thanks for the videos... looking good.
      @Daniel, re. the 15+ upgrades vs only 4-6 chances to upgrade... I actually like that you can't just Max them all every time... makes for more choice and ability to try different things (but I get, some may always pick the same 4-6...). It's a bit like TMB, you need to decide what Gearloc upgrades you're going to do as you can't get them all... (which I like)

    10. Missing avatar

      Brandon M Wilson on

      Will there be an icon or other explicit reminder for which upgrades are linear / non-linear? It's difficult to teach a game that has too many "just remember this thing is different" elements.

    11. Daniel on

      This update was mixed for me. I am not sold on the artwork style of the units (generic black backgrounds, zooming in when it becomes elite, etc). The boarders also take up way to much room, forcing everything to shrink.

      The art difference between the Heirs and Brawnen fortress was jarring. One being more realistic and detailed, the outer being more cartoony and diagramatic.

      The pegs seem...OK, could definitely be improved but they are functional.

      Having 15+ upgrades and only 4-6 chances to buy upgrades also seems odd. It will likely result in a "meta" of "always buy these upgrades vs this or that faction".

      I understand everything is in flux, just wanted to provide my two cents on a game at this price point.

    12. Missing avatar

      David Hebart-Coleman on

      Maybe if the pegs were shaped like little banners......

    13. Jeffrey Owen

      I think the pegs work quite nicely. I'd prefer something smaller to showcase the good art on the mats over something larger to do the same thing.

    14. Jon Olsén on

      Thank you, everything looks great.

    15. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      Definitely starting to see where the depth is here, thanks for the update!
      As for the pegs, as it's placeholder I'm reserving judgement on that one and can see how they might be quite nice compared to the beads on a track from other CTG games :)

    16. DD on

      Looking good, but not convinced by the pegs either. They feel out of place somehow. More dice, more dice. 😉

    17. ako_ay_bisaya

      Really enjoyed the videos especially the breakdown for the fortress upgrades. Very excited for this game.

    18. Missing avatar

      Calvin on

      Just my Personal Opinion and please don't take it wrongly :). Pegs?? It's kinda out of CTG design style...

    19. Daniel D. on

      A lot of good stuff here thanks

    20. Peter Hofland on

      Thx. Hope to see, and feel ;-), some more at Essen next week.