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Roam a cryptic world brimming with ancients, demons, and spirits.
Roam a cryptic world brimming with ancients, demons, and spirits.
Roam a cryptic world brimming with ancients, demons, and spirits.
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What we've been up to!


Hey guys!  

Happy New Year! 

After months of constant work, we developed a draft of the demo and several sections of the game. We wanted to first focus on the flow and gameplay and sketch everything out to the finest detail so we knew exactly how everything connected together. They are very drafty concepts yet are crucial steps for designing the game. So, to share with you what we were up to we polished some of the small parts to show you in gifs in the last couple of days. 






Yes, this is 3D. With 2D we hit some crucial walls with the concepts we were trying to pursuit. We were first able to overcome them with interesting ideas on the camera perspective and the way the world laid out itself. However, at the end, the way we wanted to communicate this world to the player felt only possible in 3D. This did mean that the tools and all our past work would have had to be redesigned but the amount of freedom we now have in 3D and the impact we can carry through that made the switch the best possible choice. 

Of course, that would now mean that what the Kickstarter promised is now drastic to what we are delivering however with this we can create an even better version of Kologeon that we all fell in love with. 

Our focus shifted to an experience that would be impactful and question how interactions could deliver emotions and content in a unique way. We want to explore the boundaries and the limits on the way gameplay as a dynamic can elicit intricate emotional responses. 



We hope you are excited as we are! 

 Have great rest of the holidays!

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    1. Jackson LeTourneau on

      I'm sure the decision was difficult, especially since the game was initially introduced in 2D. These changes are controversial and often become points of ridicule between crowdfunding backers, especially on hosting sites like Kickstarter. Best of luck, my support holds.

    2. Missing avatar

      Café on

      I really liked 2D, but it was easy to see how limitating that perspective was for gameplay.

      Going 3D is pretty daring, though. Hope you guys can manage this, it looks great.

      Happy new year!

    3. Missing avatar

      Zsolt Torok on

      Happy New Year guys!

      The new direction definitely works for the game. It looks even more amazing and it just fits perfectly. Even the early character concepts were kinda "made" for 3D, and the initial animated 2D sprites felt a bit like a choppier fallback from the given limitations. I cant wait to see some fighting scenes with the new engine.

      I only hope that the new design decision won't add too much unnecessary burdens to the development, and the game will be eventually released.

      Best luck to the team!

    4. Greg Wilcox on

      Well, Happy New Year to you folks! That new direction is intriguing - keep going!