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A short comedy about a high school senior, Chandler, who is stuck between deciding to go to art school and BYU (i.e. Mormonland).

UPDATE: OUR NEW GOAL IS $1500! Please continue to spread the word and help get this movie made! Thank you to those who have already helped us reach the $800 mark!


If the first thing you know about Mormons is that the men have multiple wives, then you rely on the media too much to tell you what to know. They’re wrong, and you’re ignorant. (A recent Pew survey will tell you that 54% of Mormons think the media hurts their image, and 62% of them feel Americans know too little about them.) Come on, do you really think Mormons wear magic underwear?

To know more about the Church of Jesus of Christ of Latter-Day Saints, you should meet Chandler, a senior in high school who wants to pursue her creative interests in art school after graduating, but is right now in the middle of choosing to follow her passion or her family’s wishes of attending BYU—a Mormon university in Utah (which she’s having her doubts about).

Chandler always has a sketchbook with her in order to keep her sanity. To express, she draws. To escape, music. Like most other 17-year old girls, she doesn’t do well with authority (she hates No Smoking signs), but that's because she’s been her one and only constant in her life (besides her sketchbooks) since her parents died when she was a young girl. She wasn’t raised by a single authority figure, so she had to learn that there isn’t a single “do’s and don’t” list in life. She also learned how judgmental the Mormon and non-Mormon communities are of each other, and more frustratingly, how ignorant they are of each other.

So why is choosing BYU or art school so difficult and detrimental for her? She knows she's a better person because of the church values she grew up with, but she still has a gut feeling that there's more to life outside the Mormon bubble, and that perhaps she belongs in a bigger, more open, and free world.

Parker Johnson, the director, is originally from Chicago; Chelsi Johnston, the writer/editor, is from Honolulu; and Carlos Zarate, the producer, is from East Palo Alto. We are three seniors at Santa Clara University now working on our senior film project. We are making a short film—a comedy on Mormons (but unlike a story you've heard before!) that we hope will further our career and interest in film after graduating in June. We want to make the best film that we can before we are cast off into the real world out of our college bubble.

We are fortunate to cast actors and have a wonderful crew at no cost, but we still need to feed them and make sure they are happy. We need to transport our crew and equipment to various locations. We need to find locations. We need to buy props for our locations. We need location permits. We need to most likely bribe our friends to be extras. And we are fortunate to use film equipment at no cost, but we do need to buy DVDs and submit our final product to film festivals.

UPDATE: With the aspiration of surpassing our original goal of $800, we can now rethink the production value of our film and make it even better! We can possibly hire actors, pay for locations, and improve the quality of our film overall. Thank you so much!!!

We spent a lot of time researching, writing, planning, and making this fundraiser video. We will spend even more time casting the best actors, finding the best locations, and filming the best short film even if it kills us. We are doing everything we can within our power, but one thing we don't have is money. And that's why we need your help! We need to fundraiser $800 in just 20 days, so every dollar counts! We are so excited and confidant in creating a great film, and are so grateful to have so much support from everyone.

(And if you can't donate money but can contribute to the actual making of the film, we would love your help in any way that you can! Please let us know!)

Thank you!

-Polvito Productions


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