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A feature-length documentary-in-progress about the life and legacy of Olympic champion diver Greg Louganis.
A feature-length documentary-in-progress about the life and legacy of Olympic champion diver Greg Louganis.
601 backers pledged $55,305 to help bring this project to life.

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      Lynn Baitinger on

      i still have not received access to the movie - contacted you several times. WHat do I have to do to receive it? Please lmk, thank you.

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      Barry Matthews on

      This was a disappointing Kickstarter to participate in. Supporters should have had access to the film before it was aired on HBO. Period. Moreso than other projects I've participated in, this one really feels like an impersonal fundraiser. I'm glad that the funding happened, because it seems like a worthwhile project, but I have no pride and/or joy in participating in the Kickstarter. The rewards were misleading.

    3. Daniel L. Merritt on

      I have NOT received my DVD!

    4. Missing avatar


      Have the rewards been mailed out yet?

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      Michele Fritzsche on

      I have watched the film twice now and was brought to tears both times. It is so wonderful! Greg you are truly a national treasure! What a kind, sweet man! I am so happy that life for you is getting better everyday! You deserve it! Thank you so much for giving us, you! We are incredibly blessed! Now when ever I want to see the best diver the world, I will only have play the DVD! Thank you for that! Your grace and beauty on the diving board will forever be etched in in my memory! Thank you Greg, Cheryl and Will…..amazing tribute!

    6. Missing avatar

      sue whitney on

      We are so excited that your film has been recognized by a major company---HBO! We look forward to our very own version of the film as well as the other awards. It has probably been a really tough road to have to promote the film at so many film festivals, which all costs more money, time and more effort. Congratulations to the whoe crew and the hero of this story, Greg!!!!!!

    7. Missing avatar

      Kimlin on

      I have to echo the disappointment and anger below. It has been almost 2 years since I/we pledged. To release to HBO before any date is set for kickstarter supporters is unethical and frankly indefensible. You owe us a date you fulfill our pledges. It should be soon.

    8. Missing avatar


      Wow once again you disappoint. you are not are going to distribute and have hundreds of thousands of people do it on HBO before you can fulfill your pleasure to 600 people that help make itpossible. I just read over your campaign nowhere in it did it state that backers we're going to be kept waiting while it was being shown at festivals or looking for broadcast. Looks like my mother and sister will see it on HBO before I will. It was again disappointing that others will see it before I will. In no way will it help to get a 48hr link to view since where I live we have no access to Internet with speeds to stream a movie; lucky I can get email. So much for the implied exclusive for my $100 dollars for a DVD before anyone else able to screen.I can understand that you needed to secure permission for copyrighted material, but it was ok for movie festival patrons to see and you couldn't even let backers know when and where before hand so they might travel to see..... did it have to be a secret? oh you did offer to refund the money, but more of a slap as it would mean a I gave you a free 3yr loan.

    9. Missing avatar


      So nice to know the some asshat at some film festival continue get a chance to see it for nothing after my $100 to make it happen. 1.5 yrs late and no updates for 6m.

    10. Daniel L. Merritt on

      What is the latest update?

    11. Missing avatar

      Michele Fritzsche on

      Hi I was wondering when you will be sending out the the DVD. Thanks so much.

    12. Missing avatar


      I understand that money raised here was only a portion of the total was going to be need (55k of 300k) but could we get an update on the funding progress and new est of possible compleation?

    13. Glenn K Graham on

      Coming up on Sept.... Just wondering if everything is falling into place? Anxious to receive this DVD ;)

    14. Missing avatar

      Tim Martin on

      Greg, withoug a doubt, is the best. Am glad to be a part and can't wait to see the film.

    15. Missing avatar

      Lora Mills on

      sorry, can't type, that is "funding"

    16. Missing avatar

      Lora Mills on

      Similar concerns to Kathleen. Do they have other finding in line for the $300,000 needed to complete?

    17. Missing avatar

      Kathleen Mullendore on

      Fantastic!!! Yeah and thanks to everyone who made a donation. I too am wondering about the rest of the money you will need to finish the film.

    18. Missing avatar

      Seanchai on

      Whoo, we did it! Can't wait to see this doc. Congrats to the filmmakers, and to Greg, a hero to so many for a multitude of reasons.

    19. Dianne Strong on

      This is a cliff hanger (platform gripper?)! The clock is ticking.

    20. Anne on

      Sigh.. GLBT even... although ya get what I'm saying...

    21. Anne on

      I was wondering if you happened to reach out to any part of the GBLT community concerning the KS?

    22. Dianne Strong on

      I've seen Greg sitting on the sidelines at the London Olympics and wondered what he's been doing since the LA Olympics (besides training dogs). In 1988 I was sitting above the warm down pool with the Guam swimming delegation when Greg hit his head on the 3m board. I loved his autobiography, and now your film will satisfy my curiosity. I love this man and what he has done! Thanks for doing this project! Get rolling!

    23. david mcfarlane on

      Getting close to $20,000 mark. $30,000 more to go....