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A 140-page collection of 14 stories cut from the same cloth as H.P. Lovecraft and "The Twilight Zone."
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Only 2 Days Left - And It's Going to Be Nuts!

Posted by Chimera's Comics (Creator)

I hope you all had a wonderful and restful Thanksgiving holiday! I took it easy over the (extra) long weekend to give everyone a break - but it's time for the final push! I want to give you your Cyber Monday bonus, an update on our funding, invite you to our finale livestream, and spotlight some of our creators! 

Cyber Monday Bonus!

If you backed before midnight on Cyber Monday, you'll be receiving two PDF scripts for my personal submissions to the Cellar Door anthology. I apologize if I was unclear in my promotions - you'll be receiving your bonus in a backer-only update this morning.

A sneak peak of art from inside the Cellar!
A sneak peak of art from inside the Cellar!

We're So Close...

As of this writing, we have less than $1,500 to go and 2 days to do it! 

I've had a few people ask me what happens if we don't hit $11,000 raised. Well, Kickstarter is all or nothing - if we don't hit $11K, you won't be charged, and we don't see a dime. And the means Cellar Door may not see print.

But fear not! I know it sounds crazy, but remember: most Kickstarters see most of their funding in the first and last days of the campaign.

This is for a lot of reasons, but the number one reason is the backers! When we started, 14 creators were spreading the word about "Cellar Door." As of this writing, 185 backers have supported this campaign. That's a lot of people to help spread the word!

So please, tell your friends! If even 16% of you knew 1 person who would like "Cellar Door", we'd be funded! Some of you have been positively heroic in spreading the word. Thank you all so much.

Final Countdown Livestream Q&A

If you tuned into our last livestream, you know that we spent a good deal of it talking about our dearly departed hero Stan Lee, who passed away that very day. I'm glad we did it - but people have been telling me that they wanted to hear more about Cellar Door and we didn't discuss it.

So I'm going to do a Final Countdown Livestream on Thursday, November 29 from 7PM - 8PM right here on Kickstarter. We'll be focusing on all things "Cellar Door" including:

  • Stretch goals (yes, they're happening!)
  • How and who I picked to be creators in this book
  • What stories are inside Cellar Door, and why I'm excited about them
  • My personal top 10 favorite horror comics
  • Prizes and more

 I hope you can make it!

Meet Grim Jim Litz

We want to continue to feature some of our awesome creators, and today it's "Grim" Jim Litz! 

Jimmy is the creator of the long-running comic strip, "The Grims." He's joined us with his original story, "The Umbrella People." His art style is disarming and twisted, and his story truly chilled me. I'll let him tell you all about it!

See You Thursday, November 29 at 7PM CST Live On Kickstarter!

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