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A 140-page collection of 14 stories cut from the same cloth as H.P. Lovecraft and "The Twilight Zone."
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Thank You, and Congratulations - Plus A Free Gift!

Posted by Chimera's Comics (Creator)
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First I must apologize for disappearing - once the campaign ended, I entered the Odin-sleep whereby hybernate until my superpowers return.

Now that I'm back, I want to share this victory with you and offer you a free gift as a thanks!

Thank You And Congratulations

Because of you, Cellar Door will become a reality. A beautiful nightmare that will live on in perfect hardcover for generations.

Every like, comment, share, dollar, and backer helped bring this project to life. That's why I say congratulations - because it's as much your project now as ours.

You will be receiving backer surveys in the next few days - it's critical you complete them ASAP because we need your names for the thank you pages as well as for those of you who are getting characters named after you!

A Free Gift From "Cellar Door" Author Nicholas Chimera

My brother authored the "Cellar Door" short "The Clockwork Man", and this Friday December 7 he is releasing his first full-length novel, a young adult superhero epic called "The Crusader" from GenZ publishing.

Nicholas has offered us an exclusive free preview at the first two chapters of his book.

Download your exclusive free preview
Download your exclusive free preview

 I'm so proud of Nicholas because his novel is not only exciting, it has real meaning. This is a superhero origin ala Smallville or Star Wars where the ending is not a foregone conclusion. This character's choices have consequences. His actions shape what he becomes.

If you're local, I hope you'll join us this Saturday, December 8 at Chimera's Comics Oak Lawn for the book release! I'd like to have a toast and give a hug to every "Cellar Door" backer who can make it!

Always grateful,


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