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Roam a cryptic world brimming with ancients, demons, and spirits.
Roam a cryptic world brimming with ancients, demons, and spirits.
1,268 backers pledged $35,415 to help bring this project to life.

Animation Style, Concepts, World Art!

Posted by ChillCrow (Creator)
Hey guys!
Wow, the Kickstarter has been a roller-coaster ride of emotions and we can't say thank you enough for allowing us to create something we are truly passionate for.
It's been a long adventure to get to this point but now the journey only begins and we can't be anymore excited!

We've been brainstorming, organizing our ideas, and crashing our concepts together that lead to some twists in the design for it to serve our visions we have for the game. This will create what would be the groundwork and base of Kologeon that will feed into all aspects of the game.

We have progressed on fleshing out the world and seeing how we can create more interesting interactions, events, and gameplay moments in it.

We want to make sure the game focuses on a unique experience with elements captivating the gameplay and revolving around one strong foundation. Indies are best when they can capture a singular experience unique to the game and have everything revolve around that. This is what we are trying to define for Kologeon. Right now we are in the midst of testing different bizarre concepts (we are really excited for!) and seeing what works and doesn't. A lot of things are improving that we can't wait for you to see once they are more fleshed out!

Until then here are some concepts and sketches over on the visual side. We can't show you everything though as we want to keep secrets and surprises. >:D


(Very WIP) new style of animation we are still testing but that represents the core of what we want it to be. Takes an advantage of the fact that this game is 2D and all of its frames are hand-drawn. It's free-handed and gives the movement an impactful expression. We really like it but would also love some feedback!




Some enemy sketch ideas we used an interesting method on to come up with compelling shapes:





World art and concepts:




That's all for now!

Thank you and have an incredible weekend!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ryan fine on

      Any updates on this game?

    2. Derick Katzman on

      These look amazing. I'm so excited to see the finished product!

    3. Missing avatar

      Martijn Polak on

      The animations and art are what drew me to this project in the first place and these look amazing, even as rough sketches as they breathe style and atmosphere.

    4. Missing avatar

      Patrick Gallagher

      Developing a unique aesthetic style is very good for an indie game; you can't make a game good by focusing on sheer technical excellence with a small team and small budget, but you can always make it special by delivering an unexpected style. And if the core game is good, then a unique style makes it something genuinely special.That's why I backed this, the game looked very interesting, with a really unique style.

      All I can offer is the same as Steven. Enemy designs that get too busy will be more diffficult to follow in a smooth, free-flowing movement style.

    5. Kenneth Bergan on

      Looks absolutely wonderful, keep it up �

    6. Missing avatar

      Esteban Oertli on

      oh my god, i'ts... i'ts MAGIC !! <3 i love your work
      Sorry for my english...

    7. Missing avatar

      TomToLom on

      Animations and sketches look very promissing. Thanks for the update.

    8. Missing avatar

      Cody Hoggard on

      Looking forward to it!

    9. Jackson LeTourneau on

      Big fan of the creature thumbs, great shapes. Glad you guys reached your funding goal can't wait to play.

    10. Greg Wilcox on

      Very cool! As an artist myself, I can see pretty clearly how these will evolve over time from roughs to in-game assets. Keep the updates coming.

    11. ChillCrow Creator on

      Thanks! The character art is indeed very drafty but those type of sketches pour ideas into our minds so we wanted to let you in a bit on our process. When it'll come to finalizing the look and animating them they'll be for sure cleaned up.

    12. Missing avatar

      Steven Gulsby on

      I really enjoy the hand drawn art style. It has a very distinct and unique style to it that is really nice to see. Some of the character stills and sketches seem to be a bit too busy, and I can't make out some of the smaller details. I would work on cleaning that up a little. Overall though, great work. It's nice to get updates like this.