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Chicago’s Finest Craft Apple Sauce, Brought to You by Disabled Chicago Police Officer, Jim Mullen. “Like Apple Pie Without the Crust!”
Chicago’s Finest Craft Apple Sauce, Brought to You by Disabled Chicago Police Officer, Jim Mullen. “Like Apple Pie Without the Crust!”
678 backers pledged $33,747 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. mitEj on

      Wanted to let you know that my Family loved the Sauce and can't wait to see it in stores.

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      Anthony on

      Absolutely the best apple sauce I have ever had!

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      Lawrence Roberts on

      Received my award today. Can't wait to try it. Just to let you know, one of the bottles broke and spilled applesauce all over the rest of the box. Your team should consider either different boxes or more bubble wrap in the future. Nevertheless, I wish you every success. You are truly an inspiration.

    4. Allison Burr

      Got a surprise in the mail today. Loved my extra gifts, you are too sweet. Overly excited to try it!! Congrats on your success and hoping to see more in a store closer to me ;) Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Years to you Jim! You inspire.

      With love from California,

    5. Chrystal on

      Received an awesome surprise in the mail today - 2 jars of apple sauce! My cousin and I are currently enjoying our first taste of it and it is DELICIOUS! Thanks so much, Jim, and thank you to your team as well!

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      Ronald A. Haislet on

      I was not quite done with my posting before I hit the wrong key. lol... I just wanted to add, that you are an Inspiration to those around you and again, enjoyed meeting you in your home and having the pleasure of bringing you just a bit closer to your goal... :)

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      Ronald A. Haislet on

      Hi Jim, I must be honest with you... I took your generous gift and shared your Mom's applesauce with friends and family and took much of what we didn't consume, all but 3 jars and Raised you additional $185.00 that I Added to my VRI contribution

    8. UncleDayzy on

      Congratulations to a successful Kickstarter Jim!

    9. UncleDayzy on

      Congratulations to a successful Kickstarter Jim!

    10. Victor Haddock on

      I'm really exited for this! I will be heading up to Chicago in February and I can't wait to go out and buy some of this apple sauce!

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      Jennifer Ruddle on

      This is my very first kickstarter donation and I couldn't have found a better project. You go man, we all support you. Ps my family lives in Chicago and LOVES the sauce, my grandma couldn't do any better.
      Lots of love - Jen R

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      Ross Garden on

      I am sitting at work in London (UK) with man-tears in my eyes. There was no way I couldn't put my hand in my pocket to help you big fella. When you go global, hopefully I'll get to taste some of your Mum's amazing sauce. I wish you all the success you deserve.
      Take care man, Ross Garden.

    13. Zach Savoy on

      Happy that you were able to find so quickly! A little disappointed you won't be able to make it out to Massachusetts and Pennsylvania being the closest one, but at least I can get some through here, and who knows what the future will bring! Can't wait to try this sauce.

    14. Missing avatar on

      Jim, God bless you and your family. You are truly an inspiration to all. Your success is inevitable.

    15. Missing avatar

      kevin clancy on

      Good Luck Jim and Athena,
      We hope the World's Greatest Applesauce goes world wide soon!
      The Claddagh Ring Crew.

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      Patti on

      Saturday dinner with my brother Jim, sister-in-law Athena and father John was extra special, Wildfire restaurant in Glenview served my mother's applesauce so I guess Audre was with us in a very special way. I'm so proud of you and your success!

    17. Gina Sanderson on

      Whoa! $24,139 already raised. I'm VERY impressed. Soon you need to expand your 14 State plan to 50. Congrats, Jim!

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      James E. Joyce on

      Good luck and keep pushing. I haven't been to the local grocery (County Fair) in a while, but I hope your new distribution deal gets Mullens Applesauce in all the stores in the Beverly/Mt. Greenwood area.

    19. John Garrido on

      Best of luck Jim; you got this!!!!

    20. Missing avatar

      Ann Kendall on

      Jim, I just shipped some of your apple sauce to my daughter in Colorado. I told her to share it with all her friends. They will go nuts for it! "All natural" and Colorado is a good combination!! The whole country needs your sauce. It's going to happen for you!

    21. Dan

      Officer Mullen - it looks like your Kickstarter campaign and your wish will be fulfilled. Hopefully the availability of your applesauce will spread a bit more through Northeast Ohio so it is easier than a 90 minute round trip :) Also I was wondering if maybe you can add a level - like if you could get the "triad of kitchen power" and 1 jar for say $65 or so. We wish nothing but the best for you sir and pray for your future success.

    22. Ben Obecny on

      I bought some locally today (boy am I glad I live in the Chicago area!). This is some dang good apple sauce! Keep up the good work!

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      Lawrence Roberts on

      You sir are an example of America's finest. I wish you nothing but great success in this project. I am proud to be one of your backers.

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      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

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      Dan Waldhier on

      Best of Luck, Jim. Dan Waldhier

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      Sharon Brennan on

      I support your cause with great pride. My only wish is that you will succeed with your dream. I am the widow of a Chicago Policeman and hold the utmost respect and loyalty to the great sacrifices all "CPD Families" make to keep Chicago safe.

    27. Gene Cacciatore on

      Jim , I was just starting my career in law enforcement with the Cook County Sheriffs when I first read about you in the paper. I'm now working in the west burbs for the past 17 years. Good Luck with your product. I look forward to having it on my kitchen table with some grilled pork chops.

    28. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    29. David Hirsch on

      Jim, you're one of my true inspirations. Happy to support the cause. Best of luck!!!! David