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An inspiring coffee table book & beautiful high quality prints featuring sexy and beautiful chickens shot by two amazing photographers
An inspiring coffee table book & beautiful high quality prints featuring sexy and beautiful chickens shot by two amazing photographers
An inspiring coffee table book & beautiful high quality prints featuring sexy and beautiful chickens shot by two amazing photographers
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    1. Chicken Creator on

      Dear @reverendphil the estimated delivery is July. Have a nice weekend! ;)

    2. reverendphil on

      Dear Chicken,
      Is there a rough estimate on delivery date for the main book? It's Father's day in the USA soon, and I need to tell my farmer father when his secret present will arrive.
      Bock Bock Borrrrrrrrrrr

    3. Chicken Creator on

      Dear @Daniela, you can preorder it in the small format on Indiegogo. I will talk with the photographers for different size options and I will let you know. Thank you for your support!

    4. Missing avatar

      Daniela Gellner on

      Dear Team, I purchased the 80x80 cm picture + book. Unfortunately i dont have the option to choose Eric (the black white one) in backerkit as seen in the preview. How can i order this picture? All the best Daniela

    5. Chicken Creator on

      Dear Jeanette, we're working on it in these days. They should probably have around 35 pages... I'll keep you posted once we have defined it

    6. Jeanette Taylor on

      How many pages are in the journal notebook?

    7. Chicken Creator on

      Dear @Cyndi I've sent you the survey again :) Thank you!

    8. Cyndi Frenzel on

      Hi, have all the surveys gone out yet? Just curious since I haven’t received one and they are due in a couple of days. And yep, checked spam folder.

    9. Chicken Creator on

      @nicole thank you for your support and happy to be your first backed campaign on Kickstarter!

    10. Chicken Creator on

      Dear @Nicole,
      the options available for photo prints are those shown in the image in the campaign. You can choose from 7 options, 4 for the large size and 3 for the small size.
      If you are not happy with the available selection, we can issue a refund, no problem :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Nicole Peerless on

      Dear Team,

      I was very excited to not only support this kickstarter (the first ever kickstarter I have ever supported) and more importantly gift this to my boyfriend as we fell in love with the pictures.

      I purchased this under the condition that I would receive: a High Quality Photographic PRINT OF MY CHOICE (800x800 mm - 31.7x31.7") and book. However when I received my survey and only four options are available (none of which I am interested in) - no place where I can write in my choice, as previously advised.

      Can someone please assist asap - as the survey expires in a few days.


    12. Chicken Creator on

      I apologize for this misunderstanding. We thought that the picture was clear enough but I see now that the text can be misleading, that was not our intetion.
      I'm sorry we disappointed you. If that's a deal breaker for you we can definitely issue a refund.

    13. Ryan T.

      I am very disappointed to learn that only 4 of the 7 chickens are available to choose from in large format and feel even worse for those with the small print pledge who only have 3 of the 7 to choose from. The text stated "7 options. 2 sizes." clearly indicating there were 7 to choose from in 2 different sizes.

    14. Chicken Creator on

      Dear @Ryan T. there are 7 options available for photo prints you can choose from. Send us a pvt message so we can work it out

    15. Ryan T.

      The backerkit only shows four options, 11 - 14, for the large poster which is not what my pledge level stated. Please advise!!!

    16. Chicken Creator on

      @Ashly Schilling I've just sent you a pvt message

    17. Ashly Schilling on

      I was advised that I would be able to choose the breed of my choice for my large photo, but received my survey and only four options are available (none of which I am interested in) - no place where I can write in my choice, as previously advised. Can someone assist?

    18. Chicken Creator on

      Dear Ryan T,
      we are all set up and we are waiting for a thumbs up from Backerkit team, they usually take a couple of days to review the project. Soon after we’ll be able to send out all the surveys. Stay tuned, we will update you soon.

    19. Ryan T.

      Any update on the Pledge manager?

    20. Chicken Creator on

      Dear Kassandra, most probably within the end of next week. We’ll update you soon :)

    21. Missing avatar

      Kassandra May on

      Hey chicks,

      When will you send out the surveys?

      Greets Kassandra

    22. Chicken Creator on

      Dear @Liu Aiqing we don't have any control over transactions, everything is processed by Kickstarter. They use Stripe which is one of the most popular and compatible payment processor in the world. We suggest you to contact your local bank in order to solve this issue. Thank you for your support!

    23. Missing avatar

      Liu Aiqing on

      Hello! Why did I buy a 118 Euro project but my credit card was deducted twice: 118 Euros, 119 Euros, is it right? I was cheated.

