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Take one card and pass the rest, clean up the chemical spill and make molecules to score points. No prior knowledge required!!
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1 Week Down... 4 to go! - Play Testing news.

Posted by Jason Goudie (Creator)

Hi all,

Well that is 1 week down and after a massive push early on, we are still steadily rolling allow to reaching our goal of $2500, a little more effort and we might hit the $3500 goal and introduce the Noble Gas cards.

A few comments from the play testing rounds has come up with the follow adjustments:

1) Add in the 'molecular' formula on the card sheet.  Instead of just having CH3COOH for ethanoic acid we will also add the molecular formula of C2H4O2 to make it easier for no-chemistry types to get into the game.

2) Slight redesign of cards to make it easy to see what cards you are holding.  A small symbol in the top left hand corner and a less 'scripty' font on the front

3) Lowering the amount of Chlorine cards to make playing with smaller numbers of people more enjoyable!

I will be uploading the full rules here shortly and some examples of 10 card hands and how to score them.

I am  also just in the process of adding Chemical Spill to so will provide more information on that when it there to give the thumbs up to!

Well that's about it for now, Thanks again for those that have back the project so far and remember to keep on sharing via twitter, facebook, instagram, tumblr, reddit and all those other internetty water coolers!!

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Chemical Spill Classroom Style
Chemical Spill Classroom Style


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