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An inspiring coffee table book & beautiful high quality prints featuring sexy and beautiful chickens shot by two amazing photographers
An inspiring coffee table book & beautiful high quality prints featuring sexy and beautiful chickens shot by two amazing photographers
An inspiring coffee table book & beautiful high quality prints featuring sexy and beautiful chickens shot by two amazing photographers
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    1. Chicken Creator 6 minutes ago

      Dear Ryan, we will most likely manage to be faster that that, but we want to give a safe ETA in case of unexpected hiccups.

    2. Ryan T.
      about 1 hour ago

      Your are shipping a total of 275 rewards per week? That’s a seriously very low amount of weekly shipments even considering some are multiple packages. Very disappointing.

    3. Chicken Creator about 2 hours ago

      We'll look into it and let you know :)

    4. Felix ter Schegget about 5 hours ago

      Hi Chicken team, I received my tracking code about eight days ago, hower the package itself does not seem to be moving. Is it correct that the package can not be processed yet after 8 days? The current status is still: 08-08-2018 - The shipment is registered in our system

    5. Jacob Gunness
      about 18 hours ago

      @Creator: yes, I get that :) I was merely curious to hear from backers who had actually gotten their tracking at this point.

    6. Chicken Creator about 23 hours ago

      @Jacob & Steve
      That's right! You will receive an email from "ShippyPro" as soon as your reward gets processed by our carrier.

    7. Jacob Gunness
      1 day ago

      @Steve: According to the latest update, shipping started early last week and will continue throughout August, so it's not surprising that we haven't gotten tracking yet. But at least some of us ought to have at this point.

    8. Missing avatar

      steve hitchcock 1 day ago

      i have not receive tracking yet either,,,have these shipped yet or not?

    9. Jacob Gunness
      2 days ago

      So, did anybody get tracking yet?

    10. Chicken Creator 6 days ago

      Hi @Jennifer, please send your address to info(@) and we’ll be happy to check out your info :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Strong 6 days ago

      Hello! I don't think you have my address - how can I get it to you or check that the one you have is correct? Thanks!

    12. Chicken Creator 7 days ago

      Hi @Ben, the rewards are being shipped, you should soon receive your tracking number. Thanks for your patience and support!

    13. Missing avatar

      Ben Gilburt on

      Could we have an update on shipping please? One week ago you said the beginning of next week. It's Thursday and I've seen no shipping confirmation.

      It's intended as a birthday gift this month, so the sooner the better!

    14. Chicken Creator on

      Dear @Carole, we will start shipping your rewards at the beginning of next week. You can check our recent update by clicking here:
      Best regards

    15. Missing avatar

      Carole Salerno

      Hello, I don't see a recent update. When can we expect to receive our books? thanks

    16. Chicken Creator on

      Hi @Jude, just send your new address to and we'll be happy to update your info. Best regards

    17. Jude Judacris DuPart on

      I ordered a Calendar, and have since moved. Is there anyway to update my address??

    18. Chicken Creator on

      Dear @Barney, they will fly away from our warehouse this week so keep an eye on your inbox for the tracking number. Thanks for your support!

      Hi @Larz, the rewards are scheduled to leave the warehouse this week. In the meantime we are working on our next update so stay tuned :)

    19. on

      Buck Buck Buck Buckaw Boooook?
      Spent the bucks July is done - where's the book?
      Seriously last update 4 weeks ago, least you could do is send out a quick note, hey we are experience a slight delay or something.

    20. Barney Firks on

      Last day of July is today. Have the chickens flown the coop yet?

    21. Chicken Creator on

      Dear @Jacob,
      Thanks for your suggestion and support. We’ll be doing an update soon :)
      Best regards

    22. Jacob Gunness

      Dear Chick! team,
      Maybe you could do a real update and offer a bit of insight into what takes place behind the scenes at the moment? Communication has been terrific so far, and it would be nice to wrap up the campaign with full transparency :)

    23. Chicken Creator on

      Dear @Johannes,
      The rewards are scheduled to leave our warehouse next week and you will receive a tracking number by e-mail to follow your package safely. Thank you for your support!

    24. Johannes Ecker on

      Did you already ship all books?
      Can you tell me if my order was shipped already?