    24. Chicken Creator on

      You should have received an email from Kickstarter with a link to "Update Payment method". That should give you the chance to use a different card. Let me know if that works out well :)

    25. Ashly Schilling on

      Like some others, my method of payment was declined for fraud protection. It wound up defaulting to a card that Kickstarter had saved on file (now deleted since I am aware of this). I would like to use my initial form of payment. Is there anyway to change the payment type? Kickstarter stats that you would have to issue a refund so I could again.I'm sorry for the inconvenience. :(

    26. Chicken Creator on

      @Brian and Mary...
      P.S. Kickstarter or the CHICken team might send emails to remind customers to look into why the charge was not successful, all you need to do is go into your Kickstarter profile and look at what went wrong with the charge. It happens to approx. 10% of the pledges and Kickstarter tries to fix the problem for approx. a week. Usually by the end of this period most of the charge problems are fixed.

    27. Chicken Creator on

      @Brian and Mary Ann Hagey, we do not bill anyone, Kickstarter does and they usually use Stripe which is one of the most popular payment processors in the World. Some of you might get a warning, but that's totally expected for online transactions. We can assure you that both Kickstarter and Stripe are super legitimate :)

      @Anton, Matteo and Moreno spent their professional life working with some of the best Italian brands, the final product will be as good as it gets, as perfection is one of their pleasant obsessions. On the web, of course, images change from screen to screen, depending on the quality of your hardware. The 'Web' experience is very subjective.

    28. Missing avatar

      Brian and Mary Ann Hagey on

      I just received an email that said my credit card does not support this kind of activity. It requests that I resubmit my cc info or enter another cc number. This doesn't sound legit. Can anyone shed any light?

    29. Missing avatar

      anton neilson on

      At least on the web site, a lot of these photos appear underexposed, with the head and, of course, eye, in deep shadow.
      No doubt this was intentional, but to this supporter at least, somewhat disappointing.
      Hopefully the prints in the book will be better.

    30. Chicken Creator on

      Hi David, we will do our best in order to deliver the books as soon as possible :) thank you for your support!

    31. Missing avatar

      David Kulp on

      Hi. The email from Kickstarter says the books will be distributed in July. Any chance I could receive an early copy??? My plan is that it would make a great birthday present for a July 6 birthday.
      Thanks in advance!

    32. Chicken Creator on

      @Jose I’ve just sent you a PM ;)

    33. Jose Reyes

      Ahhhhhh! Just realized my pledge is only for 1 book. Is there a way for me to double my pledge or add to it still or am I out of luck .

    34. Chicken Creator on

      @Agne Thank you Agne! It would have never been possible without the support of this amazing community!

    35. Missing avatar

      Agne on

      You guys smashed it! Good job.

    36. Chicken Creator on

      @Eric Silber I've just sent you a pvt message. Thank you for your kind words! :)

    37. Missing avatar

      Eric Silber

      I love this project! I want two books. I just doubled my please get, please confirm I did that correctly.

    38. Chicken Creator on

      @Kassandra thank you for supporting our project. The whole chicken project has been so much fun and we hoped to shed some light on just how amazing and lovely these pets are. I know your father will appreciate it!

      All the best!
      The CHICken team

    39. Missing avatar

      Kassandra May on

      I never thought I would find a gem like this on my nightly browse through kickstarter land :D What a great idea!
      My dad raises chickens in his backyard and this book will be the perfect gift (either for christmas or maybe "just because"). I love those fluffy jokesters. It's amazing to watch them do their thing and never ever gets boring <3

    40. Chicken Creator on

      @Stephen, thanks so much to you and all the backers and supporters, you will not be disappointed. The photos are amazing and so are the chickens and the 'All made in Italy' book's quality will delight you. Thanks again.

    41. Stephen Rowland on

      I’m so looking forward to this book! Thank you!

    42. Chicken Creator on

      @PatrickS, there are currently no plans to make a Mon/Sun calendar, as we chose to follow a classic schedule.
      Thanks for supporting the project.

    43. Missing avatar

      PatrickS on

      Hello, will there be an option for the calendar to start at Monday instead of Sunday? Thank you!

    44. Chicken Creator on

      I'll send you a private message with the instructions

    45. YuanTzu on

      Hello, I'm a new user.
      I want to have 2 books+ 1 calendar, but there is no option.
      And It seems that i can't pledge two options at the same time.
      Could you help me?

    46. Chicken Creator on

      @tamagna Hi! I've just sent you a PM :)

    47. Missing avatar

      Tamagna on

      Hi, how can i get the poster, i don’t find the option

    48. Chicken Creator on

      @Coasty: ciao! Il calendario è 2019! :)

    49. Coasty on

      Buongiorno, il calendario è 2018 oppure 2019?

    50. Chicken Creator on

      @Michele you can simply switch to the brand new reward CHICKEN GOLDEN EGG EDITION :) Thank you for your support!

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