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A 140-page collection of 14 stories cut from the same cloth as H.P. Lovecraft and "The Twilight Zone."
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More Freebies for the 11th Hour!

Posted by Chimera's Comics (Creator)

We're coming down to the wire! I wanted to sweeten the pot for "Cellar Door" with a BIG announcement, offer you a free digital horror comic, share another featured Cellar Door creator, and remind you of our Kickstarter Finale Livestream this Saturday!

How About I Make Cellar Door Even Bigger?

We're so close to being funded, but I don't like to leave anything to chance, so I'm going to sweeten the pot.

We are ADDING a brand-new, 20 page horror story to "Cellar Door" to make the final product even bigger and scarier!

Artwork in progress. From Matt Hastings
Artwork in progress. From Matt Hastings

 I'm thrilled to introduce "Skinned" from Ryan Fleharty and Matt Hastings. I'd wanted to include this story all along but I was afraid it wouldn't be done in time!

"Skinned" takes place in the not-too-distant future where everyone has eye implants that allow them to customize how they take in the world around them. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - until a group of teens finds themselves and their implants possessed by a malevolent force. Is it a demon, or a computer virus? In a world where reality is software, what's the difference?

Artwork in progress. From Matt Hastings.
Artwork in progress. From Matt Hastings.

 Matt is still finishing coloring, but as long as we are successfully funded, we will complete "Skinned" and include it in "Cellar Door." It is clever, timely, and super grotesque. You'll love it.

Free Digital Comic For Backers

Kristen Gorlitz is the author of "The Empties", a horror comic book about the dangers of emotional abuse...and zombies. Issue 2 is on Kickstarter now and Kristen has generously allowed me to share Issue 1 with backers, for FREE!

You can download a 22 page preview here but to get the full first issue, you'll have to pledge to "Cellar Door" by the end of the day! If you've already pledged, don't worry! You'll get a copy!

Here's a message from Kristen:

"Relationships are scary, especially when you find out you married a zombie! Time is running out to snag your copies of The Empties, so pledge today at ANY level and l'll mail you a physical copy of the first comic in the series!"

In "The Empties", a workaholic chef has a simple desire - he wants to be happy and he wants his wife Helen to be happy too. But just because Helen has a roof over her head, it doesn’t mean that she’s happy or fulfilled. There’s something missing in her life, and even she can’t put a finger on what it is. As Helen tries to fill the need inside her, the “zombie disease” hollows her out.

If you love it, check out her Kickstarter here before it's too late! The Empties Kickstarter ends TOMORROW!

Don't miss The Empties on Kickstarter now!
Don't miss The Empties on Kickstarter now!

Meet Tim McIlvain

Another featured creator from "Cellar Door" is my oldest friend, Tim McIlvain. The trauma of knowing me so long inspired him to become a horror author.

Check out the behind-the-scenes info on his "Cellar Door" story, "Pumpkin Patch."

See You Tomorrow Night at 7PM CST For the Finale Livestream!

Tune in Live at your favorite channel here!

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