    25. Chicken Creator on

      Hi @Cole, no worries! Just send us an email at info(@) with the you current email and we’ll manually update your info. Thanks!

    26. Missing avatar

      Cole Buerger on

      Hi! I just pledged for the book for a friend, and my computer accidentally used an old email address which no longer works. How do I change that? It was contribution 421! Thanks!

    27. Chicken Creator on

      Hi @DrVolodya, shippings are expected to begin before the end of the month. You will receive a tracking number as soon as the book leaves our warehouse. Thank you!

    28. Missing avatar

      DrVolodya on

      Can't wait to get my hands on these CHICKs! Are you shipping this week?


    29. Missing avatar

      Harry Carr on

      Many thanks, have just sent the details to the email address.
      Cheers, Harry

    30. Chicken Creator on

      Dear @Harry no worries, just send us your new address to info(@) and we’ll be happy to update it :) thanks for your support!

    31. Missing avatar

      Harry Carr on

      Hi guys, very excited to receive the book. Is it possible to change the shipping address as I have now moved house?

      Many thanks,
      Harry Carr

    32. Eduard Camaj on

      Oh, ok, sorry. Great, thanks!

    33. Chicken Creator on

      Hi @eduard, no worries, the calendar is for 2019. We’ll begin to ship them soon. You’ll be notified when your order is processed. Thank you for your support!

    34. Eduard Camaj on

      I still didn't receive a calendar! I entered all data for shipping into the form quite some time ago.
      Since now is July of 2018 and it is *calendar*. it is not cool.

    35. Chicken Creator on

      @Gabriele perfetto, ricevuto.

    36. Gabriele Zedda on

      Scusatemi ma distrattamente ho cancellato l’email per inviarvi il codice fiscale il mio codice fiscale è: ZDDGRL53R23F205K. Se lo ritenete opportuno rinviatemi per favore l’email, Grazie buona giornata

    37. Chicken Creator on

      @Gabriele Ciao Gabriele, confermiamo che Roberto fa parte del nostro team. Per poter emettere la fattura di tutti gli acquisti italiani, abbiamo bisogno di avere o la p.iva o il codice fiscale degli acquirenti. Grazie della collaborazione!

    38. Gabriele Zedda on

      Avvisarvi di quanto avviene, grazie e scusate il disturbo

    39. Gabriele Zedda on

      Buongiorno volevo mettervi al corrente di aver ricevuto una email, firmata da ROBERTO MONTRASIO dove mi si chiede o la partita IVA o il codice fiscale a seguito di un mio acquisto su Kickstarter del vostro libro, ma io in realtà ho acquistato il calendario.Siccome è la prima volta che ricevo una richiesta del genere su Kickstarter, desideravo una Vostra conferma, o in caso contrario Avvvauguri a avvisarvi

    40. Chicken Creator on

      Yes, it comes from us :)

      @italian backers
      Check your email! We may need some more info for invoicing purposes.

    41. Missing avatar


      Just to be safe, can you kindly confirm that the email coming with the request of information for invoicing is genuine?

    42. Chicken Creator on

      Hi @steve, we should start shipping before the end of july. Thank you for your support!

    43. Missing avatar

      steve hitchcock on

      have we a better idea of when in july to expect delivery?

    44. Chicken Creator on

      Dear @reverendphil the estimated delivery is July. Have a nice weekend! ;)

    45. reverendphil on

      Dear Chicken,
      Is there a rough estimate on delivery date for the main book? It's Father's day in the USA soon, and I need to tell my farmer father when his secret present will arrive.
      Bock Bock Borrrrrrrrrrr

    46. Chicken Creator on

      Dear @Daniela, you can preorder it in the small format on Indiegogo. I will talk with the photographers for different size options and I will let you know. Thank you for your support!

    47. Missing avatar

      Daniela Gellner on

      Dear Team, I purchased the 80x80 cm picture + book. Unfortunately i dont have the option to choose Eric (the black white one) in backerkit as seen in the preview. How can i order this picture? All the best Daniela

    48. Chicken Creator on

      Dear Jeanette, we're working on it in these days. They should probably have around 35 pages... I'll keep you posted once we have defined it

    49. Jeanette Taylor on

      How many pages are in the journal notebook?

    50. Chicken Creator on

      Dear @Cyndi I've sent you the survey again :) Thank you!

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